PipeChat Digest #4689 - Tuesday, August 10, 2004
music, donations, Social Security
  by "Liquescent" <quilisma@cox.net>
Re: Scott Foppiano at Portland, Maine
  by "Andrew Barss" <asbarss@eastlink.ca>
Hammond in Sao Paulo
  by "nycchelsea@yahoo.com" <nycchelsea@yahoo.com>
Good days and bad days
  by "Colin Mitchell" <cmys13085@yahoo.co.uk>

(back) Subject: music, donations, Social Security From: "Liquescent" <quilisma@cox.net> Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2004 18:09:21 -0700   Dear Friends and Colleagues,   My Social Security Disability Request for Reconsideration has been denied. That means I have to hire a lawyer and go to court. I'm not quite sure what part of "an organist in a wheelchair can't play the organ" they don't GET, but we'll get it sorted out eventually.   In the meantime ... if you are planning on using any of my music, I'd REALLY appreciate a donation.   I've attached the catalog again, for those who haven't seen it.   If you need specific things, I'll be happy to write them as I am able.   I received only a couple of inquiries about Responsorial Psalms for Year A, so unless more people are willing to subscribe, I'm going to abandon that project.   I'm willing to do Advent and Lent, or even individual Sundays, as long as people are willing to donate for them. They average 15 pages; I think I was offering the ENTIRE year from Advent Sunday through Trinity Sunday (EXCLUDING Easter Vigil, unless somebody wants to commission it) for something like $50 US; I'd be willing to do individual Sundays for whatever you want to pay for them.   I realize a lot of people are coming to the end of their churches' budget year, and that a lot of people are probably on vacation.   We emptied the house of virtually everything of value and had a three-day yard sale; that netted us $500 US ... that'll feed us and keep the gas and electric, etc. turned on for a month, but it WON'T pay the = rent.   I'm not asking for charity ... I think I've given good value for the donations I've received, and y'all have been MOST generous ... but I have no other resources or sources of income, and this Social Security thing could drag on for a year or more.   Cheers,   Bud   ---------------------------------------------------------------   DONATIONS:   by check or money order:   Raymond H. Clark 2616 University Ave. San Diego CA 92104-2810   by PayPal:   beejayusa@cox.net (the family PayPal account)   ----------------------------------------------------------------   CATALOG   PROPER OF THE MASS - American Missal English texts (Elizabethan English)   Proper of the Time, Proper of the Saints (Major Holy Days), Common of the Saints (those used on Major Holy Days) - Introits, Graduals, Alleluias, Tracts, Sequences, Offertories, Communions -- available in the following forms:   (1) the original Gregorian melodies, modern notation, English text, no organ accompaniment - most of the Communions, some of the Introits, a few of the Graduals, Alleluias, Tracts and Offertories   (2) Simple modal settings for SATB choir, organ ad lib - most of the Introits, Graduals, Alleluias, Tracts, and Communions   (3) SATB fauxbourdons, alternating with the solemn versions of the Psalm-Tones -- most of the Introits, Graduals, Alleluias, and Tracts   (4) Simple "composed" settings (available in unison, SA, SAB, and SATB) - all of the Offertories, some of the Communions.       GRADUAL PSALMS for the USA Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, 1979   Year C - in progress ... SATB fauxbourdons (Viadana, Roff, others) alternating with Gregorian psalmody and simple Gregorian Responds   Year A - in progress, in time for Advent       INTROITS AND GRADUALS/ALLELUIAS for Lutheran Worship (Missouri Synod, = 1980)   Gregorian antiphons, fauxbourdon psalmody, polyphonic alleluias - complete; now being engraved       GRADUAL PSALMS for Lutheran Worship   new commission; I've just begun Year C ... they will be available in plenty of time for each season       RENAISSANCE MOTETS AND HYMNS IN ENGLISH (editions)   A small sampling of motets and Office Hymns (Gregorian alternating with polyphony) for Advent, Christmas, Lent, Passiontide, and Holy Week; the rest of the year is "in progress" -- all English texts, mostly Victoria       HOLY WEEK   complete Manual for SATB choir (American Missal translation)       OCCASIONAL LITURGIES - SATB   Candlemas   Ash Wednesday   Dedication of a Church   Burial Office, Requiem, Absolutions, Graveside Service   Burial of a Child       MASSES (editions)   Mass IX (Gregorian, modern notation, with accompaniment)   Mass of the Quiet Hour - George Oldroyd (string quartet ad lib)   Missa Pastorale - Pietro Yon (woodwind quartet ad lib)   Missa Pro Defunctis - Claudio Casciolini / Matteo Asola - English text       MISC.   Phos hilaron - Clark - SATB Phos hilaron - Arkangelsky - SSAATB   Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis - Tones 1, 2, 4, 8 - Gregorian alternating with renaissance polyphony - English text   Psalter - SATB fauxbourdons alternating with Gregorian psalm-tones, noted in full - English texts - Tuesday evenings of Advent and Lent   Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary - SATB - traditional, arr. Clark   Just ask (grin) ... if I don't HAVE it, I can probably WRITE it. Donations cheerfully accepted but not necessary. I'd rather the music be SUNG and PRESERVED.                                
