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Re: Hammond G-100 for sale
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You have to check this out!
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Update 8/13
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Re: You have to check this out!
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Organ Anniversary
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Montreal organs
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RCCO/FQAO Convention
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Re: Montreal organs
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Need address
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(back) Subject: Re: Hammond G-100 for sale From: "Adrianne Schutt" <maybe@pipcom.com> Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 07:34:40 -0400   At 12:32 AM 13/8/00 +0000, Bob Scarborough wrote: >Perhaps, Ad will be the FIRST "dual" HamGod persona! Don't think so.....seriously outta room at the zoo! Couldn't shoehorn a G-100 in with a bulldozer and dynamite (unless the largest of the Allens went out the door...... hmm..... uh, no ;-> ). Besides, I already rescued a rare Hammond from Montreal....my E came out of McGill. Let someone else have a turn! ;)   Have fun! Ad ;-> 1937 Canuck E    
(back) Subject: Re: Montreal organs From: "Norman Chapman" <normanchapman@hotmail.com> Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 16:06:56 GMT   Hi: COULD YOU HELP ME PLEASE? Somehow by mistake your messages are coming =   NOT ONLY TO THE pipe chat line BUT ALSO TO MY PRIVATE email address. The private email address (which I probably gave you at one time) is normanchapman@hotmail.com Please DON'tsend me messages intended for = pipe chat at my private email address. Thanks!!! I enjoy reading your messages =   but I can't handle the QUANTITY of messages that are coming in to me on my =   normanchapman@hotmail.com address. So I'm asking you to delete me from = your address book or whatever list that is that's causing this to happen. I confess I don't understand exactly how these things work. Asa matter of fact I am ORIGIANLLY a Canadian and I have written a Ph.d dissertation on piano music by Canadian composers. Quite a few of thoses Montreal = composers are in my dissertation and I'm sure the dissetation is in the McGill and other Montreal libraries. But I wote it in 1973 and so it's OLD news by now!!     >From: "Carlo Pietroniro" <concert_organist@hotmail.com> >Reply-To: "PipeChat" <pipechat@pipechat.org> >To: "PipeChat" <pipechat@pipechat.org> >Subject: Re: Montreal organs >Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 14:30:34 -0400 > >that survey is indeed incomplete, and I know there are 3 Beckeraths here = in >Montreal. I live here and I play many, if not all of these organs on a >regular basis. I'm very curious about something though. Where are the >Ruffattis and Gabriel Kney organs located (which churches)? The survey = was >done by students of the organ department of McGill university, under the >direction of John Grew. He was, at one time, head of the organ = department. >I >don't know if he still is though. Rachel Laurin is one of my favorite >organists living here in Montreal, and she's also a very dear friend of >mine. > >Carlo > >"Pipe Up and Be Heard!" >PipeChat: A discussion List for pipe/digital organs & related topics >HOMEPAGE : http://www.pipechat.org >List: mailto:pipechat@pipechat.org >Administration: mailto:admin@pipechat.org >Subscribe/Unsubscribe: mailto:requests@pipechat.org >   ________________________________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at http://www.hotmail.com    
(back) Subject: Re: Hammond G-100 for sale From: "Ron Yost" <musik@tcsn.net> Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 09:17:53 -0700     >>Ad wrote: > Don't think so.....seriously outta room at the zoo!   I writ:   Well, time to build another cage, Ad. ;-)   Think how warm and toasty all those toobs will keep ya' this winter! :-))   rY    
