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(back) Subject: RE: clever cats / dogs ..... Now Parrots From: "Will Light" <will.light@btinternet.com> Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 22:26:54 +0100   My sister and brother-in-law have an African Grey called Roger. He is a famous bird, and once featured in the national press. (It's a long = story) But Roger when we are out of the room entertains us with long sweet = melodies of his own composition, performed in a piercing hollow whistle. These = are quite haunting, and I keep on meaning to record them and then transcribe them for turning into an organ piece. When he sings songs, they are decidedly unmusical, because he learned them from my brother-in-law who cannot sing in tune to save his life!   =20   Will Light Coventry UK   -----Original Message----- From: pipechat@pipechat.org [mailto:pipechat@pipechat.org] On Behalf Of Mattcinnj Sent: 31 March 2004 19:42 To: PipeChat Subject: Re: clever cats / dogs ..... Now Parrots   =20   Hi All,   =20   I have an African Grey parrot and have the opposite situation regarding music making. Fred loves music of all kinds. No matter what he is = doing, including eating, he will drop everything and come flying when ever I = start to play the piano. Fred, in fact, asks me to play: He says"   "Ya gonna play the piano ?" with the inflection. Fred also has perfect = pitch and often sings 7 note arpeggios ... 2 triplets and a quarter note ... usually in G major. I've heard him do it in D major also.   =20   Fred also jumps on the piano keys, walking on them to make music.   =20   Certain Electronic sounds, especially Midi files played on my computer's sound card seem to annoy him somewhat, but not my Kurzweil keyboard or Roland XV2020.   =20   Fred also hears what I am listening to through headphones .... even if = he is in the next room, so his hearing must be very acute.   =20   Fred has not heard a pipe organ live, so I can't have him enter in our discussions regarding digits vs pipes ... and which he prefers. One day = I hope to bring him to hear one .... my guess being he will prefer flutes (especially chiffy ones) to strings, hate mixtures, and will "bark back" = at the reeds. Since he enjoys making squeaking sounds and sighing, I think = he should enjoy squeaking swell shutters and wind leaks. Tracker noise = would probably also be something he can relate to. My guess is that he will probably enjoy the pipe organ more than the general public does.   =20   Matt   =20   =20   =20   _____ =20   Do you Yahoo!? <http://taxes.yahoo.com/filing.html> Yahoo! Finance Tax Center - File online. File on time.      
(back) Subject: Re: clever cats / dogs ..... Now Parrots From: <DERREINETOR@aol.com> Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 17:11:57 EST   Will & Co,   All this talk about musical birds has me thinking. The Medieval legend = about the Holy Spirit, in the form of a dove, dictating chant to St. Gregory the =   Great comes to mind. While scholarship has fortunately won out over legend = in that area, I have often thought that the Guidonian Hexachord would be = about the range of the average singing bird (certain birds with their arpeggiated tweeting notwithstanding). While I've never heard but common "coos" out of = doves, I've heard some rather surprising things from the mouths of several = Tropical species of bird. I wonder if one could teach a Parakeet to say "Una nota = sopra la, semper est cadendum fa"? Perhaps one could even teach them to solmize or = sing pointed Psalms on Gregorian chant tones? If so, one could staff one's = Schola Cantorum with long-living birds and avoid all kinds of political trouble!   Ducking the Pigeon Droppings, Bill H.    
(back) Subject: Felix Hell. Music at Gettysburg. April 2 From: <Hell-Concerts@t-online.de> Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 00:39:09 +0200   Dear listmembers,   this is to announce a recital of Felix Hell.   Date: April 2, 2004   Time: 07:30   Location: Chapel of the Lutheran Theological Seminary, 61 Seminary Ridge, Gettysburg, PA   Program   JSBach Concerto A Minor, op. (Allegro =96 Adagio =96 Allegro)   Vincent Luebeck Prelude G Minor   JSBach =93Da Jesus an dem Kreuze stund=94 BWV 621 =93Christus der und selig macht=94 BWV, 620 =93O Mensch bewein dein Suende gross, BWV 622   JSBach Toccata and Fugue C Major, BWV 564   INTERMISSION   JSBach Prelude and Fugue A Minor, BWV 543   Felix Mendelssohn Sonata No. 4, B Minor, op. 65 - Allegro con brio - Andante religioso - Allegretto - Allegro maestoso e vivace   Johann Gottfried Walther =93O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden" JSBach Prelude and Fugue E Minor (the =93Wedge=94), BWV 548   Marcel Dupre Prelude and Fugue B Major, op. 7   If some of you are in the area, please join us to hear the wonderful Andover tracker.   Hans-Friedrich Hell          
(back) Subject: Re: Earth Day Sunday From: <OMusic@aol.com> Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 22:44:56 EST   Could someone make a list of all the suggested hymns for Earth Day? Lee    
(back) Subject: Re: What's in a name? From: <OMusic@aol.com> Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 22:48:42 EST   There was an Operatic student at Oklahoma University by the name of Joe Green. He changed his name to the Italian translation and became a star. = Lee    
(back) Subject: Re: church prowlers and intruders From: "John L. Speller" <jlspeller@mindspring.com> Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 21:48:09 -0600   A friend of mine is an Episcopal priest who retired about five years ago from a parish near Kansas City, Missouri. Shortly before his retirement = he was at an ecumenical meeting where an evangelical pastor came up to him = and asked, "Tell me, are you Episcopalians into snakes?" He did not reply. = His jaw dropped and he was speechless ...   I kid not.   John Speller.   ----- Original Message ----- From: <ContraReed@aol.com> To: <pipechat@pipechat.org> Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2004 9:12 PM Subject: Re: church prowlers and intruders     > In a message dated 3/30/04 3:44:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, > Pepehomer@aol.com writes: > > << One time I climbed the steps into the balcony, proceeded to turn the power > source on to the pipes, and looked down - lo and behold, a large snake just > sitting on top of a pew. >> > > A question does come to mind: Was this a church in which snake-handling was > done??? > > > > and an even worse joke: > > Q: What's the Tennessee (or West Virginia or Alabama, etc) version of = high > church? > > A: Two snakes.      
