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(back) Subject: Re: Just Curious ............ From: Tom Hoehn <thoehn@theatreorgans.com> Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 02:57:20 -0400   Greetings, I've been watching long enough and figure I better put in my 2 cents worth.   I am church organist at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Clearwater, Florida, I also take care of the church's audio system and computer network.   I have a Conn 651 in my living room, and grew up playing both plug-ins and pipes in both churches and theatres (St. Joseph's Cathedral, St. Joseph, Missouri 3/19Kilgen for 12 years in grade and high school, Missouri Theatre, St. Joseph, Mo. summer 1974).   I spent approximately 8 years playing a pair of hybrid theatre organs in the Tampa (3/25) and Winter Haven, Florida (3/19) areas (J. Burns Pizza and Pipes, now defunct).   I have sold Wurlitzer, Lowery, Conn, Thomas, Yamaha, Rodgers, Kawai, Allen and Baldwin organs. I have performed for retirement homes and once filled the Manatee County Civic Auditorium (almost 900 people) when Baldwin introduced the Pro-222. I worked for the Baldwin Factory store in Tampa and did quite a few concerts there during the time when Bill Pedrick, Wayne Wilkinson, Hal Vincent. and Glenn Derringer were touring the country. I kinda sort of filled in for Hal Vincent at the AOIA Extravaganza in Orlando the year Baldwin introduced the MCO series of organs. (Hal had the flu and couldn't make it down from Cincinatti). I do part time concert work for the local Rodgers dealer hear in Clearwater, Florida.   I studied theatre organ w/Don Baker, popular organ w/Bill Thomson, have done master class study w/John Obetz, James Moesser, and Claire Coci.   I was the organist for the Tampa Bay Rowdies Professional Soccer Club for 5 years, musical director and orgainst at the Florida State Fair in Tampa for seven, and organist for the Boston Red ox Spring Training games in Winter Haven, Florida for 5 springs.   I was the charter signing secretary of the Central Florida Theatre Organ Society in 1977.   I'm what you might call a glutton for punishment, I work a graveyard shift at IBM EndUser support 4 nights a week and still hold a Class A CDL (Commercial Driver's License) with Hazmat, Tanker and Double/Triple Trailer endorsements.   My dream is to tour playing any and all theatre organs and to maybe even start playing full time again in a pizza or restaurant type venue.   I prefer the warmer climates of the south and southwest (sorry Bruce, I know how you love the snow), prefer cats to dogs (once again my apologies to Bruce and Don), and don't care if I ever play another Tracker again (since the last one I played was in Baad Gustein, Austria, and nearly killed me when I tried to play the John Bull Rondo in G on it, I nearly had a heart attack!)   Believe it or not, I have never seen or heard the 100 rank organ in Dunedin w/ the 2 concert grand pianos on the stage and the lift you don't know is rising unless you look at the pipes.   Basically I'm just a mutt, I know what I like (and now you folks on the list know a little of it too) and like what and who I know.   Enough about me, how about the rest of you folks out there?? Pipe up and be heard!   Tom Hoehn, organist Trinity Presbyterian Church (3/38 Reuter) Largo, Florida    
(back) Subject: Re: just curious........... From: DavisMJJ1@aol.com Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 03:34:10 EDT   In a message dated 28/04/99 04:30:27 GMT Daylight Time, concert_organist@hotmail.com writes:   << I'm a little curious as to how many of you are church organists, concert organists, choir directors or organ enthusiasts. Also, out of the organists, what type of instruments do you have in your home to practice on? >> Although I studied music at university and organ to diploma level, I am not a professional musician. I occasionally give mediocre organ recitals in near empty churches (thankfully!). For the last 15 years I have been organist at a RC church in Guildford where we have a Mander 2/16 tracker and I also direct the choir. I am lucky to live directly opposite the Anglican parish church in the village where I live. I have a key to the church and can practice on a wonderful anonymous 1 manual 6 rank instrument with electric action.   Michael Davis  
(back) Subject: Re: Just Curious ............ more on samples From: Ron Pearcy <ronniep@clear.net.nz> Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 20:30:01 +0000 (GMT)   On 29 Apr, <KurtvonS@aol.com> wrote: > Your creation, Ron sounds especially interesting! I'm not familiar > enough with the various synth modules (having most of my > ever-lengthening experience on "accoustic " instruments), but I know > some of the Kurzweil products. Where have you aquired your organ > samples? I know there was some chat about this a while back, but I > missed a lot of it due to Lent/Easter. Anyone have input on Finale vs. > Sibelius? I'd be interested in your opinions.   ----------------- end copy -----------------   Greetings Kurt and List,   Good quality organ digital samples remain very difficult to obtain. Many are poorly sampled, with inconsistencies from note to note within each rank, and, further, .. .. .. .. many are sampled-ensembles of two, three or more ranks. Crossover or interchange from one system to another (eg EMU to Akai to Kurz) is demanding and often difficult. Most of mine have come from England from a private source with ranks sampled individually from several large Willis romantic organs .. .. Ranks include Orchestral Oboes, Open Diapasons (x4), Cello, OpenBass, Dulzian, Waldhorn, Dulcianas, Viol D'Amour, Viol Gamba, Gedackts, VoxHumana (including one ex CavColl), Trombas, Tubas, Voix Celestes, Bourdon, Rohrflutes, mutants etc etc etc.. .. Tweaking voicings, tuning and particularly designing theatre trems where rate and depth need to multi-marry with others previously completed, (including a few samples-with-trems, and the Rodgers) have truly tested my patience. I have reprogrammed the whole setup for each of the Kurzweils separately, at least four hundred times .. .. .. yes, each! .. .. and yet again this very day! I often wonder whether I am a slow learner!!   The Theatre component/conversion has been exhaustive but is now near finished .. I am just starting on the classical side of the exercise. The romantic nature of the Willis samples lends to very realistic theatre adaption. One friend summed it all up by saying 'It's a LIVING organ' and that comment was so very perceptive and so very true. The process almost totally removes the 'lure' of newly released organ upgrades sporting a few extra features or more attractive 'ranks' .. .. one is able to enjoy all of that within one's existing system. The learning curve has been quite steep and has been basically a 'find/nut out and do for yourself' exercise. Needless to say, my wife is, and has been, very understanding.   The sounds produced via the Kurzweil leave both Allen and Rodgers native samples 'wanting'. I also have used an Allen Expander II as well, but the voices there are unsatisfactory in comparison. Have tried an Ahlborne American Romantic unit as well but with a similar outcome.   A comprehensive (and easily programmed) MIDI system along with an easily programmed and large PRESET memory facility on the host organ is absolutely essential. The Kurzweil demands extensive use of multiple SoundBanks (ie GS or XG). General Midi facility alone, in the host organ, is not sufficient.   I have been using the full version of Sibelius now for almost 5 years, but in its original form, ie solely for Acorn RiscPC computers (British). It is an intuitive and wonderfully comprehensive program - it is lightning fast and sports superb printout. The music world is lucky that it is being ported to Windoze and Apple Mac. Go for it.   Ronnie   -- ----- Ron Pearcy <ronniep@clear.net.nz> 17 Donegal Crescent, Greenswood, Greenmeadows, Napier, New Zealand -------