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Unit Organs
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Organs in hospitals
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Los Angeles Master Chorald & Fred Swann [xposted]
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Meeting Interesting people
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RE: Organs in Hospitals
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(back) Subject: RE: Organs in Hospitals From: "LBoekeloo" <lboekeloo@triton.net> Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 21:11:54 -0500   There is a small Wicks Organ at St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. -----Original Message----- From: pipechat@pipechat.org [mailto:pipechat@pipechat.org] On Behalf Of Daniel Hancock Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 2004 10:43 AM To: PipeChat Subject: Organs in Hospitals I once read the description of what appeared to be a very lovely small organ in a hospital chapel. I have no remembrance of what or where it was, though I seem to recall that it was a restored 19th-century instrument in a free-standing case. Anyone know of such an instrument? And if not, what about other hospital chapels that have pipe organs? Of course, the most famous example may be the Alexandre Thierry organ at the Chapel of Ste-Louis at Les Invalides, Paris, where Napoleon is buried. You can see pictures of it at: http://www.manufacture-orgues.fr/Inval.htm Our local St. John's hospital in Springfield has a lovely chapel on the 5th floor. It's a wing of it's own, sitting on the 4th floor roof, kind of like an ell to the main building. Built in the 1950's, it has a plaster coffered barrel-vault ceiling, stained glass windows, marble paneling and columns, and terrazzo floors. All which make for quite a stunning acoustic. Too, it has an organ/choir loft, but no organ (save a Hammond in the front). Let's hear about hospital organs. Do many exist? Daniel Hancock Springfield, Missouri  
(back) Subject: Re: Organs of Merged Churches to Marry at Hemenway From: "Robert Lind" <lindr@core.com> Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 20:23:25 -0600   I was O/C at Evanston's Covenant United Methodist Church from September = 1971 to the summer of 1974. The church was thriving and the organ less than a year old when I started, IIRC.   The first year I was there, the pastor had the congregation sit, silently, through my postludes. Wow!   During my tenure, an opera-singer (young dramatic soprano) friend of ours visited us, and we took her and her husband to the church. I played the organ for them, and she sang Handel's "Let the Bright Seraphim" to test = the building. Her husband and my wife were out in the nave listening and kept telling me to play the accompaniment louder and louder to balance. I ended up having to use full organ and needing more, much to my chagrin. She did have a big voice (was one of the Rhein maidens at Chicago's Lyric Opera opposite Birgit Nilsson), but I didn't know it was THAT big!   Bob Lind   ----- Original Message ----- From: Fran Walker <fwalker@northwestern.edu> To: PipeChat <pipechat@pipechat.org> Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 2004 12:41 PM Subject: Organs of Merged Churches to Marry at Hemenway       > The exact date of the ceremony is yet to be announced. But when the = organ > from recently closed Covenant United Methodist Church weds the organ = from > Hemenway United Methodist Church at 933 Chicago Ave. sometime early next > year, wedding bells will echo far beyond the Hemenway sanctuary. <snip>   > The Covenant organ, by contrast, is a 1970s Schlicker with a baroque = sound > consisting of "very few eight-foot pitches," he says, and "a lot of > high-pitched pipes." It will benefit from the deep tonal quality of the > Austin, says Mr. Spytek.    
