PipeChat Digest #506 - Wednesday, September 2, 1998
Upcoming Organ Events in Central Ohio
  by <George.Greene@rossnutrition.com>
Allen Renaissance
  by <JEFF_SAMPSON@HP-PaloAlto-om20.om.hp.com>
Attention Organ Lovers  (cross posted)
  by "KARL W KELLER" <kwkeller@juno.com>

(back) Subject: Upcoming Organ Events in Central Ohio From: George.Greene@rossnutrition.com Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 14:41:12 -0400     The following information is provided by Stan Krider (KriderSM@aol.com), President of the Central Ohio Theatre Organ Society:     The Marion Palace, in Marion, Ohio is a true architectural gem. The atmospheric interior makes one feel as though one is sitting in a courtyard at dusk as they are watching the show.   Future shows include: Columbus Symphony Orchestra (Sept 26), 4 Freshmen, 4 Aces & 4 Lads (Nov. 20), Oak Ridge Boys Christmas Show (Dec.6), Count Basie Orchestra (Oct.1), CJO Jitterbug Jive (Jan.14, '99), Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra (April 9, '99). Call for details: 1-740-383-2101.     Tom Hamilton will accompany two silent films at the Strand Theatre, in Delaware, Ohio: "Haunted Spooks" w/ Harold Lloyd, and "One Week" w/ Buster Keaton. Sat., Sept. 5. Call 1-740-363-4914 for details.     Columbus Chapter AGO meets Monday, Sept. 21, 7:30 PM at Worthington United Methodist Church, 600 North High Street (just south of Rt. 161), Worthington. Bill Haller will discuss the use of MIDI on classical and church organs. Members of the theatre organ world would benefit from this presentation as well.     October 12, 7:30 P.M.: "A New Church and a New Organ for a New Century," Columbus Chapter AGO meeting at the new St. Andrews Roman Catholic Church, (McCoy & Reed Roads, Upper Arlington), in which a new Austin III/37 has been installed. Mike Herzog, builder, and Craig Vander Veen, architect, will lead the presentation. A mini-recital will be presented by Michael Murray. This beautiful sanctuary and pipe organ were dedicated earlier this year.    
(back) Subject: Allen Renaissance From: JEFF_SAMPSON@HP-PaloAlto-om20.om.hp.com Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 13:20:51 -0700   I am interested in the new Allen Renaissance series. Does anyone out there have any familiarity with these instruments. I am especially curious about how much "user flexibility" these new "software" driven instruments provide the user.   Thanks   Jeff_sampson@HP.com      
(back) Subject: Attention Organ Lovers (cross posted) From: kwkeller@juno.com (KARL W KELLER) Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 16:45:49 -0400   Hi all list members,   For those of you who have web browsers I suggest you check out the web site of ZAREX AUDIO & VIDEO. The URL is http://www.zarex.com   For those of you who are familiar with Frederick Hohman and ProOrgano CDs this is his new company which is now selling not only excellent organ CDs but organ videos and piano recordings.   Check out the web site. You won't be sorry.   Karl Musica est Dei donum optimi