(back) Subject: Re: Scott Foppiano at Portland, Maine From: "Andrew Barss" <asbarss@eastlink.ca> Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2004 22:59:19 -0300   I happened to be in Portland last week (drove down from here in Nova Scotia) and also made it to Scott's concert as well as John Weaver's concert Tuesday night.   I will reinforce Mack's comments about Scott's playing -- it was a wonderful, fun evening.   I must also comment that, as a first-time listener to the Kotzschmar, this is a remarkable instrument (wind sag or not) and it was a wonderful experience to hear that instrument -- especially twice in one week. It is my opinion that visiting this instrument is a worthwhile "pilgrimage" for anyone who loves great romantic organs.   I was afforded the privilege of being introduced to president of the Friends of the Kotzschmar Organ organization, Harold Stover, as well as the organ's curator, Bob Faucher. All in all these concerts were "icing on the cake" of a wonderful vacation and I fully intend to return to Portland next year to take in more of these concerts.   Regards, Andrew Barss Halifax, Nova Scotia   On Monday, August 9, 2004, at 04:02 PM, mack02445 wrote:   > Last Thursday, night in the company of fellow list members Doug > Campbell and Harvyn Tarkmeel (Pipevoice), who drove from Skaneateles, > NY, we trekked from Brookline, Massachusetts to Portland Maine to hear > Scott Foppiano play the Kotzschmar Organ as part of the "POPS" series. > > I was not able to attend the OHS convention this year so I missed > hearing him play at Shea's Buffalo Theatre. Although the Austin isn't > really a theatre organ, scott made it swing and rock with an excellent > program of good ole popular songs, from when they wrote real music, > and a Broadway show medley and other light classical pieces, including > The Lost Chord. > > Scott's playing was flawless and the smooth arrangements sat well on > the Austin, even with its still present sag in wind on occassion due > to blower problems, and upon the appreciative crowd in Merrill > Auditorium that night. I had first heard Scott in his theatre organ > mode about eight years ago on a Wurlitzer in the Boston Area. I was > impressed with his playing then and am more so now. It was a > delightful evening and well worth the drive. I hope sometime in the > near future to be able to hear Scott play a classical concert too as I > am sure he will impress me as much as he did last Thursday. > Congratulations Scott and keep up the great work. > > Mack    
(back) Subject: Hammond in Sao Paulo From: "nycchelsea@yahoo.com" <nycchelsea@yahoo.com> Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2004 19:01:29 -0700 (PDT)   I was in Sao Paulo Brasil last week and happened on a Hammond (C2 I think) in a Catholic (of course) church there... at Nossa Senhora Do Brasil in the Jardin area.   photos and a sound clip/movie are at: http://www.rodgers550.com/c2.html   I lost the name of the lady organist there, if anyone happens to know that please send me a email off list?   I understand that this Hammond was installed there in 1945. There is another Hammond (again another C2 I believe) in the organ/choir loft as well, but don't know the story on it... if you are ever down that way please pay a visit on Sundays at 12:30 to visit the upstairs. She is extremely friendly, just does not speak much english and I speak even less portuguese, but was a incredible experience all the same.   John Rust http://www.reuter822.com http://www.rodgers550.com     __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Mail - 50x more storage than other providers! http://promotions.yahoo.com/new_mail  
(back) Subject: Good days and bad days From: "Colin Mitchell" <cmys13085@yahoo.co.uk> Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2004 21:16:58 -0700 (PDT)   Hello,   I'm not going to get embroiled in the Felix Hell "off day" performance; if indeed that was the case.   I would however, make an observation.   I have heard some of the finest performers in the world play brilliantly, and I've heard them make mistakes or play quite badly. I've also played badly myself from time to time.   We are all human, subject to tiredness, moods, apathy, nerves and those days when we just "aren't in the right frame of mind" for any number of reasons.   Dr Francis Jackson; a performer I admired more than most, was quite capable of "off days." There was a famous recital, which went so badly, that the BBC held him back to re-record it for radio.......yet he was one of the most brilliant and most musical performers in the world.   Obviously, people are disappointed when something like this happens, and so too is the performer.   So "IF" Felix had a bad hair day, allow him the privilege of being human. Taking the wider view, I guess from what I have read about him, he thrills and delights 99% of the time.   His fellow countrman Michael Schumacher, is a legend in his own time, but he does sometimes get it wrong!   Unlike almost all other art, a musician is as good as his last performance once the critics have had their say!   I'm sure that a quick canter around Bavaria will do more for Felix than anything else. Getting away and doing something different is the best tonic of all!   Regards,   Colin Mitchell UK         __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Tired of spam? Yahoo! Mail has the best spam protection around http://mail.yahoo.com