(back) Subject: Unit Organs From: <RMB10@aol.com> Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 21:35:06 EST   I know about Moller Artistes, Wicks Fuga/Fuga Deluxe (and their other = series models), as well as the Kilgen Petite Ensembles, but Jim McFarland = mentions a Tellers-Kent "Pandean" being in a funeral home in PA. What is a Pandean = and how does it compare to an Artiste or a Fuga, etc.?   Monty Bennett  
(back) Subject: Organs in hospitals From: "Stephen Roberts" <sroberts01@snet.net> Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 18:41:28 -0800 (PST)   Dear List, One of the most fascinating stories about a pipe organ installed in a = hospital concerned a pneumatic action Walcker organ that was installed in = the Imperial Psychiatric Institute in St. Petersburg before the = revolution. At that time the Russians were experimenting with various = psychiatric therapies, and the organ was part of a treatment for hysteria, = mainly in women. The organ, which I believe had two manuals and pedal, was installed in a = chamber. The sound of the organ was conveyed to the hospital beds through = a series of speaking tubes. After the revolution this organ was removed. Parts of it were = incorporated into the Rieger-Kloss organ in the Great Hall of the = Philharmonic, a beautiful concert hall which, if I'm not mistaken, was = called the "Great Hall of the Nobles" before the revolution. I played a = recital there some years ago; it's a lovely hall, though it's surprisingly = small. The Rieger-Kloss has now been removed, and a new organ by Klais is = being installed there. The Klais will also incorporate the old Walcker = pipework from the original organ that was in the psychiatric hospital. So = those pipes are well traveled by now! Stephen Roberts Western CT State University, Danbury, CT USA  
(back) Subject: Re: Unit Organs From: "Jim McFarland" <mcfarland6@juno.com> Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 22:03:06 -0500     On Tue, 7 Dec 2004 21:35:06 EST RMB10@aol.com writes: > I know about Moller Artistes, Wicks Fuga/Fuga Deluxe (and their other > series > models), as well as the Kilgen Petite Ensembles, but Jim McFarland > mentions a > Tellers-Kent "Pandean" being in a funeral home in PA. What is a > Pandean and > how does it compare to an Artiste or a Fuga, etc.?       T'is just another variation on the theme. Usually enclosed in a small box about the size of one of the boxes from a fifties vintage double artiste.     Jim  
(back) Subject: Re: funeral homes From: "Alicia Zeilenga" <azeilenga@theatreorgans.com> Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2004 21:18:55 -0600   When my aunt died earlier this year, I really couldn't recognize her. I knew I'd escorted my mom to the right place because my dad was there ;-)   It sure made playing the funeral easier.   Alicia Zeilenga       -----Original Message----- From: RMB10@aol.com >>It always > makes me > laugh when they tell me "oooooh, she looks like she's going to just get > right > up out of the casket and talk to us!" or "she looks just like herself." > Now > that line always kills me....who is the person supposed to look like? > Do they > think I switched bodies or something?????? > >      
(back) Subject: Re: Organs in Hospitals From: "Walter Greenwood" <walterg@nauticom.net> Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2004 22:52:53 -0500   St. Margaret's Hospital here in Pittsburgh has a medium-sized Robert Fisher pipe organ. I played a few recitals on it in the late 1970s, and have not heard it since. It is still there, but I don't know whether they use it anymore.   -WG        
