PipeChat Digest #1559 - Tuesday, August 15, 2000
Re: ears, hearing
  by "Bob Scarborough" <desertbob@rglobal.net>
Indigenous organ builders of West Australia
  by "Bob Elms" <elmsr@albanyis.com.au>

(back) Subject: Re: ears, hearing From: "Bob Scarborough" <desertbob@rglobal.net> Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 20:35:54   At 11:23 PM 8/14/2000 EDT, you wrote: >Bob, >I sold Allen in the late 80s to mid 90s. The larger models were ok, but the small self contained instruments had mixtures that would split = rock.<snip>   "Self-contained" organs are a bad compromise in the best condition. Also, that was ADC technology...I"m sure the MDS's were somewhat better, but...self-contained??? FAHGEDDABOUDIT!   DeserTBoB  
(back) Subject: Indigenous organ builders of West Australia From: "Bob Elms" <elmsr@albanyis.com.au> Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2000 15:48:55 +0800   ST PATRICK'S BASILICA FREMANTLE W.A. 7th March 1997: rebuild of four manual grand organ and two manual chancel organ built Bellsham Pipe Organs replacing 19th Century 2 manual Bishop amd Son. rebuilt by South Island Organ Co. New Zealand.   The organ consists of 6 divisions including the pedal on 4 manuals and with 87 speaking stops. Action is electropneumatic with solid state transmission. Total speaking stops available over all (Transept and Grand) including duplexed stops (mainly solo reeds) =3D 109.   The transept organ is of 2 manuals and pedal with facilities to allow the playing of Transept from Grand and most of Grand from Transept..   GRAND ORGAN:   Pedal:: (22 speaking stops) Sub diapason 32 (acoustic) Sub bourdon 32 (acoustic) Principal 16 Open diapason (wood) 16 Subbass 16 Lieb. bourdon 16 (choir) Octave 8 (ext) Bass flute 8 (ext) Bourdon 8 (choir) Gamba 8 (great) 15th 4 (ext) Nachthorn (bombarde) Mixture IV Contra posaune 32 (ext) Ophicleide 16 (bombarde) Posaune 16 (bombarde) Fagotto 16 (swell) Posaune 8 (bombarde) Trumpet 8 (swell) Schalmey 4 100 mm w.g.   Positive: (10 stops) 70 mm w.g. Gedackt 8 Quintade 8 Prestant 4 Rohrflute 4 Octave 2 Sesquialtera II Quint 1-1/3 Krummhorn 8 Trompette en chamade 8 (bombarde) Cymbelstern tremulant       Great:: (15 stops): Bourdon 16 (ext) Principal 8 Gamba 8 Har. flute 8 Bourdon 8 Octave 4 Stopped flute 4 12th 15th 2 Fourniture IV-VI Cymbel III Cornet (mid.C.) V (bombarde) Trumpet 8 Posaune 16 (bombarde) Trompette en chamade 8 (bombarde)   Swell: (19 stops) Lieb. bourdon 16 (choir) Open diapason 8 Rohrflute 8 Gamba 8 Voix celeste TC 8 Principal 4 Kopple flute 4 Nasard 2-2/3 15th 2 Har. piccolo 2 Tuerce 1-3/5 Larigot 1-1/3 (ext) Octave piccolo 1 (ext) Mixture IV Fagotto 16 (ext) Trumpet 8 Oboe 8 Vox humana 8 Clarion 4 tremulant fast tremulant   Choir: (Manual IV) (13 stops) Lieb. bourdon 16 (ext) Contra viola 16 (ext) Har. flute 8 Bourdon 8 Viola 6 Salicional 8 Unda maris II (TC) Har. flute 4 (ext) Oct strings (salic. and unda maris) 4 Piccolo bourdon 2 (ext) Sifflote bourdon 1 (ext) Corno di bassetto (8) Posaune 8 (bombarde) tremulant 80 mm w.g.   