PipeChat Digest #1058 - Sunday, September 5, 1999
Christmas song...............
  by "Carlo Pietroniro" <concert_organist@hotmail.com>
Re: Tibia Tonalty (was National Shrine Kilgen Restoration   Update)
  by "Bob Scarborough" <desertbob@rglobal.net>

(back) Subject: Christmas song............... From: "Carlo Pietroniro" <concert_organist@hotmail.com> Date: Sun, 05 Sep 1999 00:41:06 EDT   Greetings,   I know it's early, but with only 111 days until Christmas, it's time to start looking for Christmas repertoire. Does anyone have the words for a song that goes like : O, what a beautiful city......(and it repeats 3 times.....? I heard the Lennon sisters sing it a few years ago = at the Welk resort in Branson, Misouri.   Carlo   ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at http://www.hotmail.com  
(back) Subject: Re: Tibia Tonalty (was National Shrine Kilgen Restoration Update) From: Bob Scarborough <desertbob@rglobal.net> Date: Sat, 04 Sep 1999 22:01:27 -0700   At 06:18 PM 9/4/1999 EDT, you wrote:   > Taking the shades off the Kilgen Great would be akin to removing the = shades >from > an E.M. Skinner Choir organ, as was done at St. John's on Flower Street = in >LA, > or taking them off the Great AND PEDAL of the great old Casavant at = Redlands > University (which HASN'T been done).<snip>   Ah, yes, the U of R Casavant. Reviled in the '60s, it's now appreciated! My, how times change!!   DeserTBoB