PipeChat Digest #2503 - Saturday, November 17, 2001
Appalachian Carol.
  by "Bob Elms" <elmsr@albanyis.com.au>
Recital in Cowtown - Fort Worth, Texas (X-posted)
  by "Elders, Craig" <c.elders@tcu.edu>
Lloyd Holzgraf Memorial Service
  by <TheOrganst@aol.com>
voicing of a 4' Clarion
  by "Hugh Drogemuller" <hdrogemuller@sympatico.ca>
St. John's Lunenburg Update  today CBC
  by "Daniel Hopkins" <danielwh1@ns.sympatico.ca>
Re: voicing of a 4' Clarion
  by <RonSeverin@aol.com>
Re: voicing of a 4' Clarion
  by <TubaMagna@aol.com>

(back) Subject: Appalachian Carol. From: "Bob Elms" <elmsr@albanyis.com.au> Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 04:51:05 -0800   Thank you. I now have a copy. Bob Elms.    
(back) Subject: Recital in Cowtown - Fort Worth, Texas (X-posted) From: "Elders, Craig" <c.elders@tcu.edu> Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 13:09:09 -0600   Good TGIF to everyone!   If you have never heard the Moller in Ed Landreth Hall, located on the campus of Texas Christian University, or if you need another inspiring evening hearing it, then next Monday evening, November 19, 2001 is the = time. It has been said that this instrument is one of the best works of Moller.   Guillermo "Willie" Martinez will present a Faculty Recital at 7:30pm. Willie, a former Fullbright Scholar, always gives a spectacular recital! He is invited to play all over our BIG state as well as all over the US and over the pond. Those of us in the Fort Worth/Dallas area get = to hear him on many different instruments playing many different types of programs and it is always an exciting performance that he gives!   Some of the works to be performed are: Hampton 'Fanfares' and 'Five Dances for Organ' Walther 'Concerto on B-flat' Russell 'The Bells of St. Anne de Beaupre' Vierne 'Third Symphonie: Adagio and Final'   I hope you can come spend a wonderful evening with a superb recitalists on a magnificent instrument (the King of Instruments, you = know)! Drop me a note if you would like more information or directions to hear Willie play.   See you Monday evening,   Craig Elders Fort Worth, Texas    
(back) Subject: Lloyd Holzgraf Memorial Service From: <TheOrganst@aol.com> Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 19:56:41 EST   The service for Lloyd Holzgraf, Organist Emeritus, at First Congregational =   Church of Los Angeles will be held on Sunday, November 25th at 2:00pm at First Congregational. Please plan to attend if at all possible.   Kyle B. Irwin Organist  
(back) Subject: voicing of a 4' Clarion From: "Hugh Drogemuller" <hdrogemuller@sympatico.ca> Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 20:11:33 -0500   I am sure most of the list has an opinion on this. My question is,should the 4' Clarion be voiced on top of the 8' and 16' trumpet to create a seamless increase in pitch or should it have enough prominence to create what I would call a distinctive "jump" in the sound when it is drawn?   HD    
(back) Subject: St. John's Lunenburg Update today CBC From: "Daniel Hopkins" <danielwh1@ns.sympatico.ca> Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 21:37:22 -0400   http://novascotia.cbc.ca/editorServlets/View?filename=3Dns_chfund011116 here is a link that will take you to the latest information on what is = happening with St. John's Anglican Lunenburg NS It has a video link ytou can view the info Daniel    
(back) Subject: Re: voicing of a 4' Clarion From: <RonSeverin@aol.com> Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 21:01:50 EST   Dear Hugh   The voicing I prefer is the seemless addition of harmonics. The Clairon 4' Being an octave and two octaves higher than the 8' and 16' would be telling enough. It will certainly cut through. In some of Virgil Fox's printed music, depending upon the organ, full swell may be as little as the 16' reed and swell mixture, if the 8' is smooth it is added, the 4' like wise. If the 16' is bright enough, the 8' and 4' add little to the effect. It really comes down to, will it matter or not, will you perceive and hear it or not. He used this particular = configuration in his rendition of the D' Aquin Noel in G. I tried it on my organ and it worked very well. The 8' and 4' additions were nice, but not particularly necessary to achieve the full swell effect. It also worked on several organs that I have played, so I could see the method to his madness. The rest is frosting. The mixture Plein Jeu supplies the mix and fire especially on an Aeolian Skinner conceived Swell. The mixture scaled and voiced to perfection makes a big difference. A bit more speed is possible than with 16' 8' and 4' drawn as more weight is present then. Try it and see for yourself!   Ron Severin  
(back) Subject: Re: voicing of a 4' Clarion From: <TubaMagna@aol.com> Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 00:29:10 EST   Dear Mr. Drogemuller: The Clarion is a chorus member, not a solo stop, and should therefore = be scaled, voiced, and finished to weld to the 8' unison Trumpet. This does NOT mean that it should be small in scale, as too narrow a scale, especially in the shallot, and the throat juncture of the block and =   and resonator, will result in a very thin, whining, and painful reed, = playing a parallel octave to the music at hand. Avoid too large a "bucket" at the top of your resonators; neither overscroll nor start your scroll too far down the resonator, as it will = thin out the sound and exacerbate the problem of the Trumpet and Clarion "separating." Even the "harmonic glue" of a Cornet in a Grand Jeu registration will not cover this tonal gap. Sometimes a shorter resonator, with just a small flap cut into the = side, SLIGHTLY pried out from the resonator, is better than a full-fledged = scroll on a resonator with overlength. The pipe rings closer to dead length, = with minimal attenuation of the fundamental. On parallel, open shallots, avoid too much free-end curve on the = tongues of Clarions, with the knowledge that from Fsharp 43 on up, you will have = to match flue pipes to the voicing of the reeds. It is the natural tendency = of wind instruments to lose harmonic content as they ascend the scale. Other more experienced voicers on this list may have better = suggestions, or even be able to correct me if I am wrong; these observations come = purely from personal experience.   Sebastian Matthaus Gluck New York City   ..