Bombarde: (Manual IV) (8 stops) Tuba mirabilis 8 (150 mm w.g.) Trompette en chamade 8 (90 mm w.g.) Posaune 16 (ext) Posaune 8 Posaune 4 (ext) Cornet (TG) V (80 mm w.g.) Nachthorn 8 Nachthorn 4 (ext)     TRANSEPT ORGAN Great: (7 stops) 70 mm w.g. Open diapason 8 Gedackt 8 Spitzgamba 8 Principal 4 Flageolet 2 Mixture III Hautbois 8 (swell)   Swell: (9 stops) 80 mm w.g.. Relocated above Sacred Heart Chapel. Rohr flute 8 Echo viole 8 Voix celeste 8 Principal 4 Lieb. flute 4 Octave 2 Basson 16 (ext) Hautbois 8 Oboe dolce 8 tremulant Octave Sub-octave Unison off.   Pedal: (3 stops) 80 mm. Bourdon 16 (new location with swell) Bourdon 8 (ext) Basson16 (swell) swell to pedal swell 4' to pedal great to pedal swell to great   DIALOGUE COUPLERS Auto pedal coupling Transept on great/grand on swell Great to swell/grand off upper.   TRANSEPT ORG. DIRECT TO GRAND TRANSMISSION STOP TABS ON TRANSEPT SWELL Tuba 8 Poasune 8 Trompette en chamade 8       Transept Organ: Pedal Bourdon 16 Bourdon 8 (ext) Basson 16 (swell)   Transept couplers: Swell to pedal Swell 4 to pedal Great to pedal Swell to great   Transept dialogue couplers Auto pedal coupling Transept upper/Grand lower Great to swell/great off upper   Transept direct to grand Tuba 8 Posaune 8 Trompette en chamade   Transept organ console playing aids: Capture system - 1 open, 3 secured with digital display 8 general and 4 divisional levels per user area. Level copy facility Programmable switching and serial transmission system. Stop sequencer with digital display (256 steps per user area) and 26 step facility (Transept computer) Metronome Read only digital display panel for control of Grand organ level position and user area 6 divisional thumb pistons to each manual (great perm. to pedal) 6 general thumb pistons. 16 general thumb pistons (duplicates of Grand with LEDs to show last G.O. piston pressed. Rev. thumb pistons for sw to gt, gt to ped sw to ped. Thumb pistons for general cancel and G.O. general cancel 6 div. toe pistons duplicating Gt to ped coupled and 6 for swell. Rev. toe pistons for gt to ped, sw to ped and sw to gt. Blind reversible toe pistons with LEDs for G. O. Contra posaune 32, sub bourdon 32. 3 switches for G. O. Generals 1-8 on swell toe pistons. G. O. Generals (9-16) on Gt and Ped toe pistons T. O. Generals on Gt and Ped toe pistons. 2x3 position rotary switches for control of G. O. swell peds, G. O. swell - closed, open. G. O. swell on Transept 2nd pedal (1st pedal always Transept swell). G. O. choir closed, open. Grand choir on Transept 2nd pedal (1st always Transept swell) Thumb pistons for "set" and T. O. sequence "next", "last" and "restore" function. Toe pistons for T. O. "next" function Duplicate of G. O. crescendo pedal with read only LED display of programme and step number. Transposer - up to 11 semitones up or down, with constant LED display. G. O. and T. O. expression pedals.   GRAND ORGAN INTERMANUAL COUPLERS: Pos to ped Pos 4 to ped choir to ped. choir 4 to ped sw to gt pos to swell bombarde to swell choir to swell Transept to IV Choir off IV Great to ped. Great 4 to pedal Bombarde to pedal Bombarde 4 to pedal Swell to pos. Bomb to great Choir to great Choir on positive Transept to positive Swell OFF III Swell to pedal Swell 4 to pedal Transept to pedal Swell 16 to great Positive to great Bomb. to positive Bomb. OFF IV Transept to Great Transept to swell Great and coupled manuals to IV     I   -- ----------------------------------------------------- Click here for Free Video!! http://www.gohip.com/freevideo/