PipeChat Digest #2465 - Monday, October 29, 2001
Wanted: 7"wc rank
  by "Bob Kinner" <rkinner@one.net>
Re: tierces in chorus mixtures
  by "Mandy Glass" <amadpoet@lycos.com>
Ss. Simon & Jude - St. Matthew's ACC, Newport Beach CA (X-posted)
  by <quilisma@socal.rr.com>
LIVE 365
  by "Mike Gettelman" <mike3247@earthlink.net>
Organ for sale
  by "Luther Melby" <lmelby@prtel.com>
Re: Ss. Simon & Jude - St. Matthew's ACC, Newport Beach CA (X-posted)
  by "Joe Karashani" <jtkarash@copperNET.zm>
re: live365.com
  by "Mike Gettelman" <mike3247@earthlink.net>

(back) Subject: Wanted: 7"wc rank From: "Bob Kinner" <rkinner@one.net> Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 14:06:36 -0500   Dear list:   I would like to replace the Unda Maris on our church's 8-rank organ with a string or flute - or open diapason for that matter - of fairly hefty volume. This Unda Maris is just too quiet to be useful and I'm not good enough at voicing to make it louder and still sound decent. The rank is TC up (49 notes), though we could find a place for the low octave if it were available. The scale at TC could be as much as 2-1/2" or even 2-3/4". Open, stopped or capped OK. Wood OK too, as long as they fit. The organ is on 7" and, as I'm not a great voicer. would like a rank already on that pressure or fudgably close to it. By the way, if I can find a replacement, you can have the Unda Maris.   Thanks, Bob   -- Bob Kinner AA8FH rkinner@one.net "If at first you don't succeed, switch to power tools." Red Green      
(back) Subject: Re: tierces in chorus mixtures From: "Mandy Glass" <amadpoet@lycos.com> Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 13:29:11 -0500   THAT'S what I was thinking of! Pilchard crumpets! Sweet pilchard crumpets? = eewwwww :::turning green::: -- On Sat, 27 Oct 2001 00:36:04 Myosotis51 wrote: > >That's "crumpet," Mandy! :-) >       Make a difference, help support the relief efforts in the U.S. http://clubs.lycos.com/live/events/september11.asp  
(back) Subject: Ss. Simon & Jude - St. Matthew's ACC, Newport Beach CA (X-posted) From: <quilisma@socal.rr.com> Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 14:29:32 -0800   Moderately successful Sunday ... Burgie drove me to church and helped me to the organ. A majority of the choir showed up in time to practice the two anthems, as we'd not had rehearsal on Thursday.   My health was one of the Mass intentions at both Masses ... guess the Rector felt guilty. But he didn't speak to me.   Sung Holy Communion at 9:00 a.m.   Voluntary - Elevation - Benoit Processional Hymn - Who Are These Like Stars Appearing? - Winchester New   Setting - Willan/Scottish Chant Canticle - Isaiah 12 - Troutbeck in G Offertory Anthem - Let the Round World With Songs Rejoice (Office Hymn, Apostles) - set to "Jerusalem" (Parry) Communion Anthem - The Souls of the Righteous (Offertory for All Saints') - Griesbacher/Clark Communion Hymn - Lo! What A Cloud of Witnesses - St. Flavian Orison - My Country, 'Tis of Thee (verse 4) - America Recessional Hymn - The Son of God Goes Forth to War - All Saints' New Voluntary - Improvisation on All Saints' New   High Mass at 11:00 a.m.   Propers - Tones 8, 6 same Setting same hymns no anthems   The High Mass is really PATHETIC ... it has gone from in excess of 100 people to less than 20 since he changed the schedule, and we HAVEN'T picked them all up at the "family service" at 9:00. I'm waiting to see how long it's going to take for the people who come at 11:00 and support the music program financially to put their collective feet down and demand a choir at 11:00.   Meanwhile I'M laying VERY low (grin).   Cheers,   Bud        
(back) Subject: LIVE 365 From: "Mike Gettelman" <mike3247@earthlink.net> Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 22:42:11 -0500   On the Friday night IRC chats, many of us tune in to RTRFM and listen to the theatre organ music stream while chatting. It is often the subject of conversation as the different tunes are playing and is great fun. We had been having trouble connecting to original server path the past couple of weeks, but that was solved for us by our good and knowledgeable friend "Tibia", who found us another path through the <LIVE 365.com> site, so we are now reconnected for the Friday night TO concerts. I have been looking into this site a bit further since having my attention drawn to it, and have discovered 3 stations that cater to the pipe organ taste. One is classical, and two are of the theatre organ genre. The music is terrific. For those of us who need a 24/7 fix of streaming organ music while on our computer, LIVE 365 seems to be a great place to find it. Just thought you might like to know   Cheers Mike    
(back) Subject: Organ for sale From: "Luther Melby" <lmelby@prtel.com> Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 21:57:22 -0600   I am going to be without storage room in the near future and I need to move the Votteler church organ and extra console that I have.   The Votteler is a 2MP 7 rank all under expression. It needs 2 areas 7 ft. wide by about 6 ft. deep. and 16 ft high.   If I sell it outright, my desire is that it will remain intact, and not parted out. Or, installation can be arranged within a reasonable distance of west central Minnesota.   I also have a Reisner 2MP console including the bench for sale, cheap. It is solid light oak, with roll top, in nice condition.   Please write for details or with questions before the end of Nov. 2001 Luther lmelby@prtel.com          
(back) Subject: Re: Ss. Simon & Jude - St. Matthew's ACC, Newport Beach CA (X-posted) From: "Joe Karashani" <jtkarash@copperNET.zm> Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 09:01:39 +0200     <quilisma@socal.rr.com> wrote:   > Processional Hymn - Who Are These Like Stars Appearing? - Winchester New >   Is that the tune you meant?   Joe Karashani Cathedral of the Holy Cross Lusaka, Zambia        
(back) Subject: re: live365.com From: "Mike Gettelman" <mike3247@earthlink.net> Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 02:19:14 -0500   It has been suggested that I post the link to the 3 organ stations I discovered on live365.com during my search for organ music, so here it is   <http://www.live365.com/cgi-bin/directory.cgi?genre=3Dsearch&searchdesc=3Dp= ipe%20organ>   If the link doesn't work for you, try a search on "live music" and "pipe organ". The 3 broadcaster names are: "tacomamike", mp3_wurlitzer, and "organstars".   I hope this helps   Cheers Mike