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Re: The Wedge recorded on CD
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Hertz Values
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Re: Hertz Values
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Wood treatment/humidity
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RE: Franck Choral in A Minor
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(back) Subject: Re: The Wedge recorded on CD From: "Arie Vandenberg" <ArieV@classicorgan.com> Date: Sat, 07 Sep 2002 20:44:11 -0400   At 03:53 PM 9/6/2002 -0500, you wrote: >Virgil Fox played it on his Rogers during the heavy organ tour. It is on >the CD, "Heavy Organ at Carnegie Hall". > >Jim H > >----- Original Message ----- >From: "Glenda" <gksjd85@direcway.com> >To: "'PipeChat'" <pipechat@pipechat.org> >Sent: Friday, September 06, 2002 6:46 AM >Subject: The Wedge recorded on CD > > > > I was burning a CD of Bach P&Fs for a dear old organist friend, mainly > > from his CD collection that he gave me. He is still an ambassador for > > the organ, and wanted the CD to interest someone in the organ. > > > > Anyway, while doing this, I realized that I could not find a CD > > recording of the Wedge Prelude and Fugue anywhere. I kept saying that > > it could not be so, and wracked my brains to try to remember if I had > > such a CD. I could not find one. > > > > So, my question is what is the best CD recording you've heard of the > > Wedge? > > > > Cheers, > > > > Glenda Sutton > > gksjd85@direcway.com > >   Hi Glenda and List   Since you asked for a recording of the "Wedge" P & F, I proceeded to go through all my CDs, and found 3 renditions. Here is what I found   1) Virgil Fox on a Rodgers touring organ at Carnegie Hall - a strange performance indeed, more Virgil than Bach, the organ rather electronic sounding too, but not bad for an early 70s electronic. Couldn't finish listening to it.   2) Wolfgang Rubsam on Oberlin's Flentrop - also rather distracting, each turn and twist a big event in itself, rather tiring to listen to after a = while   3) A German organist on the "Ladegast" organ (an old East German production), sound is not bad, but too much plenum sound, played at a very =   pedistrian pace. Wearisome to listen to.   I'm sure there must be better recordings out there than this. I'm sure Simon Preston, Ton Koopman, Peter Hurford, or even the earlier W. Rubsam would be much preferrable to any of these.   I don't think there that many recordings out there of it (maybe it is a good thing too). It is a piece that requires some imagination, and = variety of colour, otherwise it becomes like listening to a Mahler symphony, one looks more to their watch than listens to the music.   Getting back to Bach recordings, one of my all time favorites is a recording by Daniel Chorzempa, done in 1968 on a big organ in Breda, Holland. Technically he is brilliant, rythmically solid, beautiful regirstrations, and a great understanding of the music. He plays the = great A minor and D major P & Fs, T & F in D minor (565), and the Passacaglia = and Fugue. It was available on CD for a while. His later recordings were not =   nearly so interesting. Does anyone on this list know what happened to him? I never seem to see him mentioned anymore.   Cheers,   Arie V.    
(back) Subject: Hertz Values From: "lab" <labeaty@panix.com> Date: Sat, 7 Sep 2002 21:27:44 -0400 (EDT)   Wonder if anyone knows the Hz values for th ese notes, 8' pitch.   Low C note 1   middle C   High C note 49   Thanks.    
(back) Subject: Re: Hertz Values From: "Mike Gettelman" <mike3247@earthlink.net> Date: Sat, 07 Sep 2002 22:07:02 -0400   If I understand your question correctly, low C, note 1 is 65.41, middle C is 261.63, and high C note 49 is 1,046.50.   Mike   lab wrote:   > Wonder if anyone knows the Hz values for th ese notes, 8' pitch. > > Low C note 1 > > middle C > > High C note 49 > > Thanks. > > "Pipe Up and Be Heard!" > PipeChat: A discussion List for pipe/digital organs & related topics > HOMEPAGE : http://www.pipechat.org > List: mailto:pipechat@pipechat.org > Administration: mailto:admin@pipechat.org > Subscribe/Unsubscribe: mailto:requests@pipechat.org    
(back) Subject: Wood treatment/humidity From: <cmys13085@blueyonder.co.uk> Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2002 09:00:36 +0100   Hello,   I was interested by Malcolm Wechsler's reply concerning special = treatments and the use of drying plants etc.   It got me wondering about older imported organs to America from = Europe....such as the Walcker's, Steinmeyers, the old 18th century Green = organs etc.   Are or were these instruments a problem, or did they use local materials = which had been fully seasoned?   I'm a bit ignorant of wood and kiln drying etc.   Does the slow reduction of moisture to (say) 8% as Malcolm suggests, = make wood resistant to climate changes. I recall being amazed when I = visited a harpsichord maker in the Kentucky area (?). The soundboard was = bowed into an arc due to humidity, but he reckoned that it would all = level out when the humidity dropped.   Living in a very temeperate climate, this is something we very rarely = see in the UK short of rain damage.   In fact....how do you poor things cope?   Regards,   Colin Mitchell UK   =20        
(back) Subject: RE: Franck Choral in A Minor From: <cmys13085@blueyonder.co.uk> Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2002 09:18:49 +0100   Hello,   Paul Emmons could not recall the source of something he said, and I = cannot either!   However, wasn't it Boelly who kept the candle of counterpoint lit in = France?   Didn't Boelly teach Saint-Saens?   I haven't a clue how all this fits in with the Franck A-minor Chorale!   Maybe I am just quoting a red-herring here, but I suspect that = counterpoint and the Baroque were not entirely dead in France.   Do we have any French experts?   Regards,   Colin Mitchell UK       -----Original Message----- From: "Emmons, Paul" <pemmons@wcupa.edu>   Admittedly, the beginning of Franck's A minor chorale bears a striking resemblance to that of Bach's A minor prelude, and in a modern composer we would assume that there was an influence or deliberate = allusion. However, in Franck's case this could be subconscious or even a mere coincidence. =20   Franck and his students were not Bach heads at all. They neither knew = nor cared much about his organ music.