(back) Subject: You have to check this out! From: <Cremona502@cs.com> Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 16:50:05 EDT   St. Dogmael's Muttestery had their weekend music retreat. Here are some photos, if'n ya ain't bizzy!   << http://www.zing.com/album/?id=3D4293769297&code=3D369203&mode=3Dinvite = >>     Bruce Cremona502@cs.com in the Beagles' Nest with the Baskerbeagles visit the Cornely pack at Holwling Acres: Ourworld.cs.com/Brucon502  
(back) Subject: Update 8/13 From: <Myosotis51@aol.com> Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 17:18:32 EDT     [Unable to display image] From Vicki's desk   Dear Friends,   This has NOT been such a good week. I had another chemo session on = Monday, 8/7. On Wednesday, which is the worst day for nausea etc., I came down = with a flu and ended up spending 5 hours in the ER, hooked to various tubes and =   hoses. After pouring in various chemicals to hydrate me and stop the = nausea, they sent me home. I'm feeling pretty good now, though my stomach is = still a bit fluttery. The good news was that this time my white and red blood = cell counts didn't dip too much, and almost stayed within normal ranges. = Perhaps my body's going to fight back effectively - and I won't have to have extra =   needles. (I *HATE* NEEDLES!!)   Wigs, hats, scarves, etc. and now pretty mandatory. I have a little fuzz left, which is enough to fake it under a hat, but I risk terminal sunburn if I go = (very!!!) bareheaded. I'm still waiting for the wig I ordered from Frederick's of Hollywood to get here - will be fun to be blonde for the first time. :-) = My "good" hair is the same color as my natural hair, dark auburn. And I'm probably going to sew my own braid (that was cut off before I started to = lose hair) onto a hat or something, for variety. It is fairly certain, though, =   that I will have NO bad hair days for a while. Kimo and I are flying to Duluth at dawn on Tuesday. When he came to visit = in February, he only brought his laptop computer and a carryon, which has = been augmented somewhat by boxes from his ex. We're going to get the rest of = the stuff, including his car, and will be driving a U-Haul with a car hitch = back. I'm sure we will look like Beverly Hillbillies 2000...... We plan to = take a couple extra days so we don't wear out, and might even be able to spend a = day or so in Lancaster County, PA. We should return by Aug. 25 or 26th, = though. The best part of this trip is that I will meet his daughter, Malia - I can =   hardly wait! She's almost 9, and she and I have talked many times on the phone.   I enjoy all your emails, cards, and phone calls. It's so good to know = that my friends are there for me.    
(back) Subject: Re: You have to check this out! From: <Myosotis51@aol.com> Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 17:43:19 EDT   In a message dated 8/13/00 4:50:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Cremona502@cs.com writes:   << St. Dogmael's Muttestery had their weekend music retreat. Here are = some photos, if'n ya ain't bizzy! << http://www.zing.com/album/?id=3D4293769297&code=3D369203&mode=3Dinvite = >> >>   What a pack of floppy dawgs!!! Nice pix, Bruce.   Vicki  
(back) Subject: Re: You have to check this out! From: "Bob Scarborough" <desertbob@rglobal.net> Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 14:38:34   At 04:50 PM 8/13/2000 EDT, you wrote: >St. Dogmael's Muttestery had their weekend music retreat. Here are some >photos, if'n ya ain't bizzy!<snip>   Pupperz be SOOOO cute! Buster, my Cocker Spaniel critic, is all pisst off at me, cuz I been away doin' a wedding all day yestittday. So, he shreds toilet paper! Can't get mad at him, though...he too cute!   dB  
(back) Subject: Re: You have to check this out! From: <RonSeverin@aol.com> Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 17:54:23 EDT   In a message dated 8/13/2000 1:50:58 PM Pacific Daylight Time, Cremona502@cs.com writes:   << http://www.zing.com/album/?id=3D4293769297&code=3D369203&mode=3Dinvite = >> Hi Bruce:   The hounds are darling!   Ron  
