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House Organist named for Historic Everett Theatre - Washington
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Baldwin D912 Digital Organs (opinions please!)
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(back) Subject: House Organist named for Historic Everett Theatre - Washington From: <MUSCUR@aol.com> Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2004 21:13:58 EDT   *HISTORIC EVERETT THEATRE, EVERETT, WASHINGTON* FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AUGUST 4, 2004 CONTACT: RANDY MATHER, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, 360-653-5080 ________________________________________     *HISTORIC EVERETT THEATRE IN EVERETT, WASHINGTON NAMES DENNIS JAMES HOUSE ORGANIST*   EVERETT, WA - The Historic Everett Theatre in Everett, Washington = announced this week that the international touring Theatre Organist Dennis James = will become the theatre's first modern-day appointed House Organist. Dennis = James, who at 16 years of age began a professional touring career, plays more than 65 =   solo and ensemble concerts plus silent film events a year to packed, enthusiastic audiences all around the world. The prodigious and prolific = performer will continue to play for the Historic Everett Theatre's popular Silents, = Please! film series at the 3 manual/16 rank Kimball-Wurlitzer theatre organ, one = of the most striking features of the theatre auditorium.   "I fell in love with this instrument the first time I played at the = Everett Theatre," said Mr. James. He continued, "It so wonderfully plays the whole =   repertoire of the theatre pipe organ and, even more important, it is an = ideal instrument for the accompaniment of silent films."   Randy Mathers, Executive Director for the Everett Theatre, assisted in establishing the arrangement. Mathers said that "in the forty times Dennis = James has performed to silent films for Everett audiences here to date, he has = amazed his audiences with his wide-ranging knowledge of the theatre organ, the = music for silent films, and the entire historic cultural era our silent film = series represents. Whereas most film-accompanying organists play to just a few = silent film titles, Dennis James plays one after another from a repertoire of hundreds of film titles, and he makes it look easy."   In this year alone, the Mr. James will perform more than 65 concerts and silent film presentations in America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. = The musician began to play the accordion at age seven, took his first organ = lessons at age twelve, and within four years played his first theatre pipe organ performance in a theatrical setting at the Senate Theatre in Detroit, = Michigan. Later that year began his first regular appearance series playing for the = Lansdowne Theatre near Philadelphia and has since gone on to play at other = professional positions in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, California and, since 1999, as House Organist for the restored Paramount Theatre in Seattle also here in = the Northwest.   Mr. James will continue performing as the featured organist at the monthly =   Silents, Please! Series at the Historic Everett Theatre with his next performance scheduled on December 14 following his return from tour = performances in New Zealand.   Dennis James completed his bachelors' and masters' degrees through studies = at the Indiana University and the Ohio State University schools of music, = where he mainly studied with Dr. Oswald Ragatz, then chair of the organ = department. Highlights of James' professional organist career include his New York = City recital debut at St. Patrick's Cathedral and appointment as staff organist = at the largest pipe organ in the world- the Wanamaker Grand Court Organ in Philadelphia. He had his organ concerto with orchestra debut with the = Chicago Symphony Orchestra in 1984. His many European concert tours have included several return engagements at Vienna's famed Konzert Haus to perform at the = historic 5-manual Rieger concert pipe organ. James maintains a long-term performing =   relationship at New York's Radio City Music Hall that includes solo organ = concerts, variety performances, and various appearances with orchestras in = accompaniment to silent films. James was the premier organist for the debut of the Radio = City Christmas shows on tour performing together with the famed Rockettes.   Mr. James has recorded thirteen critically acclaimed solo ensemble = recording issues, performing with such notable ensembles as the Emerson String = Quartet and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. His music has been broadcast = frequently the National Public Radio programs "Performance Today," "Pipe Dreams," "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered" in addition to many radio = and television broadcast programs in Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, Italy, = the Netherlands, England, Canada and Australia.   The Historic Everett Theatre's ongoing preservation and restoration work = is the result of thousands of hours of volunteer labor, coupled with = corporate and private donations of money and materials. Income earned from operation of = the theatre helps keep the doors open while work continues to restore the = front facade and lobbies to the elegance of the theatre's 1920's era while = providing the comfort and safety of modern technology. The restoration of the = historic Everett Theatre represents a chance to preserve an important part of our community's history while celebrating its present and future.   /Silents, Please!/ is a silent film revival series featuring authentic musical score accompaniments and restored archival prints and is supported = by both the Ever Trust Bank and the wider Everett community. ----------  
(back) Subject: Re: perpetuating myths From: "Douglas A. Campbell" <dougcampbell@juno.com> Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2004 22:02:39 -0400   Having DONE the research on "previously enjoyed" instruments, I have come to the conclusion that a recycled E/P instrument in the 25-50 rank range can be purchased, made mechanically new, installed and revoiced by a competent established experienced firm for approximately 40 to 70 percent of the same organ purchased new. While this isn't "dirt cheap", it does represent a substantial savings.   I have found that many of the available organs have scaling that actually is quite compatible with many different church situations. One instrument I studied, was scaled for a very vast and quite live acoustic. In looking to place this instrument in a much smaller and less resonant space, it worked out that the scales were perfect for both venues. Of course, the revoicing of such an instrument by a highly qualified voicer is an absolute necessity.     Douglas A. Campbell Skaneateles, NY   ________________________________________________________________ The best thing to hit the Internet in years - Juno SpeedBand! Surf the Web up to FIVE TIMES FASTER! Only $14.95/ month - visit www.juno.com to sign up today!  
