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(back) Subject: Back in the Saddle Again (x post) From: <Innkawgneeto@cs.com> Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 20:58:29 EDT   United Methodist Church of Red Bank, NJ www.umcredbank.org II/40+ Hradetsky Tracker   Sunday, August 29, 2004 Neil Brown, Director of Music Ministries & Organist   10:30 service: Prelude: "St. Anne Fugue", J. S. Bach, "Recessional on ST. ANNE", Gordon Young.   Hymns: (The title of the first hymn escapes me, sorry). "Saranam, Saranam", Pakistani hymn. "Lead On, O King Eternal".   Offertory Solo: "Turn Thee to Me", A. Dvorak (Warren Moe, tenor).   Postlude: Allegro Maestoso from Sonata II, Mendelssohn.   8:30 communion service in chapel (Steinway piano): I did same prelude and postlude as at 10:30 (minus the G. Young).   Red Bank, New Jersey is a very artsy, very trendy, chic town about an = hour's train ride south of New York. The Church has a history of wonderful music =   making and support for the arts. I am indeed delighted to be serving = there.   I met with the Choir on Wednesday, for what I like to call a "jump start" rehearsal. They are incredible musicians and great sight readers, so I am =   looking forward to being able to do "real music" with them (but I intend = to do a variety as liturgically appropriate). We are breaking with New Jersey = tradition by singing on Sunday, September 5 (choir season here normally does not = begin til after Labor Day).   The organ resides proudly in the gallery and this is the first position = I've held where I am not seen (hallelujah). There is a 2- to 3-second reverberation. The Nave is not air-conditioned, so in today's worship, = most of the people sat under the gallery where it is considerably cooler (50% of the Nave is indeed under the gallery), so the reverb was not greatly effected by the = presence of people.   This organ is nothing short of stunning, both visually and aurally. No pistons, no bells and whistles, just pure, unadulterated tracker organ -- = and so incredibly FUN to play. The only beef I have is that the pedal ranks = speak a little weakly... I would prefer more presence, particularly for = congregational singing. At the 16' on the pedal, there is a bourdon and a Faggot, and = that's it. But there's no question that it is a beautiful instrument.   Peace and grace to you all. Have a great week. Neil Brown            
(back) Subject: About my recital venue From: "T.Desiree' Hines" <nicemusica@yahoo.com> Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 18:57:12 -0700 (PDT)   Thank God for giving me the strength to do this recital. It came out = pretty good. Yes, the organ was dedicated to the honor of James Abbington, = who is a well known published organist and musician. He is a very well = known black organist. Candid discription of the venue: Hartford Memorial Baptist Church, = Detroit, MI is a historically black church that has had a history of FINE = music and musicians, including 2 graduates from the DMA Organ program at = Michigan, the current holding an MM from Oberlin. The church has a = Minister of Music and Organist, and then the Minister of Organ, Dr JoAnn = Rickards, who is a white lady that, to me, can really, REALLY play. She's = technically a marvel and can tare down on some hymns. And just a sweet = person.The pastor is a musician, and his sister is too. The church = loves...no...LOVES ...their organ and organ music. The worship service was = VERY VERY LONG! The typical black evangelical service, yes not musically = distasteful. The organ prelude from JoAnn was the Arrival of the Queen of = Sheba, BEAUTIFULLY executed showing the organs abilities and hers. They = open worship with announcements and they tell you.."Please direct your = attention to worship by listening to the Organ Prelude...blah blah title by Blah blah composer". The Choir Stands waiting to process = diligently until its done and a jubilant Amen follows the last chords of = the prelude. Today was the mens choir singing...and they opened worship with the = processional hymn 6 from the Progressive Baptist Hymnal...Joyful Joyful We = Adore Thee! Jo Ann showed her beautiful talent as a very protestant hymn = player, using chamades , bombardes 32 and everything. And = EVERYONE...EVERYONE...from the seriors to the Young single men in their = 20's had a hymnal open and was singing. The mens choir delivered a most musical offering of the Randall Thompson = Last Wods of David. I mean FLOORED it! Then came a long long LONG sermon = from a guest pastor of stewardship. I mean LONG. Jo Ann and I slipped out = and talked for about an hour, and it still was not over. At the end of = worship Joann delivered a dazzling performance of the Hailstork Toccata on = Great Day. The Recital- I was nervous as a bee! There was a modest crowd of about 40, = the smallest I have every played for, but that was only because this was a = low Sunday and it was only publicized for two weeks. But the most musical = people of the church were there. Well recieved, with a desire for 2 = encores. But I only did one...and for that we sand hymn 6...Joyful Joyful! = because it was indeed a joyful occasion. The