(back) Subject: Organ Anniversary From: <Innkawgneeto@webtv.net> Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 21:13:36 -0400 (EDT)   Today, 8/13/00 was the 5th anniversary of when our II/24 Schantz was first used in worship. So, we had a party for the organ today (sort of). After each service, parishioners were invited to the fellowship hall for cake.   I had 4 sheet cakes made, 2 of which had an edible picture of the organ for decoration.   The service music is below. It was a great day and I was most pleased with my playing. Some days, one feels unusually free to play his/her best, and today was one of those days.   FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Toms River, NJ, USA 8/13/00   Rev. Bruce Quigley, Senior Minister Neil Brown, Minister of Music/Organist   Hymn Sing (in lieu of prelude): To God Be the Glory Have Thine Own Way, Lord Take My Life, and Let it Be Praise to the Lord, the Almighty (These 4 hymns were sung during services on 8/13/95)   Hymns during service: All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name (Coronation) O Master Let Me Walk With Thee When In Our Music God is Glorified   Organ Music during service: Solo: Praise to the Lord, the Almighty (Walther) Off: Sweet Hour of Prayer (arr. Alice Jordan) Postlude: Now Thank We All Our God/Marche Triomphale (Karg-Elert) (These pieces were played on 8/13/95)   I gave the summer choir the day off today.   Peace to you all. Neil Brown    
(back) Subject: Re: Update 8/13 From: "VEAGUE" <dutchorgan@svs.net> Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 21:05:02 -0500   Fear not- My neighbor up the road had chemo, and her hair is back full = now. You'll make it! Have a safe trip. We'll play 'The Hillbillies' theme for ya!   Rick      
(back) Subject: Montreal organs From: "Judy A. Ollikkala" <71431.2534@compuserve.com> Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 22:14:19 -0400   The Ruffatti organ is listed as 1962, Ecole de Musique d'Ind., dedicated 1965 by Andre Marchal The Gabriel Kney organ is listed at Diocese College 1992   Judy Ollikkala  
(back) Subject: RCCO/FQAO Convention From: "Judy A. Ollikkala" <71431.2534@compuserve.com> Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 22:14:26 -0400   I had a wonderful time in Quebec City, the music, organs, and performers were great, and the hotel and planning too. My window at the hotel looked right out facing St. Roch church front, from the tenth floor. I spent the first night with the curtain open, what a church! I had seen the inside on a previous visit, but had not heard the organ, it was my favorite one that we heard. The church is the largest in the city, seats well over 2000. Daniel Roth and Rachel Lauren each played recitals on it, a very exciting instrument. Sat in the choir section way up front. The convention book was well-done, with stoplists, bios. programs etc. The only glitch was the change of name to the hotel at some late date, too late for us to know, I spent 45 minutes driving around an eight block circle trying to find it, asked 3 people before the fourth was able to tell me it was right across the street and is now, as it was earlier, the Holiday Inn rather than the Ramada. My friend drove around the city for 1 1/2 hours after driving Sunday for 8 1/2 hours direct from a church sub. job. I had given him directions to the hotel street, but he turned off the highway too soon. This hotel area is more upscale now than it was when I was there in 1996. Everything about this Convention was top-notch, from the food, transportation, music, timing, accomodations, weather, and people. They said we had the best weather of the summer (it was cold and rainy in Mass. and warm and sunny there that week, but had been cold and rainy there = too). It was also a truly warming example of Franco-Canadien and Anglican cooperation. According to statistics I heard, of the original 275 registrants, not counting late day passes, 75 were Franco-Canadiens, 100 were RCCO, and 100 from the states. Amazing, I never thought that many US AGO'ers and friends/companions would be there. I may try for Toronto next year, although it is the same time as the Region I Portland Maine Convention. Here is a list of recitals/events etc. The ones in parentheses I did not attend. Pardon my French without the accents, too lazy to put them in.   