(back) Subject: Re: Easter offertory From: <OMusic@aol.com> Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 22:54:28 EST   I don't have the Easter Offertory as we are doing a cantata. However, on Palm Sunday Keith and I are doing a Piano/Organ duet of "Open The Gates Of = the Temple" arranged by Smith and Hustad. Please keep Keith in your prayers. = He was diagnosed with Diabetes and had tests for liver cancer. We will have = those results in about 5 weeks. He also has numerous small skin cancers on his = face and neck that his doctor has refused to removed unless he pays cash as he = has no insurance, and right now does not have the cash. As he is a veteran of =   the Navy, we are going to VA hospital next week. His discharge papers = were burned in a fire, but he can have one appointment before getting copies of = the papers. (If I already sent this, please excuse. This was really a shock = to hear of this possibility. We had our 9th month anniversary of marital bliss = March 7. Lee    
(back) Subject: Re: Frank Flour et al From: "John L. Speller" <jlspeller@mindspring.com> Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 21:51:23 -0600   Could it be, then, that the Lost Chord has been lost again?   John Speller   ----- Original Message ----- From: "Colin Mitchell" <cmys13085@yahoo.co.uk> To: "PipeChat" <pipechat@pipechat.org> Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 2004 5:31 AM Subject: RE: Frank Flour et al     > Hello, > > There was a fragment of Sullivan in the archives of > the RCO. > > Unfortunately, it was misplaced during the move from > Kensington Gore, London. > > It was kept in the basement area, next to the organ > blower, where various unfinished works were archived > for posterity. Sadly, the removal men assumed that the > collection of medieval stone tabletures (which > included a chipped, and therefore incomplete, > masterwork for Blockwerk organ) was a pile of rubble, > and everything of musical significance, save for the > organ blower, were thrown into a skip. > > The written records show that the loss of the Sullivan > work was not a national tragedy, owing to the fact > that it comprised merely one chord. Unfortunately, as > the chord was a G# major triad, it is not considered > likely that this was the one previously lost by > Sullivan; though, (in deference to greater scholars > than myself), it may well have been, as the chord was > not considered to be written in the same handwriting > as Sir Arthur Sullivan, and could, in fact, have been > the work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who investigated > the original mystery. If this was indeed a transcript > of the original, transposition is a distinct > possibility. (The forensic tests confirm that the > paper was identical to that on which "Sherlock Holmes" > was written, and carbon dating as well as chemical > analysis of the ink, seems to confirm this). > > I'm afraid I can be of no further help in this matter, > but I would ask that, in the event of anyone coming > across a IV-I chord progression, they send it to the > RCO, who would be delighted to end a mystery which has > bugged us since Victorian days.      