(back) Subject: Re: PipeChat Digest #4683 - 08/07/04 From: "Christopher J. Howerter" <christophhowerter@sbcglobal.net> Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2004 22:27:32 -0400   Dear List and Administrators,   I must apologize for accidently sending the whole digest in my reply. I have been very good not to do this so far and hope it won't happen again...knock on wood, as it were!   Cheers, Chris Howerter (who made sure to delete the digest on this response!) :)    
(back) Subject: Re: "experienced" pipe organs From: <Joshwwhite@aol.com> Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2004 00:07:28 EDT   Well, Michael, Hmmmmm, your posting really has me feeling guilty... Every week I play services on a two manual/pedal, 17 rank Hillgreen Lane. It does have some useful stops, including an 8' trumpet, a mixture, = and a celeste. The organ contains very small swell with only strings and = flutes, but a wealth of 8' stops for a small instrument. However, we are about to explore our options for a new pipe organ, and here I am thinking of how = many stops we could fit into an antiphonal division, or how many real 32's the = sanctuary will hold, or how many memory levels the combination action should have....hehe....I guess what I am trying to say, is that I leave every = Sunday thinking "gee, wouldn't it be nice to a larger, newer organ!?", instead of enjoying = the luxuries I DO have and thinking "gee, I'm glad I don't have to play a = Baldwin 5 every Sunday!" Anyway, just wanted to say your posting really made me think of how = much of an organ a church REALLY needs to adequately play a service. Of = course, we WILL replace the organ in the next 3-5 years, and we plan to request = bids in the early part of next year. Our organ has served us well for the past 85 =   years, and has played a major role in the history of First United = Methodist Church in Graham. The new organ will not only be a major asset to the = church, but also to the community and to the Graham Concert Association-who has been = able to bring in some of the world's finest musicians, and will no doubt play a =   major role in the way the new organ is designed. I guess the point is, we = need a pipe organ that will not only fit the needs of the church, but also = bring fine organ music, and organists to the community as well. As far as = digital organs go, First United Methodist Church, Graham is anything but an = "average" small town church. The facilities are spectacular, and I think that we = should settle for non other than a spectacular pipe organ. I am lucky to have a congregation that agrees. I will say we will plan the new stoplist = carefully, to make the most of the money spent. Again, in regards to your posting, I will play the current organ without thinking of what it could, or will be, but what it is. I now have = a newfound appreciation for our pipe organ. I will keep you all posted on the status of our new pipe organ, and let = you know who the builder will be when he is chosen. We might even consider = the option of an "experienced" pipe organ-as there are so many fine organs = available. Thanks, Josh White   In a message dated 8/7/2004 9:39:48 AM Central Standard Time, michaelandmaggy@earthlink.net writes: Sometimes we forget the obvious. It's rarely churches that have these "needs" but organists.   I'm currently playing a 1970 one manual (un-divided), eight rank = instrument in a liturgical (Episcopal) church. It's a lovely instrument, well = voiced, wonderful action, and totally unsuited for accompanying Anglican liturgy. 16 / 8 4 4 2 III. No proper English full swell (did I mention no swell at all?), no strings - attached or otherwise, no tuba or any other reed. = Still looking for the 32' stop.   The list of literature it can't play is enormous. No French baroque or classical literature <horrors>, nothing requiring a solo registration, no trio sonatas, etc. etc.   The list of what it can play is just as long. You can play literature calling for a solo line against accompaniment if the lines don't cross = (too much). You might want to vary articulation to bring out the solo line.   It does, however, support congregational singing in a noble manner. The = 8' flute alone is sufficient for some hymn and psalm verses. The = congregation has been delighted with the instrument for 34 years. I love playing it = and they appreciate my playing. They can afford mega bucks for more whistles but it hasn't been a pressing issue.   I have played regularly at Episcopal churches in the area that have seven rank instruments by Kimball and Lyon & Healy. Different approaches but similar results. The congregations are delighted with the music these instruments provide - when the organist knows how to use them.   It's not about digits. It's about making music. Good music.   Michael  
(back) Subject: Baldwin D912 Digital Organs (opinions please!) From: "nycchelsea@yahoo.com" <nycchelsea@yahoo.com> Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2004 21:26:28 -0700 (PDT)   HI folks...I"m considering purching a Baldwin D912 Digital Organ. It is a 2 manual organ with AGO pedals and drawknobs.   Would like to know some experiences from those who know them? are they reliable? built well? how do they sound?   Would VERY much appreciate thoughts on this model!       thanks! John Rust         __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Mail - You care about security. So do we. http://promotions.yahoo.com/new_mail