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Re: Used Pipe Organs
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Geographical trivia [was Re: Packer Chapel]
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(back) Subject: Re: Used Pipe Organs From: <quilisma@socal.rr.com> Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001 22:34:41 -0800       Wurlibird1@aol.com wrote:   > Greetings to all, > > A recent comment about <used> pipe organs as alternatives to new = digitals > gives rise to concern. This suggestion may in some cases be a viable > alternative. It can equally lead to considerable disappointment if = mismatch > occurs. >   I'm not a builder, but I just secured a used pipe organ for our new = church. As it's electro-pneumatic on pitman chests that need releathering, it's going = to be rebuilt with new mechanism and enlarged. But, we were lucky ... it came = out of a building with approximately the same cubic volume as our new building ... = our acoustics should be better ... the ceiling is higher, there are more hard = surfaces .... and rather than the chancel chamber placement of the original, it = will be encased above and behind the singers in the west gallery. If anything, it = may have to be voiced DOWN a little, though most of what we are adding is missing = soft stops, mutations, etc.   Now, this is a REBUILD, not a straight-across organ transplant. It COULD = have been, if the configuration of the chests would have fit our space, but = they didn't. That's somewhat less fraught with peril than moving an organ from = Church A to Church B and simply setting it up again, as in the case of a tracker. = I'm not dealing with an historic organ, but rather a garden-variety 1966 Moller = (grin), which basically will become the Swell and part of the Pedal of the new = organ.   Unless you're prepared to do extensive revoicing (which destroys the = historic value and integrity of the 19th century trackers on the market), I think = the cubic volume, placement of the organ, and acoustics of the buildings DO have to = be similar, or at least reconcileable.   Going from a LESS desirable placement (chancel chamber) to a MORE = desirable placement (elevated in the west gallery) probably doesn't hurt anything, = unless you're talking about a buried E.M. Skinner on 7'' - 10'' of wind that was = BUILT to speak from its entombed location (grin) ... exposed west gallery placement = of an organ like THAT would probably be FRIGHTFUL, not to mention ear-bleeding = LOUD.   Cheers,   Bud    
(back) Subject: Geographical trivia [was Re: Packer Chapel] From: "Noel Stoutenburg" <mjolnir@ticnet.com> Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 01:58:23 -0600     Glenda wrote:   > It seems that on my first visit to Pennsylvania I visited the small > town of Ma Chunck (I have no idea how this is spelled, because I never > saw the name of the town in > written form).   The first word was originally written Mauch; I, too, am unsure about the spelling of the second word, but if you are looking for the same town now, it is called "Jim Thorpe". His widow promised that she would bury him in any town which would rename itself after her late husband, and fulfilled the promise.   ns    
(back) Subject: Re: PipeChat Digest #2610 - 12/30/01 (longish reply) From: <GRSCoLVR@aol.com> Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 03:59:39 EST   Hi Glenda Its Mauch Chunk PA,,,now Jim Thorpe PA There is much division in the town, older residents being known as "chunkers" and the newer set being = known as "thorpers" Apparently there are not too many towns in the US that have essentially *paid* for the remains of a one time famous athlete (in = dispute) to be brought to the town and placed in a crypt at the entrance to what = was supposed to be a large industrial park. And then voted on changing the = name of the town itself to accomodate the "new" look. However,,,,I guess if you =   are a down at the mouth former anthracite coal town, with not much future, = or so it seemed, anything seemed reasonable for fame and fortune. It worked,,but tourist trap is the current fame and fortune for the borough = of Jim Thorpe. As you mentioned, St. Marks has a lovely Austin pipe organ,,,and somewhat = of a notable peal of bells as well, it was the Packer church in town, only a block or two from the Packer mansions. Most of the bequests to the town = and the church were made by Asa Packer's daughter, Mary Packer Cummings, in = her later years, including an elevator for St. Marks church, which she then = had the honor of being the first to ride in it, albeit in her coffin. Asa = Packer did in fact endow Lehigh University after essentially creating it for the further education of poor white anglo-saxon males. We suspect all that was =   "broken" many years ago,,as was Girard College in Philadelphia and Lehigh = is a fairly well known engineering school on the east coast. I am sure this is way more than you wanted to know about Chunk, Thorpe, Packer family etc. . Happy New Year, Regards, ---Roc L V Rockafellow