La Rencontre Du Siecle Encounter of the Century FQAO Federation Quebecoise des Amis de L'Orgue RCCO Royal Canadian College of Organists Congres Quebec Convention July (24) 25-27 Juillet Monday - (Organ Crawl, Peal Ringing from Holy Trinity Anglican, Wine Reception) Instead of this, since I was late arriving due to the hotel mixup, I drove my friend to Montmorency Falls, St. Anne-de-Beaupre Church, a late lunch, and to St. Joachim Parish Church, where we played the 1885 Napoleon Dery 1 manual 13 pedal unaltered organ with set-in console with doors, in a glorious historic sanctuary, a very satisfying mellow but well-balanced sound, no reeds, but with strings, a 2 rank mixture, and flutes and principals, 9 ranks in all, some half-compass. The two custodians showed us upstairs, and delighted in singing along with several French hymns they knew which I played for them. We joined the Convention for the evening event at Saint-Sacrament Church, a large space, recital by Francis Gagnon on a 1932 Casavant Freres, reb. & revoiced by Guilbault-Therien 2000, 3 M. 45 stops electropneumatic action. Part of a Mass by Guillaume-Gabriel Nivers c1632-1714; Andantino pour orgue by = Denis Bedard, a very popular comtemporary composer, now organist at Saint-Roch Church, Quebec City, who was present; & Troisieme Choral en la mineur, Cesar Franck. Supper (dinner to you non-New Englanders) followed near the Cathedral, then a Son et Lumiere show at the Basilique (Cathedral) Notre-Dame. Sat in the back row, the best place to see it from, tells the history of the church and the city in dramatic fashion. Tuesday - exhibits opening, then back to Notre-Dame-de-Quebec for Gilles Rioux recital, he is organist at Notre-Dame-de-Cap-de-Madeleine. Organ- 1927 Casavant Freres, restoration 1985 Guilbault-Therien, reb. & revoiced, 4 M. 70 stops, electropneumatic action. Program- "Earth Dance" & "Spring Song" by Heather Spry; transcription by Gilles Rioux of Smetana's The Moldau; (loved it), Prelude & Fugue en sol mineur, Marcel Dupre; Chaconne sur le nom de Bernard Piche, by Gilles Rioux After walking around the old city below the cliffs, visiting Notre-Dame-de-Victoire historic church, and eating at an outside cafe, we took the funicular up the cliff to Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral where = we heard Thomas Chase, organist at Holy Rosary Cathedral, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, present an assessment of Marcel Dupre, along with recordings of various works by Dupre. The alternate venue was by Michelle Quintal at Chalmers-Wesley United Church, of contemporary Quebec organist-composers and their works during the past 30 years. I would have liked to attend that also. Explored the Quebec Railroad Station, elegant building, on the way while walking back to the hotel (by choice). I'm another organ/train nut! Exhibits and general meetings followed, with (Vespers at Saint-Roch = Church, Prelude and Postlude by Denis Bedard, played by Marc D'Anjou & Sylvain Doyon, using the large Casavant Freres & a 1915 La companie d'Orgues tubular-pneumatic in the front, 2 M. 15 stops. The men's choir from the Cathedral directed by Richard Bernier sang motets by Hassler & Vittoria). After a cold buffet supper, Daniel Roth stole the show at Saint-Roch with selections by Widor, Franck, Boely, JS Bach, Boellman, Dupre, and Roth, closing with an improvisation on 2 themes. A reception followed at the hotel. Amazingly to me, M. Roth turned his own pages of a wide organ book, no assistance given there or at the console. The organ is in the second balcony, high off the floor, great acoustics amid sumptuous surroundings. Casavant Freres 1942/1999 4 M. 85 stops, 6 divisions, electropneumatic action.   