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RE: friend looking for Bud's job list
  by "Glenda" <gksjd85@direcway.com>
Re: Poor thing
  by "Bigaquarium" <Bigaquarium@netzero.net>
Weekly Tunings
  by "Bigaquarium" <Bigaquarium@netzero.net>
  by <quilisma@cox.net>
Tuning every week
  by "Jason M. Taylor" <Jason.M.Taylor@verizon.net>
Re: Blower Reassembly
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RE: the ideal church job
  by "ameagher@stny.rr.com" <ameagher@stny.rr.com>
Re: Poor thing
  by "Nelson Denton" <ndenton@cogeco.ca>
2 manual drawknob console
  by "Anthony Nichols" <sifflote1@yahoo.com>
Re: 2 manual drawknob console
  by <Gfc234@aol.com>

(back) Subject: RE: friend looking for Bud's job list From: "Glenda" <gksjd85@direcway.com> Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 20:51:26 -0500   In job as well as other negotiations, one always starts with higher demands so that there's room to "give". I like the weekly tuning point.     Glenda Sutton   gksjd85@direcway.com     -----Original Message----- From: pipechat@pipechat.org [mailto:pipechat@pipechat.org] On Behalf Of Keys4bach@aol.com   In a message dated 9/4/2003 8:47:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time, leh637@yahoo.com writes:         Do you have any idea how much it would cost to have a 4-manual organ tuned every week? Many churches balk about having it done twice a year       PRECISELY!   dale laughing in Florida and being happy that Bud is making it...      
(back) Subject: Re: Poor thing From: "Bigaquarium" <Bigaquarium@netzero.net> Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003 22:08:07 -0400   > I think this happens a lot. I was told that if a reed is silent, and = you > hear no air, take the boot off, take a dollar bill and run it between = the > shallot and the reed gently. Then turn the resonator facing down, and most > likely out will pop a dead bug. (This was also the day I learned to = NEVER > blow into reed pipes.)   Very true. Usually step 1 for me is to knock the spring flat to get it speaking and then try to tune it. Usually the pipe will shut-up right = when it's about to get in tune (figures) so then step 2 is the dollar bill = trick. Although for the more prestigious instruments I've been known to use a $10 or even a $20. (C: I tuned a beautiful Casavant this afternoon and some = of the reeds were being fussy, particularly the trebles of a 16' swell = stop... I must have cleaned 2 or 3 of them, plus a pedal reed and a clarinet = treble with a skewed reed (with a brass wedge!)   A 2-manual Moller is on the tuning docket for tomorrow...   = -Nate   "The Apprentice"      
(back) Subject: Weekly Tunings From: "Bigaquarium" <Bigaquarium@netzero.net> Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003 22:17:42 -0400   Hi Chatters,   What kind of organ needs weekly tuning? 4m organ w/ thimble sized reservoirs, holes in the roof, a/c and heat alternating on and off, organ chambers serving as a main corridor of some type for folks to brush the slides about, Casavant reeds (ahem), electric swell motors that keep the boxes shut when the organ is off, and a home to insects and small rodents?      
(back) Subject: IRC? From: <quilisma@cox.net> Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 19:41:41 -0700   Tonight?   Where IS everybody?   Cheers,   Bud      
(back) Subject: Tuning every week From: "Jason M. Taylor" <Jason.M.Taylor@verizon.net> Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003 22:40:31 -0400   The T.O. I work on has been a real nuisance to keep in tune. We could = tune for the better part of two days and the organ would be out of tune = half way through a three hour concert.   It is now very obvious that the tuning problem is a symptom of other = things wrong. For example, one of two blowers overheated the air too = much. That would throught the organ out of tune in a matter of hours.   The cure was easy, cut a 2" hole in the blower side of the reservoir, = run a two inch hose out of the blower room. Now that there is always = air circulating, even when the organ is not being played, the = temperature runs at least 20 degrees cooler.   The other main reason for instable tuning is reeds that are in need of = re-curving. Amazing what a person who truly understands voicing and = regulating can do for the overall sound of the organ and its tuning = stability.   Short form here is - look for the reasons the organ needs that much = tuning and get them properly fixed.   JMT  
(back) Subject: Re: Blower Reassembly From: <RonSeverin@aol.com> Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003 23:50:36 EDT   Hi Keith:   Take the motor to an electric motor technician who does this kind of work all the time. Reason: If the motor over heats, and your insurance finds out you did the work, and there's a fire, your policy is null and void. Electicity and motors is nothing to mess with. Either way there are costs. Do the safe thing, let the expert do it.   Ron Severin    
