PipeChat Digest #4714 - Tuesday, August 24, 2004
AGO meetings--off topic and Organists Tudes
  by "T.Desiree' Hines" <nicemusica@yahoo.com>

(back) Subject: AGO meetings--off topic and Organists Tudes From: "T.Desiree' Hines" <nicemusica@yahoo.com> Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 00:53:04 -0700 (PDT)   Monty wrote another very good message about organists 'tudes towards him = at early age. At my previous institution, I entered already being known: I was a black = woman who played the organ from Mississippi. Im just stating what was said = across campus: as i was the unique thing there. Even Campus Ministry = commented a joke to me about "finally!" It was also told that the slain = organ professor had been so thrilled at my acceptance to the school that = he had even told people in the Development and Giving office abotu my = coming to that school. Of course, my acceptance was good at the beginning, but when the = Department of Languages and Literatures asked the organ department to = accompany Nosferatu in memory of the slain professor (he originally = planned to do it himself) I was the only one who was interested in doing = it and taking on the challenge. The end result: A newspaper article on me = and how I ended up at the school and my tribute to the slain professor, = and an event that drew 495 people to a concert hall that seats 535. In = between reel changes I improvised a toccata upon the Kyrie from the Oris = Factor with an immediate, simultaneous thunderous applause at the end with = the organs full resources. At the end of the event at the last chord of = the Boellmann Toccata, I could not even get to the last c major chord = before i heard the immediate stand and applause. After that, attituted = towards me changed, slightly. The next big thing was that the Campus Ministry office's frequently = requesting me to play for my services because of my hymn playing, with the = visiting professor even verbally communicating that my hymn playing is why = they specifically reuested me as student organist for services were a = student would be needed to substitute and there were special visitors, = such as the Board of Regents or Family Weekend. (Hmm...I must thank Diane = Bish for that inspiring hymn playing). After all that, the AGO chapter and = some student organists always glared at me when I walked in. I was not one = to be so...zzzzz with my playing. I did do lots of reading of texts on = music of Bach and others, and listened to recordings of people who are = considered great interpreters of the music (ie William Porter, Rollin = Smith) I knew what my peers at the university wanted to hear and how they = wanted to hear it. And I gave that to them. Basically, I too know the snarl and glare that happens. There are some = that are better than me, and I am better than a few. There is a tendency = for organization members to look down upon the younger, freshness that is = coming in, especially if we come from a background that is not so pompous. = Mine: I grew up a Missionary Baptist in Mississippi, and I am used to VERY = VERY strong Southern Style hymn playing and it comes out a lot in my = playing, even in repertoire. In repertoire, you play it the way it sounds = fit to you, reading the book a little bit so you will know rules before = breaking them. And I even notice that some regions of the guild glare = upon other regions musical tastes. In the northwest, there seems to be = the "oh they play THAT in the northeast" when it comes to JK Paine, = Thayer, and the 19th Century American's . What is the "right" kind of anything? Bottom line is..we wil never know = until we die and go to Heaven, the concrete ways of how to play Franck's = Trois Chorales ( he did die at Nemours, not having taken them to the = organ ...I think...watch that get someone in a riot and quickly give a = ...remark. If its wrong, correct me in a cordial manner, and don't slap = those who would be trying to carry the torch onto the next generation).     From Desiree' T. Desiree' Hines Chicago, IL 60610 ---------------------------- For Compositions by Desiree' Frog Music Press www.frogmusic.com ------------------------------- FOR CONCERTS BY DESIREE' http://concertartist.info/bios/hines.html __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Tired of spam? Yahoo! Mail has the best spam protection around http://mail.yahoo.com