(back) Subject: Re: Wicks Funeral Organ From: "Andy Lawrence" <andy@ablorgans.com> Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 23:34:51 -0500   That is a CUTE little organ! I want one! Andy   On Tue, 7 Dec 2004 19:40:32 -0500, nfh417 wrote > Pipe Organs in Funeral Homes > I own a funeal home in Cheraw,South Carolina and have a 4 rank 2 > manuel Wicks organ that we ahve used since I installed it in 1988. > It is Wicks opus 1671 and was built for St James Lutheran Church in > Newton, NC in 1937. The church used the organ up to time I moved it > to my funeral home. I person in the church left in their estate > money for a larger organ as the church had expanded several times > and the old organ did not meet the needs of a much larger room. The > organ was bought in June 1937 for 1350.00. And was paid to the good > people at Wicks with 337.00 at installation and 24 payments of 33.75 > unitl paid in full. What a bargin this was for a wonderful organ > that has had NO work or renovations other that routine maintance and > tuning since 1937. To my knowledge we are the only funeral home is > SC that has a pipe organ that is used for services. Norton Funeral > Home of Cheraw ,H. Craig Norton, owner www.nortonfuneralofcheraw.com > >       A.B.Lawrence Pipe Organ Service PO Box 111 Burlington, VT 05402 (802)578-3936 Visit our website at www.ablorgans.com  
(back) Subject: Re: Rodgers 945 From: "Eric McKirdy" <emckirdy@gladstone.uoregon.edu> Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2004 20:58:42 -0800   Bill,   A year ago or more, we briefly communicated about the new stake center we were trying to build, and my desire to get a pipe organ installed. At the time, plans for the building were way up in the air, but now it seems we = are looking at an April 2005 groundbreaking on a piece of land the church just got permission to develop. Time to talk pipe organs! Still up for giving some advice?   Best regards, Eric       On 12/5/04 7:19 PM, OrganMD@aol.com said something about:   > Hi Gang .............. > > I have a former client that is the owner of a Rodgers model 945 three = manual > digital electronic organ. Aging and the need to downsize her life = requires > the sale of this instrument. This organ has spent its entire life in a > residential installation. Please send me a private reply if you have = interest > in this instrument. > > Bill >      
(back) Subject: Mea culpa From: "Eric McKirdy" <emckirdy@gladstone.uoregon.edu> Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2004 21:00:41 -0800   Whoops! Didn=B9t mean to send this to everyone. Must read more carefully...   Eric          
(back) Subject: Re: Rodgers 945 From: <OrganMD@aol.com> Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 00:27:52 EST   Eric .......... I am always up for a pipe organ visit. Your first challenge will be = getting permission to do it at all. Would you like to call me and have a chat? My cell number is (801) = 232-1719. Take care, Bill  
(back) Subject: Re: Funerals From: <SWF12262@aol.com> Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 01:03:34 EST   I just checked my appointment book -- 27 funerals to date this year at St. = Lambert! This is quite in line with our average of about 30 per year. [Oh = dear! I sure hope those other three don't become permanently recumbent = the week of Christmas!] I used to receive a separate check from the church for = each funeral, with no withholding subtracted. The archdiocese cracked down on =   that practice a number of years ago. Now I submit a voucher each month = listing each funeral (and other extra services beyond the usual rehearsals and weekend Masses). This has worked quite well. The church receives one = check from the funeral home for all of the church's services (this is included as = part of the funeral home's itemized bill to the family) and I don't have to pay estimated taxes for the funeral fees. Now, if these folks would just = stop getting dead on days where their funerals fall on my day off! Oh well, = it's a living? I've pointed out to the powers that be that retaining my = services full time guarantees my availability for funerals, though it doesn't equal the =   money I could make working a "day job" in a more lucrative field. So, = here I am, 16+ years of being "on call" six days a week to play for the nice dead people, and still going! And I would still rather play a funeral than = wedding -- the guest of honor is always less demanding. Steve Folkers [A Presbyterian who trained in an Episcopal church, studied at an = originally Methodist university, and plays for a Roman Catholic parish -- would this =   make me a Presbypiscometholic? Ecumenist? Just plain certifiable?]  
