PipeChat Digest #3923 - Monday, September 1, 2003
Re: Krebs Chorale Prelude "Sleepers Awake"
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Re: Emergency 911 location calls - contact Legislators!!!
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  by <quilisma@cox.net>
Emergency 911 location calls - contact Legislators!!!
  by <TRACKELECT@cs.com>
Re: Messiaen, Jon Gillock & Naji Hakim
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Re: historic approach
  by "Bob Elms" <bobelms@westnet.com.au>
Re: Leather deterioration in NYC
  by "Bob Elms" <bobelms@westnet.com.au>

(back) Subject: Re: Krebs Chorale Prelude "Sleepers Awake" From: <ProOrgo53@aol.com> Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 21:10:19 EDT   In a message dated 8/31/2003 10:15:25 AM Central Daylight Time, gksjd85@direcway.com writes:   > Glenda Sutton > gksjd85@direcway.com > (who in another life studied Chopin fingering with Joseffy - also > probably a wrong spelling - and shot him in a duel after arguing over > it; no substitution of fingers is allowed on the trigger finger) >   Glenda, your marvelous humor has once more touched my life in a profound = and meaningful way. Who needs anti-depressants as long as you continue = charming the List with your wit and gift of divine humor? Thanks, so much.   Dale p.s., you've made me want to get out that E. Power Biggs Mercury = Music volume (yellow/oblong) and learn this Krebs piece. I've danced "around" learning it for 40 years; this MUST be the year! Jolly appreciation to = you.    
(back) Subject: Re: Emergency 911 location calls - contact Legislators!!! From: <ProOrgo53@aol.com> Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 21:13:42 EDT   In a message dated 8/31/2003 7:09:04 AM Central Daylight Time, melisma@uniserve.com writes:   > > Melisma (under her Rock, trying to decide if she should be peeved or = not) > >   Melisma, you've popped out from under your rock; indeed, your gripe is justified. My apologies to the entire list. You may recall this, however, = when, one day in the middle of the night, you have robbers trying to break into your = car (with you in it) on a darkened interstate (or lesser) highway, frantically =   dial 911 and the authorities are unable to pinpoint your location to = assist and protect you. I pray it may never happen to any of us.    
(back) Subject: IRC From: <quilisma@cox.net> Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 20:52:19 -0700   I'm moved; I'm on.   Bud      
(back) Subject: Emergency 911 location calls - contact Legislators!!! From: <TRACKELECT@cs.com> Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 23:50:20 EDT   In a message dated 8/31/2003 9:11:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time, pipechat@pipechat.org writes:     > And this has WHAT to do with the organ, on an *international* list?? > >   Nothing, I guess. But it's an odd coincidence for me at least. We were working away Friday afternoon in the loft of an old Catholic church where = we are doing extensive work on a 1902 O'Dell. I was happily winding nuts on to = the wires of the pedal roller board when I heard the front door open. Nothing = unusual, it's kept unlocked and parishioners come in to pray often. But then I = heard "Police!" I got up and looked down and there was a cop in full regalia. = "911 hang up" he said. We had a brief conversation which lead nowhere, but I = told him where the church office was and he went there to straighten it out. It = turns out someone in the office was trying to call 411. Oops. 911 works just = fine at the Jersey Shore.   Alan B.   Alan A. Binger Organbuilder Freehold, NJ.    
(back) Subject: Re: Messiaen, Jon Gillock & Naji Hakim From: <Gfc234@aol.com> Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 03:57:55 EDT   However, Jon Gillock, a Phillip Truckenbrod Artist, is the only living = human being that is approved by Messiean's living family to be able to interpret = his music in the proper manner. I remember once participating in a master = class with him on Mendelssohn.....   Paul Jacobs received a sincere hand written letter of gratitude from = Yvonne Loriod for his performances of the organ works.   Gregory Ceurvorst M.M. Organ Performance Northwestern University Director of Music and Organist St. Peter's U.C.C. Frankfort, IL 847.332.2788 home 708.243.2549 mobile gfc234@aol.com    
(back) Subject: Re: historic approach From: "Bob Elms" <bobelms@westnet.com.au> Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2003 17:23:21 -0700   You have it in one Steve. I play Bach, Pachelbel and other Baroque composers and enjoy doing it. However I play much more of Vierne, Howells, and moderns such as Young, I don't give a fig how the academics consider the music should be played. or the temperament that "should" be used. This is 2003 and music has changed, instruments have changed and temperaments have come up to date. I play it how I enjoy it and be hanged to authenticity, and the people I play to applaud me. Hallelujah! Bob Elms. Steve Chandler wrote:   >> We need to continue to strive to bring the composer's genius off the >> page as he/she would have heard it. Just imagine people in 100 years >> intrepreting music of our time with the philosphy that we were not as >> "evolved" and they know a better, more up-to-date, way to interpret >> music that is now very specific in what the composer wants. >> Gregory added >> amen! >> >> >> > As a composer I'm not interested in how I play my music. I know that > all too well. I'm far more interested in how others play my music, > because it's always something fresh and unexpected. This extends as > far into the future as can be imagined. > > I understand the interest in how the music sounded in its own time, > but have you noticed that regular symphony orchestras no longer > perform the Brandenburg Concertos. The Historically Informed > Performance (HIP) movement has diminished the number and quality of > Bach performances. Instead you have only early music groups and > organists performing Bach to usually small audiences.        
(back) Subject: Re: Leather deterioration in NYC From: "Bob Elms" <bobelms@westnet.com.au> Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2003 17:37:35 -0700   My son has just releathered a 1912 tubular pneumatic from a South Australian Church. According to a date inside the chest it was last done in 1930. That is over 70 years. Mind you it needed redoing. Bob Elms.   TubaMagna@aol.com wrote:   > There are pipe organs from the same era (1920s) in NYC that operated = on >their original leather for 70 or more years before being releathered. > GOOD leather lasts 50-70 years, even in this city. Leather costs less =   >than junking an organ and buying a replacement that lasts half as long. > > >