PipeChat Digest #3207 - Saturday, November 2, 2002
Re: Quintaton
  by "John Seboldt" <rohrwerk@seboldt.net>

(back) Subject: Re: Quintaton From: "John Seboldt" <rohrwerk@seboldt.net> Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 22:55:25 -0600   At 07:42 PM 11/1/02 -0500, you wrote: >On 11/1/02 3:15 PM, "John Seboldt" <rohrwerk@seboldt.net> wrote: > >But John: Any connection to John Sebold in Baltimore? Born c. 1953.   Wrong spelling, sorry... birth year about right :-) ... plenty of variations, all derived from central Germany, where Sebald (Sebaldus) is the patron saint of the city of Nuernberg. - and the Sebalduskirche, where =   Pachelbel held forth for some years.   There's a Seeboth street here in Milwaukee... a St. Sebald's Church in Strawberry Point, Iowa... another Sebold in the phone book here... a Siebold or two that I've met... and on and on.   Do I play a lot of Pachelbel? Not really, but I think of the connection when I do.   Here's the reliquary of Sebaldus in the Sebalduskirche: http://www.wi2.uni-erlangen.de/NueTour/e/sebgrav.html   So is this my introduction? I guess it is, sort of... have just re-subscribed here after periodic bouts of lurking.   John Seboldt Milwaukee