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(back) Subject: Re: Validation of the unbelievable From: "Stephen Ohmer" <knopfregal@yahoo.com> Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 20:42:30 -0800 (PST)   My friend Hank, a studious member of St. John's did some follow up and St. Chad. Thought you might all enjoy a bit of his findings. By the way, a former rector friend of mine is now at St. Chad's in Albuquerque NM. Steve Ohmer   > It is true - St. Chad did live and was one who > gave up his post because his > cosecration/election was challenged. Did a > quick study on it - See the enclosed quotation > from the Life of Chad. I have also enclosed a > list of the first page of refernces to St Chad. > Unbeleivable. > > Hank > > In 659, Chad's brother had founded the > monastery of Lastingham, in what is now North > Yorkshire. In 664 the area was struck by the > plague; several of the monks caught it, > including Cedd and Cynebil. Cedd called his > brother Chad and pleaded with him to take over > as Abbot after his death. In the same year > Wilfrid was appointed Bishop of York, and went > for his consecration in Paris. He did not come > back to the wild moors of his new diocese for > two years. Meanwhile, it was not strange that > the King of Northumbria, Oswy, should have > despaired of the new bishop's return and > decided to look for another. Knowing the holy > Abbot of Lastingham, he believed him to be an > ideal choice. Chad was reluctant to take on > such a responsibility and felt himself > unworthy, but was persuaded under obedience. > However, when he arrived, the Archbishop > Deusdidit had died of the plague; then his > successor died also. Three bishops were needed > for the consecration: there was only one > bishop, Wini, of the Roman tradition to be > found. Two others, Celts who had apparently > rejected the decision of Whitby, and who were > therefore out of communion with the Church, > also appeared and seemed willing to take part, > and the consecration went ahead at Winchester. > It seems probably that Chad was quite unaware > that two of the bishops who had taken part in > his ordination would be regarded as > uncanonical. > > After his consecration, the new bishop returned > to his diocese and monastery to continue living > his exemplary life. According to Bede, as a > Bishop, Chad immediately devoted himself to > maintain the truths of the Church, and set > himself to practise humility and chastity and > to study. He was a holy man, modest in his > ways, learned in the Scriptures, and one who > was careful to practise all that he found in > them. > > In 666, Wilfrid returned from Paris to discover > that Chad had been ordained to his own diocese > in his absence, and we can imagine that he was > not pleased. However, nothing was done until > 669, when Theodore of Tarsus, by then > Archbishop of Canterbury, took the matter up. > Theodore summoned Chad and pointed out three > serious flaws in his ordination as bishop. Two > of the bishops were out of communion with the > Church; the one canonical bishop who had taken > part had been charged with simony; and finally > Chad had been consecrated to a see that was in > fact not vacant, since Wilfrid had already been > appointed and ordained. Chad's response in the > face of episcopal ordination is reminiscent of > that of St Gregory the Theologian, St John > Chrysostom, and many others. He replied that he > had never felt himself worthy of ordination and > he was more than happy to return to Lastingham > as a simple monk. So impressed was Archbishop > Theodore by Chad's saintly humility that he > offered to ordain him canonically to the > episcopacy (perhaps he had this idea in mind > from the start). This was done, but Chad > insisted that he would surrender the diocese of > York to Wilfrid. > > A few of the available references. > > Results 1-15 of about 1033 containing > '"St. Chad"' next >> > > > > > > Web Directory Sites > > > > > 1.. St. Chad - Catholic Information Network > Seventh century bishop studied under St. > Aidan at Lindisfarne. Find a summary of his > religious deeds and his missionary efforts. > http://www.cin.org/saints/chad.html > > > 2.. St. Chad - Orthodox Ireland > Presents a biography of the seventh century > Yorkshire-based holy man. Includes a copy of > the Prayer for the Feast of Saint Chad. > http://www.nireland.com/orthodox/Chad.htm > > > Web Pages > > > > > > 3.. St Chad's College Durham Home Page > ST CHAD'S COLLEGE University of Durham, 18 > North Bailey, Durham DH1 3RH . General > Enquiries: 0191 374 3364 Fax: 0191 374 3309 > E-Mail: St-Chads.www@durham.ac.uk St Chad's > College... strong academic tradition small, > relaxed college, where you can > http://www.dur.ac.uk/StChads > > > 4.. Parish of St. Chad > Parish of St. Chad > http://www.pangea.ca/~gilfred/stchad.html > > > 5.. St. Chad's, Lichfield - The St. Chad > Directory > Links General St. Chad Online Home Worship > Diary News Church Guide Links Contact us > Guestbook The St. Chad Directory is intended to > become a comprehensive catalogue of websites > relevant to the historical Chad and his > spiritual heritage. Suggestions > http://www.saintchads.org.uk/directory.htm > > > 6.. St Chad's relics examined > St Chad's relics examined The bones of St. > Chad, one of England's most venerated saints, > have been scientifically examined by the > Carbon-14 method at the Oxford Archaeological > Unit. Dr. Angela Boyle made the findings of the > investigation public > > http://www.tasc.ac.uk/cc/briefing/9606/s006.htm > > > 7.. The College of Emmanuel and St. Chad Home > Page > In 1964 St. Chad's College amalgamated with > Emmanuel College to form the College of > Emmanuel and St. Chad, still affiliated with > the University of Saskatchewan. It is located > on the University of Saskatchewan campus in > beautiful Sa > http://www.usask.ca/stu/emmanuel > > > 8.. St. Chad's, Lichfield - Diary > Online Home Worship Diary News Church Guide > Links Contact us Guestbook Linking to the St. > Chad Directory This page provides information > for those who would like to include a link to > the St. Chad Directory from their own site. The > Directory's url is: > > http://www.saintchads.org.uk/directorylinking.htm > > > 9.. The Life of Saint Chad of Lichfield, > Apostle of Mercia > The Life of Saint Chad of Lichfield, Apostle > of Mercia by Father Athanasios Ledwich Living > in Birmingham you soon become aware of how much > St Chad has been venerated in these parts over > the centuries. Even if modern citizens have > little or no ide > http://www.nireland.com/orthodox/Chad.htm > > > 10.. CIN - St. Chad, Bishop and Confessor > Catholic Information Network (CIN) > http://www.cin.org/saints/chad.html > > > 11.. St Chad's Home Pages > The Home Pages of St Chad's, Pattingham. An > anglican church in the Diocese of Lichfield. > http://website.lineone.net/~stchad > > > 12.. St. Chad's Church > St. Chad's Church Welcome to St. Chad's. 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(back) Subject: Fwd: RIP: Alan Miller Laufman From: "Administrator" <admin@pipechat.org> Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 22:50:15 -0600   Pat Murphy posted the following to the PIPORG-L a short time ago. I felt it was of enough importance to forward to PipeChat.   David   >Dear List: >This note is to report the sad news of a passing of a true prince of the >organ community. > >Alan Miller Laufman passed away this afternoon at about 5:00 pm est. >Memorial announcements will be forthcoming. > >Farewell true friend and faithful servant. You were a savior of old = organs >and a nurturer of dreams. >Rest in peace! >   -- **************************************** David Scribner Owner / Co-Administrator PipeChat   http://www.pipechat.org mailto:admin@pipechat.org  
(back) Subject: Re: Wachet auf LOCATED From: "Noel Stoutenburg" <mjolnir@ticnet.com> Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2000 01:57:29 -0600       Stephen Ohmer wrote, in part:   > If this is incorrect, Volume Ten has the complete > index of titles and tune names. I understand that > the improvisations have been reissued by > MorningStar,   This is approximately correct, however, there as I understand it, there is not direct one to one correspondence between the two sets. That is, the first volume from Morningstar is not necessarily the same as volume I of the Concordia series.   ns