PipeChat Digest #2723 - Sunday, February 24, 2002
Choral Music of Jehan Alain featured in San Francisco & Portland areas
  by "Pat Maimone" <patmai@juno.com>
Re: Tenn. Organs
  by <TubaMagna@aol.com>
Knocking Trackers as Academic
  by <TubaMagna@aol.com>
RE: Digital Pianos
  by "STRAIGHT" <STRAIGHT@infoblvd.net>
digital pianos
  by "Ross & Lynda Wards" <TheShieling@xtra.co.nz>

(back) Subject: Choral Music of Jehan Alain featured in San Francisco & Portland areas From: "Pat Maimone" <patmai@juno.com> Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 22:45:22 -0500   The organ music of Jehan Alain was featured in Marie-Claire Alain's recital at St. Ignatius Loyola Sunday, Feb. 17th. If you happen to be in San Francisco or Portland March 17-24, there are opportunities to hear one of his choral works...   Pat Maimone Post Chapel, West Point, NY     From: Anderson, David [mailto:dand@spu.edu] Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2002 11:58 PM To: 'choralist@lists.colorado.edu' Subject: Seattle Pacific University Tour- San Francisco Bay Area & Portland, OR - Program/Itinerary Seattle Pacific University Concert Choir and Chamber Singers will be touring the Bay area and Portland area March 17-24. Program and Itinerary provided below. Additional information available at: <http://www.spu.edu/depts/fpa/choral> Please join us! The concerts are FREE! ************************************************ Seattle Pacific University Concert Choir and Chamber Singers Program 2002 Introit- Heilig -Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847) I. Prayers to the Trinity Pater Noster -Albert de Klerk (1917-1998) Hymnus de ascensione Domini -Johan Wagenaar (1892-1983) Veni Creator Spiritus -Joh. Nep. David (1895-1977) Laus Trinitas -Frank Ferko (b. 1950) II. Incarnation Ave Maria -Franz Xaver Biebl (1906-2001) Bogoroditse djevo -Arvo P=E4rt (b. 1935) O Magnum Mysterium -Morten Lauridsen (b. 1945) The Lamb -John Tavener (b. 1944) The Rarest Gift -arr. Edwin Fissinger Nu sijt willekome -Louis Toebuosch (b. 1916) Responsory Sanctus -Jan Sandstr=F6m (b. 1954) III. Chamber Singers Missa de requiem ** -Jehan Alain ** (1911-1940) Psalm 117 -Greg Knauf Psalmus CL -Wojciech Widlak (b. 1960) Shaker Songs -arr. Kevin Siegfried Kineret -Na'omi Shemer, arr. Gil Aldema Arba'ah Achim -Na'omi Shemer, arr. Gil Aldema IV. Hymns and Songs Praise the Lord -Camaroon How Lovely are Thy Dwellings -Irish, arr. Elise Burger Loving Shepherd of Thy Sheep -John Rutter Amazing Grace -arr. Alice Parker Ezekiel Saw de Wheel -arr. Norman Luboff V. Optional A Mighty Fortress is Our God -arr. W. B. Olds Love Divine, All Loves Excelling -arr. David Anderson ************************************************ Itinerary Sunday, March 17 9:30 am (Service) Modesto Free Methodist Church 1520 Rose Ave Modesto, CA 95355 Sunday, March 17 6:00 pm First Covenant Church 4000 Redwood Rd Oakland, CA 94619 Monday, March 18 7:00 pm Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church 728 W Fremont Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94087 Tuesday, March 19 11:25 am (chapel) Valley Christian High School 7500 Inspiration Dr Dublin, CA 94568 Tuesday, March 19 Evening TBA Wednesday, March 20 11:15 am (chapel) Contra Costa Christian School 2721 Larkey Ln Walnut Creek, CA 94596 Wednesday, March 20 7:00 pm First Presbyterian Church 1965 Colfax St Concord, CA 94520   Friday, March 22 9:05 & 10:45 am (chapel) Monte Vista Christian School 2 School Way Watsonville, CA 95076 Friday, March 22 7:00 pm Carmel Presbyterian Church Ocean Ave & Junipero Ave Carmel, CA 93923 Sunday, March 24 7:00 pm Lake Grove Presbyterian Church 4040 Sunset Dr Lake Oswego, OR 97035 ************************************************************* ******************************************* David Anderson Director of Choral Activities Seattle Pacific University 3307 3rd Ave. West Seattle, WA 98119 206-281-2903 dand@spu.edu SPU Choirs - http://www.spu.edu/depts/fpa/choral/index.html Personal Page - http://myhome.spu.edu/dand/index.html SPU Home - http://www.spu.edu ********************************************   ________________________________________________________________ GET INTERNET ACCESS FROM JUNO! Juno offers FREE or PREMIUM Internet access for less! Join Juno today! For your FREE software, visit: http://dl.www.juno.com/get/web/.  
(back) Subject: Re: Tenn. Organs From: <TubaMagna@aol.com> Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 00:13:25 EST   Wayne:   Thanks for pointing out Ralph and Bruce's instruments, they are gems. Sebastian  
(back) Subject: Knocking Trackers as Academic From: <TubaMagna@aol.com> Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 00:16:45 EST   Remember, mechanical action, unencased organs were the electric guitars of =   their day. They played the newest music by the hottest artists. Trackers were the Kings of Pop.   Sebastian Matthaus Gluck New York City  
(back) Subject: RE: Digital Pianos From: "STRAIGHT" <STRAIGHT@infoblvd.net> Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 00:50:05 -0500   One of the good points of digital pianos is that they can be moved relatively easily ----an important point for people who are starting out, living in an apartment, changing living partners, those sorts of thing that result in moving. And it will fit in a mobile home, without going through the floor. Or a boat, or motorhome.   The thing will play all year round, none of this wet dishrag feel in the summer, and they don't need tuning. You can adjust the touch softer or harder, and it's fun to play with the sounds. Funny, the kids seem to like the choir (sounds like voices!) and string sounds the best, and the organ next.          
(back) Subject: digital pianos From: "Ross & Lynda Wards" <TheShieling@xtra.co.nz> Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 22:37:09 +1300   Another reason for hating so-called "digital pianos" is that the key touch is foul - the pivot point of the key is just behind the end of the sharps, instead of being much further back, so you tend to be "playing round a corner" instead of the key going straight down. That means you need vastly more pressure on the key the further in you play. Most electronic "organs" seem to be like this, too. But the main problem really is the absence of quality in the tone. I'm rather like the one who said there is something far better about a big old clunker upright piano than in a modern and expensive "digital piano." I agree 105%. My own piano is a small upright made in 1932/3 by Karn of Woodstock (?Canada?). The tone is lovely in the middle and the top, though reasonably gentle, and yes, the bass is not rich and wonderfully deep, but overall the sound is a delight for the Bach/Mozart/Haydn/Beethoven/Chopin sort of stuff I play, and the touch is utterly superb - light, crisp, yet extremely positive and not in the remotest slushy. I wouldn't trade my = $350 (in 1975) piano for anything modern "digital", however expensive. Too, it only needs tuning about every two to three years, and has never had a = fault in it since I purchased it - it had been a hire piano. Sure, I stripped = the tatty black varnish off it, bringing it back to golden oak, but it really = is a great wee MUSICAL instrument that is a dream to play. Ross