PipeChat Digest #1021 - Sunday, August 8, 1999
Re: Digital Cameras
  by <music@telenet.net>
fixing damaged pipes X-post
  by <JDeCaria@aol.com>

(back) Subject: Re: Digital Cameras From: music@telenet.net Date: Sun, 08 Aug 1999 00:29:52 -0700   Hi Phil,   I've had my Mavica FD-71for about 3 months now and I most likely will never use my expensive minolta 35mm again. What impressed me with sony was the fact that it uses floppy's instead of a memory card, which by the way are expensive. If your out with people taking pic's and you want to share them with your friends, just pop a blank floppy into the camera and it will copy all your pic's to the 2nd floppy.."instant reprints"!! I chose the 71 series because it has 10x Zoom where as the other models only had 3x. My pictures come out great, have no problem with color or clarity. After you take a picture or fill up your floppy, which should be 20 to 40 pic's depending which format you use, you can go back and view them all on you screen...The possibilities are endless. The FD-71 has a retail of 799.00 ...But if you want to spend a few hours at Ebay Auctions you could cut that price in half. I picked mine up there for 385.50 and had it in three days...Hope this helped.   Good luck Bill    
(back) Subject: fixing damaged pipes X-post From: JDeCaria@aol.com Date: Sun, 8 Aug 1999 02:13:08 EDT   Hello listers... I am restoring a small organ for a church here in toronto. I recently = found that two ranks of pipes (a Gamba and a Cornopean) that I had in storage = have had their resonators squashed by some ill-behaved and unsupervised = children. The feet, mouths, languids of the Gamba and the boots of the Cornopean = have come away unharmed, but the upper portions of the resonators have been flattened, and the soldered seam has actually split on several pipes of = the lowest octave of the Gamba.   I need some suggestions on how to best go about repairing the ends of = these pipes. How to get the Cornopean resonators back to their proper shape has = me espescially confounded. I don't have access to highly specialized tools = nor the funds to buy them. Any suggestions or comments would be most helpful.   Joseph DeCaria, Toronto   P.S. any suggestions on fixing those bratty children AND their rude = parents would also be appreciated ;-)