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Re: Bach's Memento, was Olivier Latry in Detroit
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(back) Subject: Re: Bach's Memento, was Olivier Latry in Detroit From: <Gfc234@aol.com> Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 21:32:40 EST   It is WAY out of print....I bet that you could email a French organist and =   get a copy---if you were really nice. LOL gfc       Gregory Ceurvorst M.M. Organ Performance Student Northwestern University Director of Music and Organist St. Peter's U.C.C. Frankfort, IL 847.332.2788 home 708.243.2549 mobile gfc234@aol.com    
(back) Subject: Re: Bach's Memento From: "David Scribner" <david@blackiris.com> Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 20:49:28 -0600   >Who publishes this?   Glenda   If i am not mistaken, it is published by Leduc. My copy is buried somewhere on top of the bookcases so i may be mistaken but as I remember the cover is a typical Leduc cover.   i just went to the Leduc web site but was not able to find it listed there so either I have the publisher wrong or it isn't currently available   David  
(back) Subject: Re: DR. INA GRAPENTHIN ORGAN RECIATL From: <OrgelspielerKMD@aol.com> Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 23:07:46 EST   Dear Mr. Speller,   The reason it was so drastically out-of-tune was not due to the weather. = It was because as the Schantz people, when doing the finally tonal finishing, =   stayed in the chambers way too long. Since, their body heat caused the temperature to rise in the one division that they were in the longest (the = Great), it was so drastically out-of-tune.   Sincerely, Christopher J. Howerter, SPC Director of Music and Organist St. Paul's Lutheran Church Bethlehem, PA Cell: (610) 462-8017   In a message dated 11/4/03 9:35:23 PM Eastern Standard Time, pipechat@pipechat.org writes:   > Subject: Re: DR. INA GRAPENTHIN ORGAN RECIATL > From: "John L. Speller" <jlspeller@mindspring.com> > Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2003 16:15:44 -0600 > > OrgelspielerKMD@aol.com wrote: > > >Dear List, > > > >This new Schantz organ which is a III/38(?) instrument, is indeed a > >lovely thing. I should know being I had the opportunity to play it on > >Monday. I got this opportunity because I work part time for the > >Fritzsche Organ Company. The owner, Stephen Emery, is a marvelous > >curator of many fine instruments. I am fortunate to be working for > >him. We were called to a tuning job at this church because the whole > >Great Division was out-of-tune with the rest of the organ. So > >therefore, we repitched it. This was a most boring task, especially > >for me, the note holder. Nevertheless, after a whole day of tuning, > >we got the thing perfectly in tune. I pulled on all the stops and > >played a hymn, and everything was right on; I also checked certain > >combinations as well that were troublesome before. However, being the > >climate fluctuations here lately, it may not be fully in tune on > >Sunday, though it will be much better than before. In fact, when we > >got there the Great was practically 1 1/2 steps flat. > > This is an enormous amount, and would not generally be explained by > seasonal fluctuations, however stratified the air in the organ chamber > might be. My boss' dictum is that if an organ is unexpectedly out of > tune, find out why before attempting to retune it. This happened the > other day, when we found the Choir division of a three manual instrument =   > badly out of tune. On exploring inside the instrument we found that a > reservoir weight had shifted on the Choir reservoir and was colliding > with the Tremolo when the reservoir rose. We moved it and the organ > instantly went back into tune. > > John Speller      
(back) Subject: Re: DR. INA GRAPENTHIN ORGAN RECIATL From: "Tim Bovard" <tmbovard@earthlink.net> Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2003 22:22:09 -0600   At 04:15 PM 11/4/2003 -0600, John Speller quoted/wrote: >>In fact, when we got there the Great was practically 1 1/2 steps flat. > >This is an enormous amount, and would not generally be explained by >seasonal fluctuations, however stratified the air in the organ chamber >might be.     I agree with John, and do sincerely hope the original poster really meant = 1 1/2 *cents* flat -- not "steps".   Tim Bovard   (who knows how to deal with widely seperated divisions of single instruments, and the resulting problems with tuning -- but a step and a half difference is simply ridiculous!! <g>)    
(back) Subject: Re: Unwanted spam From: <Myosotis51@aol.com> Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 00:14:04 EST   In a message dated 11/4/2003 8:52:48 AM Eastern Standard Time, acfreed0904@earthlink.net writes:   > On 11/2/03 12:24 AM, "John L. Speller" <jlspeller@mindspring.com> wrote: > > >I thought it very discourteous to send a message like that unsolicited > >to listmembers as "spam" and promptly deleted it. > > I felt the same way, and responded the same way.     Hmmmmm...... wondering if there is something called "wanted spam?"   Victoria, overtired, cranky, and curious    
(back) Subject: Re: Consultants and teachers From: <hydrant@baskerbeagles.com> Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 00:51:06 -0500   >Subject: consultants responsibilities >From: "Del Case" <dcase@puc.edu>   I think it's very important for the consultant to be objective as well as critical of the work being done. In the beginning the consultant needs to facilitate compromise between the builder and church committee, being careful to avoid hurt feelings and judgemental attitudes. However, after the instrument is in the consultant needs to be brutally honest with regard to quality of work and adherence to contractual obligations. The church needs to be encouraged to withhold final payment until the organ is complete and finished according to the contract.   It is also my feeling that the consultant should not play the opening recital on the instrument. It is almost a conflict of interests in that the consultant is able to cover problems that might be present.   From the outset, the church needs to understand that the instrument WILL BE critically evaluated PRIOR to the final payment. Too often the church is overwhelmed by the perceived majesty of the instrument and miss the warts!   In the case cited, it seems to me that the consultant shares responsibility for the fraud perpetrated by the builder. It is extrememl important to be certain that the consultant is truly independent without connections to the any providers.   =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D   Subject: RE: Organ Lessons From: "Jeff White" <reedstop@charter.net> >Which brings me to something that made me see RED. ... they told her to "give it up, you don't have what it takes." <Even if a student DOESN'T have it, shouldn't they at least be allowed to TRY?????? >   I have had many adult students over the years who suffered from residual anxiety from this type of remark made by a teacher. I've seen this in choirs as well. There should be a special place in hell for the thoughtless people who cheat a person out of enjoying music by telling them they "can't." Another of these traumatic experiences is the old "nun with a stick" piano teacher. I actually had an student in her sixties who, when she made a mistake, would quickly pull her hands away from the keyboard and turn her knuckles under so that they could not be whacked with a ruler.   As a teacher I think patience and gentleness are critical in dealing with students; they go a long way in allowing for the use of honesty! Scritchies and Haruffaroo-bahawow...   Unkie Doinky ... aka Bruce and the Baskerbeagles of HowlingAcres = http://baskerbeagles.com HELP FEED ANIMALS FOR FREE http://tinyurl.com/2j5i and = http://pets.care2.com  
(back) Subject: Re: BBC Radio 3 "Composer of the week" From: "Anita Bos" <anitabos75@yahoo.com> Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 01:38:17 -0800 (PST)   A few months ago there was an organ series on BBC one (television). John Scott Whiteley played Bach on several organs in the UK and Germany. The series continued on BBC 4. I couldn't watch that because BBC 4 is not broadcasted in the Netherlands.   Anita Bos Amersfoort The Netherlands   --- Bob Conway <conwayb@sympatico.ca> wrote: > > As far as I can remember, this is the first time the > BBC have done an all organ series, listen to it, you > may never hear another! > > Bob Conway     __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Protect your identity with Yahoo! Mail AddressGuard http://antispam.yahoo.com/whatsnewfree