PipeChat Digest #652 - Friday, January 8, 1999
Dennis James at Rockefeller Chapel (What is a Theatre Organ) X-posted
  by "Jon C. Habermaas" <opus1100@theatreorgans.com>
ATOS in London
  by <danbel@earthlink.net>
Re: ATOS in London
  by "S LaManna" <slamanna@hotmail.com>
Pitman windchest problems
  by "Richard Schneider" <arpncorn@davesworld.net>

(back) Subject: Dennis James at Rockefeller Chapel (What is a Theatre Organ) X-posted From: "Jon C. Habermaas" <opus1100@theatreorgans.com> Date: Thu, 07 Jan 1999 10:05:43 -0600   Hi Lists,   The question was raised recently about what is a theatre organ? One definition was an organ used to accompany silent films. Dennis James once again expands this definition to classical instruments when he accompanies the silent movie "Der Golem" at the Rockefeller Chapel's 4/110 E. M. Skinner organ on Saturday January 16th at 8PM. If you missed Dennis at Fourth Presbyterian's 4/124 Skinner last fall you have another chance for great organ and silent film experience. For anyone close enough to Chicago and not afraid brave the arctic cold it will be worth making the trip. Tickets are $7 general admission ($5 students with ID) available at door or call 773-702-7300 for tickets and/or information.   regards,   Jon C. Habermaas  
(back) Subject: ATOS in London From: danbel@earthlink.net Date: Thu, 07 Jan 1999 11:41:11 -0500   Greetings all--   There is a rumor going around that the 1999 ATOS Convention in London this coming summer is already SOLD OUT.   Do any of you know if this is actually true or just a rumor!! E-Mail privately if you have any info.   Hoping this is NOT true, (haven't sent them any pounds yet:)     Dan    
(back) Subject: Re: ATOS in London From: "S LaManna" <slamanna@hotmail.com> Date: Thu, 07 Jan 1999 10:39:26 PST   If it's true...then it has to be from folks over there...   I can't imagine most of the domestic members here springing for the air, hotel, etc. for this one....   Sure, the well heeled will be the exceptions that prove the rule, but, as long as this was started, why was this annual put on in London?   I sure understand that the folks across the pond need there due, but there should at least be a summer event here for those that can't (and I am sure there will be many!) attend.   Steve   ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at http://www.hotmail.com  
(back) Subject: Pitman windchest problems From: Richard Schneider <arpncorn@davesworld.net> Date: Thu, 07 Jan 1999 11:24:18 -0800   On Wed, 06 Jan 1999 09:25:41 -0500 Gary Black <gblack@bhsroe.k12.il.us> laments:   > Hi folks, I am installing a 12 rank organ in my home and am having > problems getting my pitman chest to play. I have had it releathered and > some notes play while others don't; some notes even play by themselves. <Snip> > The chest is of the Kilgen type with all of the pouches, stems etc. in > the bottom board which is removable. Thanks for your help. Gary Black   Dear Gary and list:   To my knowlege, Kilgen only built Ventil chests with their action, so it must be some Kilgen "look-alike", or some conversion of an original Kilgen Ventil chest if it has Pitmans!   Anyway, it sounds to me as though the source of the problem is with the Pitmans themselves. You may wish to get into the Pitman cavities and investigate things that could cause maladies such as debris, kinks in the pitman leather that would allow air seepage, etc.   Depending on the syle of Pitman, there could be two different types of problems.   If it's a Pitman leather in the form of a flap, check to be sure it hasn't come unglued, gotten trapped during re-assembly, or again, look for debris in the channels from the pouch to the Pitman cavity.   If it's a floating type (disc), be sure the leather is sufficiently thick, so it doesn't get sucked down into the exhaust channel to the Stop Action, yet smooth enough to seat properly. There should be no jagged edges that the leather can get caught onto.   One has to wonder also, if this is a Kilgen Ventil-to-Pitman conversion, if the work was done correctly in the first place. Perhaps if it wasn't, then maybe that's why you have the chest to begin-with?   Good to be back from a trip that was too long!   Faithfully,   / ^ ^ \ { (O) (O) } --------oOOOo--------U-------oOOOo------------     "Arp" in the "Corn Patch"   Rich Schneider SCHNEIDER PIPE ORGANS, Inc. Organbuilders 41-43 Johnston Street Post Office Box 137 Kenney, IL 61749-0137 (217) 944-2454 VOX (217) 944-2527 FAX mailto:arpncorn@davesworld.net EMAIL (Note change in ISP's Domain-Name!)