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Re: digital bellows
  by "Douglas A Campbell" <dougcampbell@juno.com>
Re: Dan's Errors
  by "Douglas A Campbell" <dougcampbell@juno.com>
Organ and Flute/Clarinet/Sax
  by <Oboe32@aol.com>
  by "Carlo Pietroniro" <organist@total.net>

(back) Subject: Re: digital bellows From: "Douglas A Campbell" <dougcampbell@juno.com> Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 22:05:24 -0400       On Sun, 01 Jul 2001 08:06:03 -0700 quilisma@socal.rr.com writes: > In the sermons of St. Digiwidgitus of Macungie, we read that twelve > digital > bellows can indeed be comfortably accommodated on the head of a pin; > there is, > however, some theological speculation as to which of the Twelve > Choirs of Angels > is responsible for which bellows, and whether or not this includes > the > high-pressure bellows for the Solo Tuba. > > Cheers, > > Raymondus-juxta-Oceana-Pacifica > Rathar than a Tuba - wouldn't that be the Cor d'Gabriel????     Douglas A. Campbell Skaneateles, NY   ________________________________________________________________ GET INTERNET ACCESS FROM JUNO! Juno offers FREE or PREMIUM Internet access for less! Join Juno today! For your FREE software, visit: http://dl.www.juno.com/get/tagj.  
(back) Subject: Re: Dan's Errors From: "Douglas A Campbell" <dougcampbell@juno.com> Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 22:22:51 -0400   Enough is enough!   This exchange about "this Toaster" vs. "That Toaster" is truly pointless.   It's like arguing about the merits of various brands of chicory - which tastes most like coffee !   Let's argue about something really impostant - like Aspertane vs. Sacchrin.     Douglas A. Campbell Skaneateles, NY     On Sun, 1 Jul 2001 16:57:48 -0400 "Dan Gawthrop" <Gawthrop@dunstanhouse.com> writes: > Gosh, we'd been having this fairly civil discussion about Allen > organs when > suddenly someone popped up with a new (and much less interesting) > topic. I > suppose I should be flattered to get this much attention from Mr. > Hullem, > who doubtless could fill volumes with the details of my errors, but > somehow... > > It has been my experience that when someone feels the need to move > from > civil discussion to an ad hominem attack it's because they're > loosing the > debate and are feeling desperate. I don't generally choose to > participate in > exchanges with folks whose utter loss of any pretense of > openmindedness has > been made so stunningly clear by their own statements--it's like > fertilizing > a rock garden. > > Be that as it may, someone else reading may care, so I'll point out > one or > two further items. > > > Prove it, Dan. Let's see this document you are > > talking about. Scan it, put it on the web if it > > really exists. > > (The reference here is to Allen's policy of maintaining available > parts for > all models). > It's on their website, Bob. You'll be able to find it easily enough. > > > Allen is by far #2 in the church organ building industry > > according to Music Trades. > > You've misquoted them, Bob. Music Trades shows the GROSS income for > the > companies they list. They don't show what percentage of that income > was > derived from church organs, hence, "Allen is by far #2 in the church > organ > building industry," is NOT a statement which can be supported by > anything in > Music Trades. Hammond surely sells more organs into homes, bars and > ballparks than many competitors, Allen included, but when we're > talking > specifically about church organs the picture changes quite > dramatically. > > Tom has already dealt with your confused picture of the history of > the (now > defunct) Hammond Co. > > > Hammond organs are outlasting Allens in the field as well even > with the > > original company closing years ago and no factory parts > availability or > > warranty or any 'parts forever statement' existing. > > Prove it, Bob. Let's see your evidence for this unlikely assertion. > Scan it > and post it right here, if it exists. > > > Dan, no one from the Allen Factory staff has ever posted > > to this list or PIPORG. Why is that? > > Gosh, I haven't a clue. > Does it matter? Do you suspect a conspiracy? > > > Allen first ran into problems concerning parts about > > ten years ago when the original chips from Rockwell > > for the computer combination action board were > > no longer available. > > > Allen did not make new chips, rather Allen designed > > a new board to replace that entire assembly. > > HAH HAH! I just LOVE this! Allen, at no cost to any customer, > designs an > upgraded and improved assembly and offers it UNDER WARRANTY to > customers > whose original boards happen to fail, and Mr. Hullem wants to count > that > AGAINST