(back) Subject: RE: the ideal church job From: "ameagher@stny.rr.com" <ameagher@stny.rr.com> Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 01:22:52 -0400   They fired you? I thought you said you quit? Either way, you shouldn't have any problem finding another church job in San Diego=2E =20   P=2ES=2E I'll bet the vestry is responsible for the choir turning on you=2E= =20 They probably told the choir lies about you in order to turn them against you=2E   Andrew Meagher   Original Message: ----------------- From: quilisma@cox=2Enet Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 16:17:56 -0700 To: pipechat@pipechat=2Eorg Subject: the ideal church job     I blush to confess that I HAD virtually all the things on the list when=20=   I was at St=2E Matthew's, BUT =2E=2E=2E   I also had the bipolar rector from hell, a choir I DEARLY loved that=20 TURNED on me in 24 hours flat (and as far as I could tell, NOTHING=20 happened =2E=2E=2E they were OFF for the summer =2E=2E=2E I hadn't SEEN th= em for a=20 MONTH), and a vestry that was kissing up to me and assuring me that I'd=20=   be taken care of, right up until the day they fired me=2E   They took care of me, all right:   "Remove your stuff, turn in your keys within 24 hours, vacate the=20 apartment by the first of the month=2E"   Better a crust of bread and a loving family in San Diego, I ASSURE you!!!   Cheers,   Bud     "Pipe Up and Be Heard!" PipeChat: A discussion List for pipe/digital organs & related topics HOMEPAGE : http://www=2Epipechat=2Eorg List: mailto:pipechat@pipechat=2Eorg Administration: mailto:admin@pipechat=2Eorg Subscribe/Unsubscribe: mailto:requests@pipechat=2Eorg       -------------------------------------------------------------------- mail2web - Check your email from the web at http://mail2web=2Ecom/ =2E      
(back) Subject: Re: Poor thing From: "Nelson Denton" <ndenton@cogeco.ca> Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 01:59:21 -0400   Re the dollar bill thingy.   Please slide the tuning wire upwards or remove it entirely before you = slide the bill under the reed. Otherwise you will run the risk of bending or kinking the reed tongue. This can happen very easily on those nasty = modern reeds with tongues as thin as aluminum foil.   Many little squished bug-gers also tend to ooze sticky goo that will = attract dirt in time. Usually you will find that you have to take the reed apart completely in any case to properly clean them.   For tapered shallots I find it's easier to take a pair of long nose pliers and very gently pry the shallot out of the block first instead of trying = to dig the wooden wedge out. It usually comes out very easily. If you leave scratches your doing something wrong.   The hardest part is reassembling the durn thing while hanging upside down = by one hand in a chamber lite by a 15 watt refrigerator light bulb. I'm sure many a organ man has post tramatic nightmares about the Wedge from Hell = that fell between the rackboards two chambers below.   Nelson. OH! for a good nights sleep.   Tomorrow? #1 Chimes not working due to lightning hit. #2 Blower won't start.   hmmm? They both noticed this weeks ago, but call today. . .   Typical First Thursday Night after Labour Day.     --- Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free. Checked by AVG anti-virus system (http://www.grisoft.com). Version: 6.0.512 / Virus Database: 309 - Release Date: 20-Aug-03    
(back) Subject: 2 manual drawknob console From: "Anthony Nichols" <sifflote1@yahoo.com> Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 00:08:04 -0700 (PDT)   Hello, I'm looking for a small 2 manual drawknob organ console, pipe or = electronic, that someone would be willing to let go for a small price (or = free). I need the console to be AGO standard with 61 notes in the manuals = and 32 notes in the pedal. The console must be able to fit through a = standard size door that is 3' wide. I am trying to put together a practice = instrument using Musicom components. I would be willing to drive a few = hours to pick it up. I live 10 minutes from Asheville, NC. Thanks, Anthony Nichols     --------------------------------- Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! SiteBuilder - Free, easy-to-use web site design software  
(back) Subject: Re: 2 manual drawknob console From: <Gfc234@aol.com> Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 03:14:33 EDT   Check on EBAY for pipe organ consoles. There were a few on there last = week. Also check organclassifieds.com. Good luck!   Gregory Ceurvorst M.M. Organ Performance Northwestern University Director of Music and Organist St. Peter's U.C.C. Frankfort, IL 847.332.2788 home 708.243.2549 mobile gfc234@aol.com