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Felix Hell Concert in Chicago Area - Cross-Posted
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Hiroe-Lang - new Japanese repertoire
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(back) Subject: RE: AOL From: Myosotis51@aol.com Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999 08:32:47 EST   In a message dated 11/07/1999 9:02:24 PM Eastern Standard Time, cuppy.maynard@mcleodusa.net writes:   << I suppose the main reason is that I'm a cranky SOB who doesn't like it = when things get in the way of what I'm doing. There were the constant ads for products I didn't want (usually), interruptions every few minutes to ask if I = wanted to stay on line when I was reading a long document and it looked like I was idle, >>   The ad problem is a very easy one to fix...... just go to My AOL, then Preferences, then Marketing. Click what ads you don't want, and voila! = they go away. BTW, those interruptions "every few minutes" come about every 25 =   minutes for me.... perhaps you're in an internet time warp??? :-)   Vicki Ceruti  
(back) Subject: Re: another organ movie From: rohrschok8@webtv.net (bruce cornely) Date: Sun, 7 Nov 1999 19:11:19 -0500 (EST)   I've seen "Brother of Sleep" several times and always wind up coming away wondering exactly what happened. After the first viewing I thought maybe it should be "Brother of Sheep"!! Seems the organist had difficulty deciding which is more important... the organ or the girl or the boy. It's a very difficult four-sided triangle! ;-) It is amazing what he can get out of two ranks, though!   bruce cornely ~:~:~ rohrschok8@webtv.net gainesville, florida    
(back) Subject: Felix Hell Concert in Chicago Area - Cross-Posted From: Devon3000@aol.com Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999 14:45:07 EST   If you're from the Chicago area, and missed the concerts by Felix Hell, = you missed one of the greatest final events of the millennium in our area.   Thank you to all who wrote about Felix's previous concerts. The Internet = is a great source for ideas, and this was a great one for me to discover.   Felix performed for about 300 middle school and high-school aged in the = early afternoon on Friday. He talked between numbers, and graciously answered = many questions after he played. The children were mesmerized, and I have no doubts that someone was inspired to study the pipe organ soon.   I was wondering if I should help him set up registrations, but decided not = to do anything unless asked. At the last minute, his father had to return to =   Germany, so Felix was sent alone from New York. His father usually turns pages for him (he has taken a year off from work to get Felix = established), so Felix was on his own (we provided a page turner). He spent over seven hours carefully registering each piece for both concerts, and I only once suggested a change, which he graciously accepted.   The program for the area school students was lighter and shorter than the evening program.   J.S. Bach, from the "Eight Little Preludes & Fugues) No. 1 in C Major No. 4 in F Major No. 5 in G Major No. 8 in B(flat) Major   The 80 rank Austin is not easy to register, as it is essentially two = organs, a three manual and pedal (Great, Swell, Choir, Pedal) organ on the left = and a two manual and pedal (Great, Positive, Pedal) organ on the right, with Trompette en chemade at the back of the 1100 seat Sanctuary. I was a = little concerned that all the above would be played with the same registrations, = but he carefully used variety on each. One was played on the left organ, one = on both, one on the right, and one on both again. Each registration was perfect, and the musicality and interpretation was so enjoyable.   Something Funny - The Penguin's Playtime Nigel Ogden   A theatre organ style piece, very entertaining. He used the Trompette en chemade as the first solo, and, when he saw we had MIDI, used the = "Electric Organ" sounds for the middle section. Everyone loved it, and he used this =   piece as the first encore at the evening service.   Something A Little More Serious - Toccata & Fugue in D Minor J.S. = Bach   Registrations and interpretation was again outstanding.   Giving the Organ A Real Workout! - Toccata Norbert = Schneider   Hearing this piece twice, I decided I don't want to hear it again. It is entertaining, but musically not terribly enduring, in my opinion. I look forward to his having another "barn-burner" for the end of his future recitals, as I'm sure he will.   