them! > Hello? > Get a CLUE! > > > Allen does not guarantee 'parts' availability, since > > the parts they use come from all over the world, > > especially the computer chips that are the heart of > > the organ, but rather offers to provide replacement > > boards and parts to keep old organs running... > > Yes? > And your point is? > As with the specious red herring above, I'm quite certain that the > folks who > actually own these instruments don't give a rat's hindquarter > whether you > call them "parts" or "chips" or "circuit boards" or > "doozywidgets"--fact is, > if Allen can fix it then their promise is kept. Anal yammerings over > the > terminology simply don't matter. Nada. Zip. Zilch. > > > According to industry sources, these two companies > > are about equal in customer service and support, > > depending more on the local dealer than the > > manufacturer itself. > > Sounds an awful lot like pipe organ maintenance, dunnit? > > > When did Rodgers, Ahlborn-Gallanti, Johannus, Eminent, > > Content, Viscount, Walker, Copeman Hart go out of business? > > You need to go back to your Music Trades, Bob. I'm sure those guys > are all > doing their best, but in the field of church organs Allen still has > outsold > them all. And not surprising, really: How many organs can Bob Walker > personally finish in a year's time, eight? Maybe ten? And Copeman > Hart's > entire output to this country, last I heard, was a grand total of > TWO > instruments. I think they have a few more in England (and very nice > sounding > ones too, from the recordings I've heard). > > > It is also interesting that Allen now markets 'Moller organs'. > > How many of the former staff of Moller are now employed at Allen? > > How many of the pipe voicers, pipe-builders, the people that > > brought with them the knowledge of how to build pipe organs > > are working at Allen now? > > Uh, you're just a little confused there, Bob. Allen does not build > pipe > organs. They do, however, market custom solutions in which some > Allen > digital sounds are combined with either an existing pipe organ or > with new > pipework from a builder of the customer's choice. These instruments > are > marketed under the Moller name in order to differentiate them from > the > purely digital instruments which are Allen's primary focus. > > Careful! Any more like that and we're going to have to rename this > thread > "Bob's Errors"...and just when I was basking in all that attention, > too! > > Best, > > Dan "The Errordite" Gawthrop > > > "Pipe Up and Be Heard!" > PipeChat: A discussion List for pipe/digital organs & related > topics > HOMEPAGE : http://www.pipechat.org > List: mailto:pipechat@pipechat.org > Administration: mailto:admin@pipechat.org > Subscribe/Unsubscribe: mailto:requests@pipechat.org >   ________________________________________________________________ GET INTERNET ACCESS FROM JUNO! Juno offers FREE or PREMIUM Internet access for less! Join Juno today! For your FREE software, visit: http://dl.www.juno.com/get/tagj.  
(back) Subject: Organ and Flute/Clarinet/Sax From: <Oboe32@aol.com> Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 23:28:28 EDT   Hey All, I'm looking for easier music for organ and Clarinet, flute, or = Sax. I was curious if anyone had any suggestions of good music in the = intermediate area of study. Any ideas and suggestions are much appreciated!     -Pete Isherwood  
(back) Subject: Rodgers From: "Carlo Pietroniro" <organist@total.net> Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 02:35:37 -0400   I was going through all my Rodgers brochures and papers, and I found the most recent brochure. Here's the direct quote..........   Dependability You Can Trust   The Total Quality program at the Rodgers factory is one reason for our unmatched reliability. We are continually refining our designs and quality control procedures. All of our products are designed to exceed the requirements of domestic and international safety standards and electromagnetic interference. Our outstanding warranties are backed by an extensive, well-trained service network. Technical documentation, on-site board replacement and built-in, self-diagnostic systems insure timely, expert service. A full-time staff of technical service experts are = available to assist your local Rodgers technician. We support every instrument we = have ever built and are committed to continuing our excellent record of reliability and service.   Like I said, I don't swing towards any particular company, but I felt the need to post this, so some people will realize that Allen isn't the only company to have certain guarantees. This information can easily be = obtained from the Rodgers Instrument Corp.   Carlo