PipeChat Digest #2753 - Friday, March 15, 2002
RE: Effective 32'  Flue Pipes
  by "Jonathan Orwig" <giwro@earthlink.net>
Re: 32's - another Woops
  by "douglas morgan" <dkmorgan76209@yahoo.com>

(back) Subject: RE: Effective 32' Flue Pipes From: "Jonathan Orwig" <giwro@earthlink.net> Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 21:25:03 -0800   The '32 that moves heaven and earth for me is the 32' diaphone at Organ = Stop Pizza in Mesa, AZ...   Sitting in the balcony one can feel the floor of the balcony SHAKE most profoundly when it is brought into play (in fact, one can feel it almost anywhere in the bloody building!) Silverware rattles, people lose control of their bladders and small children stare in wide-eyed wonder... (just kidding, but it is an awesome experience!)   I am the last one to complain about adding digital stops to an = instrument... I believe it can be done successfully (but let's not argue about that, please).... HOWever, I have heard both good and poor installations of digital additions (32' and others). The good are very convincing, even to some very golden-eared pipe voicers, the bad are very bad and obviously ersatz. I've heard very few digital 32's that convinced me... probably because they are usually in buildings too small for the standing wave to fully develop. The really convincing 32, be it pipe or otherwise needs a good building to bloom in, just as the rest of the organ sounds better in = a good room.   The only other organ that comes close to the Organ Stop experience for = me... I cannot remember the location nor the builder, but it seems to me it was = a large Kimball (or the like) with a well-voiced 32' Open Wood... like the Diaphone, it penetrated your bones and went to your very soul...   Cheers,   Jonathan Orwig   > -----Original Message----- > From: pipechat@pipechat.org [mailto:pipechat@pipechat.org]On Behalf Of > TubaMagna@aol.com > Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2002 7:10 PM > To: pipechat@pipechat.org > Subject: Effective 32' Flue Pipes > > > Bruce Cornely < Cremona502@cs.com > sez: > > "I've heard very few 32 flues that really did much."    
(back) Subject: Re: 32's - another Woops From: "douglas morgan" <dkmorgan76209@yahoo.com> Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 21:42:46 -0800 (PST)   About two years ago, I moved a small 6-rank organ from a church in Kansas to Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Midland, Texas. The low octave of 16' stopped pipes contained only six pipes. There was a small oblong hole in the back of the pipe that was covered and opened by a small pneumatic that made each pipe speak two different notes. Therefore, low CCC would also speak low CCC#, etc. It works quite well.   D. Keith Morgan     --- David Scribner <david@blackiris.com> wrote: > i forgot the link! <G> > http://www.theatreorgans.com/norcal/dia32.htm > > At 8:46 PM -0500 3/14/02, Cremona502@cs.com wrote: > >Jim, > >I remember reading about the 32' "trap" basses. I > think the idea > >was discarded because it was difficult to make them > work well. Do > >you know of any extant ones that are still > "trapping?" > > The organ at the Berkeley Community Theatre in > California has one of > these sets. The following is the link to a page on > the Nor-Cal web > site showing these 32' Diaphones with their > "trap-doors". I really > doubt that this would be workable however on > anything other than a > set of Diaphones. > > David > > "Pipe Up and Be Heard!" > PipeChat: A discussion List for pipe/digital > organs & related topics > HOMEPAGE : http://www.pipechat.org > List: mailto:pipechat@pipechat.org > Administration: mailto:admin@pipechat.org > Subscribe/Unsubscribe: mailto:requests@pipechat.org >     __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo! Sports - live college hoops coverage http://sports.yahoo.com/