PipeChat Digest #1377 - Friday, May 5, 2000
  by "Administrator" <admin@pipechat.org>

(back) Subject: VIRUS A FOOT!!! - ALL PLEASE READ From: "Administrator" <admin@pipechat.org> Date: Thu, 4 May 2000 20:31:44 -0500   Folks,   Although Virus warnings and discussions are not appropriate topics for this (and usually most other ) lists, as Administrator i can take an exception to those rules.   All day today, as i drove home from Little Rock, AR i was hearing about a rather severe virus that comes through with the Subject line of " I LOVE YOU"   DO NOT open this if you happen to get a copy of it. Below is a quote from an email manager's list from the UK that discusses it. Besides infecting your email it will also infect other parts of your system and will infect other Internet Programs line mIRC for those you you that do join in on the twice weekly PipeChat IRC chats.   *************FORWARDED POSTING***************************** Quote... | | This is a virus which tries to spread itself in several ways. | Most commonly, it sends itself as an attachment to an email. | Infected emails have the subject line: | | ILOVEYOU | | The message text is: | | kindly check the attached LOVELETTER coming from me. | | The attachment is called "LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs", which | has a "double extension". Mailers which suppress well-known | extensions such as .vbs may present this file as | "LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT", which appears more innocent. Do not | be misled by a trick like this. | Because the virus arrives in a VBS file, it requires the Windows | Scripting Host (WSH) in order to work. If you disable WSH, the | viral attachment will be rendered harmless. | The virus also drops an HTM file which can spread the virus, and | a mIRC script which tries to distribute it. It also tries to | download a file called WIN-BUGSFIX.exe from the internet, and | injects two copies of its VBS script into the system directory | where they are executed each time the computer reboots. | The email component of the virus requires Microsoft Outlook to | work. If you are using Outlook it will try to send itself to | each entry in your Windows Address Book. | | ...End Quote *******************************************************************   If for some reason you have gotten infected go to: http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/ - i understand that they do have a "fix" for it.   ALWAYS be careful with an email that contains an attachment that you are not expecting. Double check with the person that sent it if all of the sudden something shows up unexpectedly   And I would hope not to see any other postings from anyone on this subject - it is only up to the Administrators/Owners to do these..   And back to Happy PipeChatting. **************************************** David Scribner Co-Owner / Technical Administrator PipeChat   http://www.pipechat.org 850-478-9635 mailto:david@blackiris.com