PipeChat Digest #648 - Monday, January 4, 1999
Dennis James 30th Anniversary Concert (x-posted)
  by "Ken Evans" <kevans1@rochester.rr.com>
Recording Available
  by "Kevin Cartwright" <kevin1@alaweb.com>

(back) Subject: Dennis James 30th Anniversary Concert (x-posted) From: "Ken Evans" <kevans1@rochester.rr.com> Date: Sun, 3 Jan 1999 14:47:24 -0500   30 years ago a spotlight shone on a young artist as he arose on the 4/22 Wurlitzer lift in Rochester's Auditorium Center for his first public theater organ performance; a performance which ended with a wildly enthusiastic standing ovation. My wife Elinor and I were fortunate to be witnesses of this memorable event.   Since that evening, he has performed many, many times in this country and abroad to equally appreciative audiences. That young artist was none other than the now-famous Dennis James!   Once again, Dennis returns to Rochester for his 10th Rochester Theater Organ Society performance commemorating his debut 30 years ago on January 25, 1969. Next Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 2 p.m., Dennis James will once again rise on the 4/22 console lift to entertain a Rochester audience with his superb musicianship on a Mighty Wurlitzer.   The concert is at the Auditorium Center, 875 Main St. East in Rochester, NY. Admission is only $10 each. Driving directions plus our new 1999 spring and fall schedules and much more can be found on the RTOS website at http://theatreorgans.com/rochestr/ . We invite you to join us for this stellar celebration on the coming January 10th Sunday afternoon.   Happy New Year, Ken Evans RTOS Director kevans1@rochester.rr.com      
(back) Subject: Recording Available From: Kevin Cartwright <kevin1@alaweb.com> Date: Sun, 03 Jan 1999 16:42:10 -0600   Hi again everyone.   I have spent the last three hours "making perfect" a hopless, very horrible quality recording of me playing "Just a Closer Walk with Thee" on my 2/3.5 Wicks residence organ.   Send a request, and I will send a downloadable *.wav file, which you need computer speakers to play. The volume level came out very low, so be ready to access that volume control... You can't hear the 16's very well, but it is easy to pick apart the strings, diapasons, and gedeckt flutes (known by me, in some cases, as "tiny tibias"). The microphone made it sound like an Estey reed organ with real flute pipes added, but, trust me, it's a real Wicks...   Kevin Cartwright Owner, Wicks Op.# 1585 Greenville, Alabama kevin1@alaweb.com <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Join "Pipes and Trains" at http://www.onelist.com/subscribe.cgi/pipes-trains An e-mail list for those who like organs, trains, or both. Most unrelated conversation welcome!! <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>