PipeChat Digest #2205 - Saturday, July 7, 2001
New CD on Sanfilippo Organ
  by "Robert Ridgeway" <robert@magneticlab.com>

(back) Subject: New CD on Sanfilippo Organ From: "Robert Ridgeway" <robert@magneticlab.com> Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2001 01:03:08 -0500   For all you fellow organ lovers as well as stereophiles I am pleased to announce the release of a new CD by the talented John Giacchi of Australia made on the Sanfilippo 5/80 Wurlitzer.     This album was recorded in 24 bit digital using 8 microphones for the greatest sonic pickup of this enormous instrument in its large music room. For those of you who may have CD's of this instrument which have been previously released (Lyn Larsen's <bold><italic>Paradise</italic></bold> and <bold><italic>Paradise Revisited</italic></bold>, Ron Rhode's <bold><italic>Deep In My Heart</italic></bold>, Simon Gledhill's <bold><italic>Carousel</italic></bold>, and the Hopeful Heart Charity's best seller <bold><italic>Simple Gifts</italic></bold>) and have been thrilled with the sound, this album will be another "must-have" with even greater definition and dynamic range. In order to capture this album adequately, with the latest technology, two of the leading organ recording engineers combined forces and equipment. Jim Stemke of=20 <italic>Digital Sonics</italic> and Robert Ridgeway of <italic>Magnetic Lab</italic> have been professionally recording pipe organs for over 30 years each. This represents the first joint recording effort by these two experts and the results are sure to please even the most critical listeners.     The title of the album is "<bold><italic>Xanadu</italic></bold>" after the poem <italic>Kubla Kahn</italic> by Samuel Taylor Colleridge, ("In Xanadu did Kubla Kahn a stately pleasure-dome decree....."). The "stately" Sanfilippo "pleasure-dome" certainly qualifies for the title of this new CD. The album comes with a 20 page, full-color booklet, giving details of the music and the installation.     The musical selections are as follows:     <bold><italic> Slaughter on 10th Avenue</italic></bold> (from "On Your Toes") Rodgers   <bold><italic>One Fine Day</italic></bold> (from "Madame Butterfly") Puccini   <bold><italic>Marahuana</italic></bold> (from "Murder at the Vanities") Coslow   <bold><italic>"Rosalie" Remembered</italic></bold> ("Who Knows?", "Close", "Rosalie", "I've A Strange New Rhythm in my =20 =20 =20 Heart", "In the Still of the Night", and "Rosalie" reprise) Porter   <bold><italic>Moorish Idol</italic></bold> (2nd Mvt. from "Aquarium Suite") Mayerl   <bold><italic>The Pilgrim's Chorus</italic></bold> (from "Tannhauser") Wagner   <bold><italic>The Continental</italic></bold> (from the "Gay Divorcee") Conrad   <bold><italic>The Waltz in Swingtime</italic></bold> (from "Swingtime") Kern   <bold><italic>The 23rd Psalm</italic></bold> (Malotte)   <bold><italic>"Wizard of Oz" Fantasia </italic></bold> ("Ding Dong the Witch is Dead", "If I Only Had A Brain", "Somewhere =20 =20 =20 Over the Rainbow", "We're Off to See the Wizard".) Arlen   <bold><italic>Spring Fever</italic></bold> (Bloom)   <bold><italic>"Barber of Seville"</italic></bold> Overture (Rossini)   <bold><italic>Cuddle Up a Little Closer</italic></bold> (Hoschna)     This exciting new CD may be ordered by sending a $20.00 check or money order made payable to <bold><italic>"John</italic></bold> <bold><italic>Giacchi."</italic></bold> The CD will be mailed to you first-class, postage-paid. Send your orders to:     Don Near   9700 Chapman Avenue   Garden Grove, CA 92841     <bold><bigger>This CD will be shipped on July 17th.</bigger></bold>