(back) Subject: Re: Ideas for Sun, April 25 (Earth Day Sunday) From: <OMusic@aol.com> Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 22:57:07 EST   April 25 will be the day after Easter in my church and I am taking the weekend off to go to Wichita, Ks to the Wurlitzer Theater Organ concert. = Lee    
(back) Subject: This week's openings From: <OMusic@aol.com> Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 23:06:27 EST   Chickasha, OK -- Worship Pastor We are a new church plant that is searching for someone to lead us in authentic worship. We are looking for someone creative and that has a = music style similar to Chris Tomlin, etc. Our position doesn't pay much (if anything) = at this point, but will increase and become fulltime as quickly as possible. Hopefully it will only be a matter of months before you'll be fulltime. = For more information, please contact Danny Carlisle at pastor@sharinglife.net Add Your Church's Job Opening Now -- Search 500+ Job Openings Now   Cleveland, TN -- Minister of Music Provide Spirit filled leadership of music ministries, including adult, = youth and childrens choirs. Organize and coordinate weekly worship at two = morning services and evening service. Provide worship focused leadership for congregations with deep Christ relationship For more information, please = contact Dr. Robert Haskins at Add Your Church's Job Opening Now -- Search 500+ Job Openings Now Burkburnett, TX -- Music Director Experienced in contemporary worship with the ability to lead from a = keyboard or guitar. Able to prepare music for instruments conducting weekly = rehearsals. Self-starter with leadership and organizational skills, committed to = serving the pastor and his vision for the community. Applicant must be = spirit-filled. For more information, please contact Daryl Waddell at dwadd.tx@netzero.net Add Your Church's Job Opening Now -- Search 500+ Job Openings                  
(back) Subject: Re: Ideas for Mother's Day (May 9) From: <OMusic@aol.com> Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 23:10:55 EST   Play your mother's favorite music. Lee    
(back) Subject: Re: Ideas for Sun, April 25 (Earth Day Sunday) From: "John L. Speller" <jlspeller@mindspring.com> Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 22:24:21 -0600     ----- Original Message ----- From: <Mark.Harris@fac.lon.ac.uk> To: <pipechat@pipechat.org> Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 2004 9:41 AM Subject: RE: Ideas for Sun, April 25 (Earth Day Sunday)         Alan Freed wrote:         But Sundays of Easter outrank St. Mark, so he's transferred to the next day.           But not if your church is St. Mark's. SO, who's observing St. Mark on 25 April and what are you playing?   So far as Episcopalians are concerbned, there is a rubric in the prayer = book somewhere (which I don't seem to be able to find at the moment) that says that a saints day that is your patronal festival can take precedence over Sunday in some parts of the Christian year and not others. In the past = this has usually meant that we have been able to observe it, although our last bishop at least declared himself prepared to turn a blind eye on this subject. It is still permitted by the 1979 Prayer Book, however, to use some of the propers, choose suitable hymns, etc., in order to make at = least a partial observance.   The stunning set of 1938 Art Deco stained glass windows by Robert Harmon = in our church have scenes from the life of St. Mark along the north side. On the south side the theme is, "What St. Mark would be doing if he were = alive today." He is engaged in various projects such as fighting the Nazis = (this was three years before the USA entered World War II), standing up for = blacks against whites (this was nearly a quarter of a century before St. Louis desegragated its schools under Federal court order), and standing up for trades unionists against the capitalists. The Rector at the time, Charles Wilson, was investigated by the FBI as a communist agitator, although fortunately for him his bishop was one of his supporters and a close = friend of FDR. Although the windows were controversial in their day, they seem very commonplace today, although they are still regarded as great works of art. So it occurs to me that a good approach for us on Earth Day might be ask, What would St. Mark be doing about Earth Day if he were alive today?   John Speller, St. Mark's Episcopal Church, St. Louis.    
(back) Subject: RE: clever cats From: "Colin Mitchell" <cmys13085@yahoo.co.uk> Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 20:29:57 -0800 (PST)   Hello,   There ya go!   It's the Formula One interest obviously....Frank Williams and Mark Webber!   Regards,   Colin Mitchell UK     --- Will Light <will.light@btinternet.com> wrote: > Er- he was called William Lloyd Webber when my wife > sang for him in the > 1960s!     __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Finance Tax Center - File online. File on time. http://taxes.yahoo.com/filing.html  
(back) Subject: Earth Day Sunday From: "Richard Schneider" <arpschneider@starband.net> Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 22:43:27 -0600   IMO, it would seem to me that this coming Sunday being Palm Sunday would have far more importance and precedence in the Spiritual life of a Christian than Earth day. Isn't it just a bit over the top in terms of a nod to secularism to be considering celebrating Earth Day on the Eve of = our Lord's Passion?   Faithfully,   -- Richard Schneider, PRES/CEO <>< Schneider Pipe Organs, Inc. 41-43 Johnston St./P.O. Box 137 Kenney, IL 61749-0137 (217) 944-2454 VOX (877) 944-2454 TOLL-FREE (217) 944-2527 FAX arpschneider@starband.net Home Office EMAIL arp@schneiderpipeorgans.com SHOP EMAIL http://www.schneiderpipeorgans.com URL ADDRESS  
(back) Subject: Re: Scott Kent From: "bgsx" <bgsx52@sympatico.ca> Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 23:54:59 -0500     According to Google the snail mail address for AFKA records is (or was)   BKM Associates Box 22 Wimington MA 01887 USA   no email or web address though   The people at catalog@organsociety.org might have more information ...   > Does anyone have an email address for Scott Kent or AFKA records? A > search turned up nothing.      
(back) Subject: Re: Frank Flour et al From: <Myosotis51@aol.com> Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 00:24:11 EST   Hello jlspeller@mindspring.com,     In reference to your comment: Could it be, then, that the Lost Chord has been lost again?   John Speller   Nope - I have it, in PDF!   Victoria    
(back) Subject: Re: clever cats / dogs ..... Now Parrots From: <Gfc234@aol.com> Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 03:58:43 EST   I have a Sulfur Crested Cockatoo-and he seems to enjoy organ playing-however-every time I sing a hymn to check a tempo-he starts = screaming! What a riot! LOL gfc