PipeChat Digest #976 - Wednesday, July 7, 1999
Re: Disney pipe facade
  by <p.wilson2@juno.com>

(back) Subject: Re: Disney pipe facade From: p.wilson2@juno.com Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 23:54:17 -0700       On Wed, 7 Jul 1999 01:31:48 EDT MickBerg@aol.com writes: > The architect for Disney Hall is Frank Gehry. Master of nailing bits > of bent corrugated iron to the side of an existing house and calling it > architecture. > Maybe a trip to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona would have been a > good idea. He might have discovered that it is possible to be original > without being cretinous. Is there an organ in that incredibly original >and beautiful building? If so, what does it look like? > Enough from me, I'll shut up now. But I hope you all get the message > that I'm NOT IMPRESSED!!! > Mick Berg. > P.S. Interesting word, "cretinous". It's actually the same as > "Christian"! >   Well, I asked nicely, and my housemate let me look at the Disney Concert Hall (www.disneyhall.org) Web site on his computer (he's got an SVGA monitor).   Frank Gehry is the architect, but I believe the drawing that includes the organ is straight from the Mouse Factory. It bears all the tell-tale signs. The drawing is way too small to make any hard-and-fast judgments. I still want to see a better picture.   For a Disney Web site, this one is the pits.   Shalom, Preston Wilson p.wilson2@juno.com   ___________________________________________________________________ Get the Internet just the way you want it. Free software, free e-mail, and free Internet access for a month! Try Juno Web: http://dl.www.juno.com/dynoget/tagj.