Praising God - Chorale Prelude on "Lobe den Herren" Max Reger   This piece proved he has had a lot of experience playing in church. Very solid and enjoyable.   These concerts were cosponsored by Christ Church of Oak Brook and the Fox Valley American Guild of Organists, the chapter I like to say is "on the march," promoting the "King of Instruments" in the grandest manner. There =   are many members who made this weekend successful, carrying articles and photographs to the newspapers in the area, and delivering in person CD's = and information to the FM stations in the area. They also purchased 1-minute announcements (they also played selections from Felix's CD for free) from = the largest FM station. Many people said they came to the evening recital as = a result of hearing the spots on FM. To insure that the area schools would seriously consider the program, I = had ten-minute cassette tapes of a couple tracks from his CD sent with each letter.   The evening program:   Prelude in G Major, BWV 568 J.S. Bach Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ, BWV 639 J.S. Bach Prelude in D Major, BuxWV 139 D. Buxtehude This one really sparkled, and he used lots of color and expression (though not with swell shades, of course) O Mensch, bewein dein Sunde Gross, BWV 622 J.S. Bach This has, up to now, not been my favorite to listen to at a = concert, but Felix made you with it would never end! So elegant and expressive. I wouldn't hesitate to listen to him play any chorale preludes. His will = be a great program when he plays the Great Eighteen of Bach.   Toccata, Adagio and Fugue in C Major, BWV 564 J.S. Bach Tempos often very fast, but we all played like that even when we = were twice his age. His flexibility (training with Rubsam) was so = logical and sensitive. There was never any abruptness or disturbing = changes in tempo.   Sonata No. 1 in F Minor, Op. 65 F. Mendelssohn   Abendfriede, from Op. 156 J. Rheinberger Again, lush and expressive.   Chorale in A Minor C. Franck   Andante from "Sonata No. 6, Op. 65 F. Mendelssohn   Toccata fur orgel, "Schlafes Bruder" (Brother of Sleep) N. Schneider This is the one I listened to twice, and think I've heard it = enough. Some Vierne in the future will be great.   We all have known when we're experiencing unforgettable music, and this = was an evening like that. An organist friend of mine called shortly before = the concert, and asked if this was just another kid who played well and loud, = or did he really "have it." I, of course, informed this person that he does indeed "have it." I recall concerts by Karel Paukert in the 60's, Marie Claire Alain (whom Felix and I agreed to disagree on), the Durufles, = Marchal, Edward Mondello on the Skinner at Rockefeller Chapel (where I reveled in = the sounds of Liszt), and countless others who gave us those memorable moments = in organ sound. Felix is just one of these, and I look forward to hearing = him many more times. I remember a dear old lady who taught opera students in Chicago for many years. She attended several of my organ programs, and = after one of them, she commented that she enjoyed that I played "bel canto." I think Felix does also. It takes a bit of developing, this "bel canto" = style, but once you develop it, people listen.   Sorry this went on so long, but it was so great having over 900 people at = an organ concert (don't know when that happened last in Chicago area), and seeing smiles and laughter and people standing around to discuss their enjoyment of the evening instead of exiting quickly. This was a direct result of this 14-year-old Felix Hell who made a lot of our lives happier. = Long may he play!   Devon Hollingsworth Christ Church Of Oak Brook Oak Brook, Illinois  
(back) Subject: Hiroe-Lang - new Japanese repertoire From: Robert Horton <GEMSHORN@UKANS.EDU> Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999 21:00:45 -0600   >Ms. Hiroe-Lang's concert at Greene Memorial Church will include music of >Back, Mozart, Franck, Vierne and a new (1996) composition by the Japanese >composer, Akira Nishimura.   I wonder if this is the same work that I did the American premiere of last year at Northwestern University. It's a prelude titled is "Vision in Flames"...or if you want the Japanese, it's called "Homura no Gen'ei". At any rate, interesting work indeed. If it's the one I'm thinking of...y'all are in for one h*** of a ride. Time permitting, please mention this to Ms. Lang. If it turns out that she's playing something different, please give her my email address and tell her that I'd love to find out more about what she's doing.   Rob Horton gemshorn@ukans.edu