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(back) Subject: TAO ad From: <RMB10@aol.com> Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 23:27:27 EST   Well the "little" organ project at my church is taking off....the contract = is signed, the contract addendum for the additions has been signed, payments have been made, facade drawings approved, chamber layout approved between architect and builder, and today I got home from work and got my December = copy of The American Organist. When I flipped through it, I saw the official announcement from the builder with the drawing of the main and antiphonal = facades. I've seen all the drawings, I've approved the console designs and have had = numerous phone conversations with Francesco Ruffatti about the organ, but I guess = this is when it really hit home....the project so far has seemed like a dream, = but now that I see it in print in a national magazine, it has become a = reality. Our whole church "village" development is going to be amazing, but the sanctuary project is so exciting. I really thank God for the opportunity = to serve in a church that has the foresight to invest in a music program that = understands and expects quality and doesn't want to follow the trends of going to all contemporary. The Pastor also had faith to trust in me to make the = decision to pick an organbuilder who would craft an instrument of a caliber to match = the new cathedral-like building that we are building and to also design an instrument that would be able to play any type of music put before it. = Some people say designing a large instrument is easy, but I set out to have a variety of color and voices that most people do not have these days. It was a = challenge to sit down and figure out how to group families of flute stops so that not = every flute was a stopped wood pipe or tapered spotted metal, etc., or so that = there was a variety of Principal tone--from Open Diapason to Principal to = Montre, as well as a variety of string tone from Gambe to Viole d'Orchestre. I = just had to share my excitement with the list. Look at page 25 of the December = TAO and you'll see the facade drawings. In the January issue of Choir and = Organ magazine, there will be a color ad and announcement according to Nancy = Daley, the North American Sales Director for Ruffatti.   Monty Bennett Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Charlotte, North Carolina    
(back) Subject: Re: TAO ad From: <RonSeverin@aol.com> Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 02:07:21 EST   Dear Monty:   I can feel your exceitment knowing that all is cast in stone. It would be neat from time to time to see clips and pictures of the progress. The processes of making the pipes, voicing etc. but I'm sure you've thought about all that. All the best with your "Love Child."   Ron Severin