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(back) Subject: music list From: "Randolph Runyon" <runyonr@muohio.edu> Date: Tue, 08 Oct 2002 08:55:47 -0400   Zion Lutheran Church, ELCA Hamilton, Ohio Oct. 6, 2002   Prelude: Nimrod, Edward Elgar, arr. W. H. Harris Anthem: Ave Verum Corpus, Edward Elgar Offertory: Adagio, from the Cello Concerto, Edward Elgar, arr. Dom Gregory Murray [Communion: Cantilena in G, Arthur Foote] Postlude: Pomp and Circumstance March no. 4, Edward Elgar, arr. Bryan Hesford   Hymns: You Servants of God (Lyons) When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (Hamburg) Take My Life, That I May Be (Patmos) Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation (Regent Square)   Piping Up (Notes from the Music Director) English composer Edward Elgar (1857-1934) was an organist in his youth, though none of the pieces by him played today were originally written for that instrument. =B3Nimrod=B2 is one of the =B3Enigma Variations=B2 for orchestra, so called because no one has ever been able to figure out the theme. First performed in June 1899, the music established Elgar=B9s reputation as a major composer. Each of the fourteen variations is a portrait of one of the composer=B9s friends. =B3Nimrod,=B2 the Biblical name of =B3a mighty hunter before the Lord=B2 (Genesis 10: 9), is dedicated to A.J. Jaeger, whose last name means =B3hunter=B2 in German. It depicts a conversation between them on Beethoven=B9s slow movements. The Adagio is taken from Elgar=B9s Cello Concerto. The Pomp and Circumstance March no. 4 is not the one played at commencement exercises, which is no. 1. Elgar=B9s =B3Ave Verum Corpus,=B2 an early work, is a setting of a fourteenth-century text for which many composers have written music, including Mozart, in an anthem we sang March 4. =20     Randy Runyon Music Director Zion Lutheran Church Hamilton, Ohio runyonr@muohio.edu      
(back) Subject: Re: Weddings and Funerals From: "STRAIGHT" <Straight@infoblvd.net> Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 14:25:39 -0400   <<<<<<Now, if you have ever tried to play a hymn holding a baby!>>>>>>   Oh yeah, been there, done that -----my own babies. They sure let you know it if they don't like the sound! Does wonders for learning to soften up the registration!   Laughing, Diane S.