PipeChat Digest #2463 - Saturday, October 27, 2001
ISP User Fees: That may not the only cost issue. . .
  by "The Schneider Family" <arpschneider@starband.net>
re (sorta): "Tim's fireside chat"
  by "Administrator" <admin@pipechat.org>
Re: Plain text
  by "Hugh Drogemuller" <hdrogemuller@sympatico.ca>
FOR SALE: Wurlitzer and other Misc. TPO Parts
  by "Robert Rusczyk" <rusczyk@ix.netcom.com>
Re: tierces in chorus mixtures
  by <Myosotis51@aol.com>

(back) Subject: ISP User Fees: That may not the only cost issue. . . From: "The Schneider Family" <arpschneider@starband.net> Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 19:36:04 -0500   "Marika E. Buchberger, LRPS" wrote: > Years ago, when I was using the original Prodigy ( the first internet > service provider), you were alloted so many bytes of data that you > = could send/receive as free   <SNIP>   > but ISP's charge mostly a flat rate fee for the entire month of > unlimited access,   <SNIP>   > I'm not sure if this is the issue at all.   Up until a few months ago, some of us were forced to use either 800 access numbers, for which a per-minute fee is assessed; or pay horrendous long distance charges (in many cases, Intrastate long distance charges can greatly exceed Interstate LD!) in order to access the Internet.   Almost all at once, for us, anyway; everything changed! First, TWO (count them!) local ISP providers came to our little town of 400 souls almost simultaneously; second, the long distance tariff on the phone service to several surrounding larger towns disappeared (they became local calls for us!) and thirdly, we set up a broadband Satellite ISP at home with a wireless link to the shop computer network. Problem solved with several "back-up" solutions available.   But, that's our story. It may not be the story of others, who, by their being located in the Hinterlands, are forced to pay costs which many others don't even realize that folks are saddled with.   And I can attest: it really DOES make a difference. On average, I was paying $150.00 a month in long distance charges due to my Internet usage!! I'm glad those days are behind us.   Faithfully,   Richard Schneider, PRES/CEO SCHNEIDER PIPE ORGANS, Inc. Pipe Organ Builders 41-43 Johnston St./P.O. Box 137 Kenney, IL 61749-0137 (217) 944-2454 VOX (217) 944-2527 FAX mailto:arpschneider@starband.net HOME EMAIL mailto:arp@schneiderpipeorgans.com SHOP EMAIL http://www.schneiderpipeorgans.com WEB PAGE URL  
(back) Subject: re (sorta): "Tim's fireside chat" From: "Administrator" <admin@pipechat.org> Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 21:07:44 -0500   Hello again, dear Pipechatters.   As an addendum to David's Admin post this evening, I offer the following:   My main reason for taking the tone I did was simple.   I was *purposely* overly loud and rude -- in the hope that such a message might succeed, where many past (and much more civil) reminders of List Guidelines (public and private) have failed.   We'll all see over the coming weeks and months if my hypothesis proves itself out.   One thing is certain -- I seem to have captured everyone's attention...! <LOL>   I truly hope that the majority of Listmembership will forgive me (us?) = this experiment in List Administration. Also, I hope you all will understand that I, personally, value the membership and contributions of EVERY Pipechat Listmember. It is indeed a privilege to help run Pipechat -- one I am very thankful for -- and one I take very seriously.   Thank you all -- each one of you -- for the moment of thought I hope you might now experience each time you reach for the <send> button. If we all work together, this List will indeed be a better place for ALL of us.   and... THAT is the "simple reason": To attempt to make Pipechat a better place for each one of us.   Most sincerely,   Tim Bovard Pipechat Co-Admin <tmbovard@earthlink.net> <tmbovard@arkansas.net>   PS -- the twice-weekly Pipechat IRC session is now in progress. (check the website for details, if you haven't ever joined us) I'll be there shortly -- y'all are cordially invited to come on in and tell me directly ~whatever~ you wanna...! (Hope y'all don't hate me *too much* now...<G>)              
(back) Subject: Re: Plain text From: "Hugh Drogemuller" <hdrogemuller@sympatico.ca> Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 22:14:32 -0400   At 05:10 PM 26/10/2001 -0700, you wrote: >I have changed my email to send plain text. I hope this works. Randy,   It came through clear and uncluttered.   Hugh    
(back) Subject: FOR SALE: Wurlitzer and other Misc. TPO Parts From: "Robert Rusczyk" <rusczyk@ix.netcom.com> Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 21:15:34 -0000   Wurlitzer 16ft Bourdon (12 notes) & Chests $195.00   Wurlitzer 16ft Bourdon (12 notes) Factory mitered for 8ft clearance. $100.00   Wurlitzer 12 note 8ft Flute offset chest $75.00   Dennison/Marr&Colton Kinura 61 notes/perfect $900   Various Rectifier $20.00 ea.   Morton tremulant (large) $75.00   Rodgers 7.5 Sub-Woofer w/15 inch driver $375.00   Rodgers 1.7 8inch, three way full range cabinet $95.00     Open to reasonable offers.....everything must go!!!!       Bob Rusczyk Vancouver, WA (Near Portland, OR) 360-254-4214      
(back) Subject: Re: tierces in chorus mixtures From: <Myosotis51@aol.com> Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 00:36:04 EDT   amadpoet@lycos.com (Mandy Glass) wrote:       > << Pilcher Dolce > Cornet >> Is it just me, or does that name sound > like a British finger food? ;o)   That's "crumpet," Mandy! :-)