Organ-It was powerful. I only had to use the Swell Mixture as it = supported the entire organ. The console was made for a big tall man, and = im a short round woman. So the diminsions were very difficult. It was like = a Studebaker...big...and even with the bench at the lowest, I still had to = sit at the edge of the bench to reach the upper most manuals and the = pedals...and every one of the 4 mans was used. The stops are luminated = buttons and that was hard to deal with you have to look down and over to = see whats on..and the placement of everything was off sync. But I managed. =   The dinner after the recital-after a musical day, I went out to dinner = with the music staff and the pastors sister came too. Great people. The = music associate and his wife loved talking about the Organ Conferences at = U Mich in Hill Auditorium, and loved talking about Messien. The church = pastor's sister is a JOY to talk to. She is a pianist and lived in France = in the 1970's and loved going to hear Cochereau at Notre Dame for = l'auditions on Sunday afternoons. She's also familiar with the other = Parisienne greats who lived at that time too. We all ate, DRANK, and were = merry at Olive Garden. Good recital in all. I'd give myself 3.5 stars outta 5. I should have come = in earlier to get to know the organ.     From Desiree' T. Desiree' Hines Chicago, IL 60610 ---------------------------- For Compositions by Desiree' Frog Music Press www.frogmusic.com ------------------------------- FOR CONCERTS BY DESIREE' http://concertartist.info/bios/hines.html __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Tired of spam? Yahoo! Mail has the best spam protection around http://mail.yahoo.com
(back) Subject: Red Bank, NJ From: <Oboe32@aol.com> Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 22:03:24 EDT   Hey All,   Today was my final day as a fulltime Music Minister. I have left my Roman Catholic Church. This is a bit sad for me, as this is the church I grew up = in, and the choir is quite wonderful. They threw me a lovely going away party, =   though I am only going down the street. Our new pastor doubled my = workload, and quote "got every cent out of me", so I had no choice but to resign, as I = am now teaching fulltime HS choral music. I feel my vocation is education, and I = love working at the HS level. Everything happens for a reason, and God has a purpose for us all!   On an upbeat note, I will begin my new tenure this coming Sunday at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Red Bank, NJ, the same town where Neil = Brown has just begun. Neil has a much larger instrument than I will, but my new instrument is just that, a new instrument. The organ was built by the = Petty Madden company and is a small two manual tracker of 12 ranks. The specification = and pictures can be found on the Petty Madden website. (www.pettymadden.com) = The organ is truly lovely! It is fun to practice on, though I wish it had an = 8' Principal. This area is becoming rich in good organs. I would invite = anyone interested in seeing or playing the instrument... one could even make a = day of it and see the Hradetzky tracker at Neil's Methodist Church, my tracker, and head =   down to Ocean Grove. A side note, Don Kinnier will be playing to a Silent = Movie this Wednesday at 7:30pm! At any rate, stay in touch y'all. The school = year is upon me, so I am soon to be silent for a while.   Best,   Pete Isherwood  
(back) Subject: Re: About my recital venue From: "Randolph Runyon" <runyonr@muohio.edu> Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 22:19:46 -0400   Thanks, Desir=E9e, for the wonderful description of the church where you played your recital. It sounds like an organist's dream--to have the prelude appreciated in such a way, with the choir saying "Amen!" at its conclusion. But you forgot to tell us what you played. Inquiring minds want to know!     Randy Runyon Music Director Zion Lutheran Church Hamilton, Ohio runyonr@muohio.edu      
(back) Subject: Re: What's with the bagpipes From: <OMusic@aol.com> Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 23:14:57 EDT   When my grandson passed away 3 years ago there was a graveside service = with a Rabbi leading the service. As everyone was leaving there was a Bagpiper playing "Amazing Grace." Lee  
(back) Subject: Re: Keeping bagpipes on the porch From: "Harry Grove" <musicman@cottagemusic.co.uk> Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 06:39:21 +0100   I recently played a funeral for a former S/Major in the Black Watch. They turned-out a Colour Guard - and Piper.   I made an arrangement with the Verger to signal with the 'Wedding' light = on the consul when the cortege were approaching the porch and quickly = concluded the voluntary.   This allowed the family party to enter the (full) yet silent church to the distant strains (no pun intended) of the pipes - being played at the Lytch Gate.   Bagpipes outside - people inside; and just the effect intended.   Harry Grove [a.k.a. a crafty old musicman]   ----- Original Message ----- From: <TubaMagna@aol.com> To: <pipechat@pipechat.org> Sent: Sunday, August 29, 2004 12:38 PM Subject: Keeping bagpipes on the porch