Wednesday - Rachel Laurin started off the morning with another stupendous program at Saint-Roch, 3 pieces composed by her; Extraits de la Cinquieme Symphonie, Op. 47 (1924) by Vierne; and an improv. on 3 themes. We then crossed the St. Lawrence River to Saint-Isidore Church for an impressive presentation on the history of organs and organists of Quebec City by = Irene Brisson, with selections by Robert Girard on the Napoleon Dery 1889 2 M. = 14 stop tracker restored by Guilbault-Therien in 1979. The history was presented in French, with headphones and a translator in English, well-done. This church, the next, and the cathedral were all designed by the family of Baillarge, gold and cream decor, elegant altars and surroundings, with ancient large religious paintings originally in France, many moved to Quebec during or after the French Revolution for protection. All these churches had wonderful acoustics. After an elegant picnic lunch (chocolate cream puff with strawberries for dessert in the box!), we went to Notre-Dame-de-Levis, a Louis Mitchell 1870, 3 M. 25 stops originally, reb. & revoiced X 2, Casavant Freres in 1912 & 2000, now 42 stops, mech. key action, electric stop action. Recital by Dany Wiseman, organist there, program Le vent de l'esprit, Messiaen; Le jardin suspendu, Alain; Six variations sur un psaume huguenot, Andre Isoir; Danza, commissioned work = by Denis Bedard. Then back to the city to Saints-Martyrs-Canadiens, Casavant Freres 1960/1992 4 M. 69 stops, electropneumatic action. Recitals by Winner of 1998 Quebec Organ Competition Nathalie Gagnon, works by Sweelinck "Variations sur Est-Ce Mars", JS Bach "O Mensch etc"., & Toccata, Adagio & Fugue, and by Jonathan Oldengarm, Winner of 1999 RCCO National Organ Playing Competition, works by Kola Owolabi "Dance", Howells "Rhapsody No. 1", Reger "Phantasie uber den Choral: Hallelujah! Gott zu loben etc. Op. = 52 No. 3". This organ was suitable for such a variety of works, from Howells lush setting to classic pieces, and a concert that night showed it off = even more. Les Violons du Roy, a 15 member chamber orchestra conducted by Yannick Nezet-Sequin sent us off to heaven and dreamland with works by Grieg, Elgar, Tchaikovsky, and Mendelssohn, concluding with a Premiere of a commissioned piece by Denis Bedard for organ and strings, accompanied by church organist Richard Pare. This concert was attended by about 1000 people,with tickets sold at the door, and rousing ovations and applause greeted the conclusion. The church is stark in design but elegant in acoustics. The person sitting next to me at the banquet the next night = said he had now heard the "organ of his life, he need look no more"! Since it was now 11pm, and I had attended a cocktail party between, had no supper, and was tired, I skipped the Organ Bar with program by William O'Meara. A full day.   Thursday - to Saint-Ambroise-de-Loretteville, Karl Wilhelm 1969 2M. 18 = stop tracker in a round modern church, again good acoustics, all-Bach program played by David Palmer, well-received & well played. To a boat cruise with a sumptuous lunch on board, and in the evening another elegant Soiree at the Chateau Frontenac with entertainment by L'Ensemble Nouvelle-France and a great meal ended our stay.   Judy Ollikkala  
(back) Subject: Re: Montreal organs From: "Carlo Pietroniro" <concert_organist@hotmail.com> Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 22:21:14 -0400   okay......that explains why they weren't in the survey. The survey only included organs housed in churches. Thanks for the info Judy.   Carlo  
(back) Subject: Need address From: "Evelyn Rowe" <efrowe@mindspring.com> Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 22:54:10 -0400   I am trying to find the location of the Lively-Fulcher Organ Company, = which did some stellar work in the Washington area a few years ago (trackers at St. Matthew's R.C. Cathedral and at St. Mary's Episcopal Church, = Arlington, electrified at St. Patrick's in the City). A priest that I'm doing some supply work for this summer has put out an RFP for a small-to-medium organ =   and found the response from the local builders to be underwhelming. If = you know of any other outfits besides DiGennaro-Hart (which I'm also suggesting) that are within commuting distance of DC, I'd like to hear about them, too. The current instrument is a heavily duplexed and unified =   Lewis & Hitchcock, probably from the 50's, and on its last legs: the 16's =   weren't sounding on B flat, B natural, and C at the middle of the pedalboard, which is, uh, limiting.   Evie