PipeChat Digest #776 - Wednesday, March 31, 1999
Review: "The Auditorium Organ" The new recording of the ACCH organ (X-Pos
  by "W. Scarboro" <scarboro@digital.net>
URGENT!  WTB: Reed Bass
  by "Kevin Cartwright" <kevin1@alaweb.com>

(back) Subject: Review: "The Auditorium Organ" The new recording of the ACCH organ (X-Posted) From: "W. Scarboro" <scarboro@digital.net> Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 15:10:19 -0500     Out of all the organ recording that I have listened to over the years this one has to rank in the top five most amazing category! This is only the 3rd recording on the giant Atlantic City Convention Hall 7/449 Midmer-Losh since it was completed in 1932. The disk features Timothy Hoag, ACCH organist along with Antoni Scott, David Scribner, Clifton Stroud, and Stephen Smith. The organ sounds superb despite some really out of tune reed notes and a couple of ciphers. Only the divisions that are housed in the Right Stage chamber currently operate. This includes the Right Pedal (with 64'), Great, Solo, and Great-Solo divisions, and also two of the four reeds on 100" pressure.   The first track is of the blowers as they are started. First the 50 H.P. compressor for the 100" reeds, then the 100 H.P. high pressure blower, and the 75 H.P. low Pressure blower. This represents only 255 out of the 600 H.P. used to provide wind to the entire organ. The sound of these blowers is like standing in the middle of an airport taxi way!! Antoni Scott then play Bach's "Toccata in d minor" on the Great Organ's Diapasons. They are an amazing sound, and will mislead you into thinking that you're listening to a much smaller organ. Timothy Hoag then plays two tune that are synonymous with Atlantic City and the ACCH "On the Boardwalk" and "There She Is", the organs strings and Diapasons are used to great advantage. Next, Scott Joplin's "Original Rag" showcases some other stops including a nice Xylophone. A very powerful rendition of Gerswin's "Ol' Man River" shows off the full ensemble including the massive pedal(of which only the right half currently works). The Organs big reeds are use in Gounod's "March Militaire". Watch your speakers on this piece, you might blow them out if you aren't careful!! "On the Road to Mandalay" finishes Timothy Hoag's portion of the program. David Scribner plays the very lovely "Berceuse" by Vierne. This piece is a welcome rest bit from the louder works preceding it. The nice Solo and Great-Solo strings and Great organ Harmonic flutes really sing on this piece. Next, Clifton Stroud plays the hymn "Abide with Me", the first verse starts on the Great-Solo's Gemshorn's only with no pedal and as the hymn progresses through the four verses crescendos until the last verse in which full organ is reached; including the 100" Tuba Imperial but not the louder 100" Ophicleide. Antoni Scott one again takes the bench to play "Psalm 100" by Louis Bourgeois. The features the Great-Solo's Orchestral Oboe, and the Great Organ's Diapason's for the first two verses, and them for the third verse the Great organ's reeds on 30" pressure and two five rank mixtures are used. The Last musical selection is the conclusion of Liszt's piece on "Ad Nos Ad Salutarum Undam" played by Stephen Smith. This was included to show of the full ensemble and the 100" Ophicleide which is added to the last chord. Your sound system will not do justice to this effect, it is something that you must experience in person. Amazing!! The final two tracks are demonstration tracks. The first one featuring the two 100" pressure reeds in Amen chords and some low notes. Some of these low notes sound just like the QE2 leaving New York Harbor!! The second demo track is a descending scale on the 64' Diaphone from middle C to low C. The lowest notes are mostly inaudible except for the noise that is made by the beaters. Some of which sound like helicopters!   Overall, this CD is a must have for any organ fan. In addition, the CD comes with a nice booklet that contains a complete stoplist of the organ, some pictures and other goodies! All the money raised from the sale of this CD goes to the Atlantic City Convention Hall Organ Society (ACCHOS) who will use the money to ensure the future of the Midmer-Losh and its smaller Kimball sister. You can get your copy by sending a check for $15.00 plus $2.50 S & H to the ACCHOS at: 1009 Bay Ridge Avenue, Suite 108, Annapolis, Maryland 21403. Get yours today!   Sincerely,   Will Scarboro *********************************** Will Scarboro, Organ Historian American Municipal Pipe Organ Research Project Organist, Pineda Presbyterian-Melbourne, FL USA 1996 OHS E. Power Biggs Fellow ***********************************    
(back) Subject: URGENT! WTB: Reed Bass From: Kevin Cartwright <kevin1@alaweb.com> Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 15:17:06 -0600   Hello again everyone:   I have found a need that is more urgent than the 49 note chest for which I had previously posted a need. I am in need of one, preferably two, 16' reed bass units, as used in reed organs and Wicks stock organs. I specifically need the pipe organ compatable "SubBass 16'" reed box. It needs to operate on 3.5" or 4" wind, and have the 12 or 13 notes of the 16' octave. My setup allows for 12 positive cables leading to each note, and one negative lead coming from the box.   I would prefer two units, but one will suffice for the current needs. I will pay $5 or $10 (each) plus shipping. If anyone on the mailing lists has a unit or two that he or she is willing to sell, please contact me privately, as I am not receiving mail from all lists at the moment.   Thanks in advance,   Kevin Cartwright Owner, Wicks 1585 Greenville, Alabama kevin1@alaweb.com