(back) Subject: Los Angeles Master Chorald & Fred Swann [xposted] From: "Charlie Lester" <crl@137.com> Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2004 23:35:05 -0800   Tonight I attended "Holiday Wonder," a concert at Disney Hall featuring the Los Angeles Master Chorale (Grant Gershon, director) and Fred Swann (along with a pianist and percussionists, introduced from the podium by Gershon but uncredited in the printed program).   It was, in all, a spectacular concert of great variety, running the gamut from Praetorius to Jingle Bells! Every selection on the program was very well performed and very well received by the near-capacity house (despite a gloomy, rainy night).   However, without question the most enthusiastic response for anything on the program came for Fred Swann's solo rendition, "Grand Fantasia on Joy to the World" by Marc F. Cheban. Fred played the dazzling piece with great flair.   [I always enjoy seeing Fred at the console - he looks so at ease and "at home" - a very pleasant and unassuming demeanor, not needing a lot of theatrics or thrashing-about; nor terse, affected facial expressions.]   During Fred's solo, Mr. Gershon sat in a chair on-stage broadly smiling with great elation. He clearly is a big fan both of the organ and of Fred!   Well, upon the last chord of the Cheban, with nearly (but not quite) full organ, a joyous ROAR erupted from the audience and then tremendous applause -- again, the most demonstrative reaction to anything on the program. Fred beamed during the applause, and sweetly patted the console - showing his affection for the splendid instrument.   I have not heard such a great outpouring for organ music in many, many, many years. It was truly marvelous to see this big crowd of "average people" -- non-organists -- respond so joyfully and enthusiastically.   This was my first chance to hear the organ - I had a seat in the rear-stage area, on the second row so I was near the organ but not under it. WOW, what a fabulous sound! It's at once brilliant and fiery yet also has a dark, richness. "We're FINALLY getting it right, folks." I would like, sometime, to hear it "from afar" to get a more blended sound.   It is quite clear that the Disney Hall organ is already well-beloved to many people and that can't be anything but good! And of course, Fred always wins over his audiences as well, with both his charm and superb musicianship.   Sorry to uncharacteristically gush-on so, but it really was one of the nicest "Holiday" programs I have ever attended.      
(back) Subject: NIGHT OF MIRACLES [xposted] From: "Charlie Lester" <crl@137.com> Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2004 00:36:01 -0800   NIGHT OF MIRACLES A Christmas Cantata by John W. Peterson   Will be presented by the Greater Los Angeles Inter-Denominational Chorus   ----- at -----   Faith Lutheran Church 3320 W. 85th Street Inglewood, California 90305 Rev. Dietrich Schleef, Pastor Sunday, December 12, 2004 4:00 p.m.   With a Reception to Follow Immediately Afterward   Charlie Lester, Director Dora V. Ballard, Pianist Jay E. Rogers, Organist Arlene Richards, Soprano Tracy Hart, Soprano Warren Hutchins, Baritone   =97NO ADMISSION CHARGE=97 A Freewill Offering Will be Accepted to Support the Church=92s Music Ministry   The church is located at 3320 w. 85th Street (One block north/west of Crenshaw & Manchester)   Parking is available on 85th Street or 11th Avenue, or in the parking lot off the alley behind the sanctuary   For more information, please call the church at 323-750-3552   -----------------------   [If you want a "pretty" version of this announcement, I cand send you a PDF file]      
(back) Subject: Meeting Interesting people From: "T.Desiree' Hines" <nicemusica@yahoo.com> Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 01:21:32 -0800 (PST)   Tuesday while in the library I met a nice guy that was looking at the = Organ music section. (Downtown Chicago has the largest free-standing = Public Library branch in the US. There is a wonderful selection of Organ = Music.) He's in the same age group as some of us younger listers here. He = mentioned he is able to play some fairly substantial pieces. When asked = why he does not pursue the field, he gave an answer that was not = unfamiliar. "Too many organists have hurt my feelings." He mentioned = that, while there are those organists who have pleasing personalities, he = continues, mostly, to find the opposite. That conversation with him was the starter for some questions. Why do some organists offer such razor-sharp cuts at those who might take = their places someday? Do they ever remember that there was a time when they could NOT play a = particular piece or style? Does one forget that, they too were not all = that they may be now? Do they take the time to think that there still may = be things that they are not able to do? What pleasure do those with such personality traits get out of being = "cold" to individuals who may save the professsion? In order to add bodies to the profession, would'nt some good, old = fashioned kindness be helpful? We musicians (like all human beings) are constantly growing. A 40 = something Organ builder in New Jersey knows more now than he did 20 years = ago. A 2004 NYACOP winner or competitor has experieinced more than they = did while attending Cleaveland, Central Michigan, Indiana or which ever = noted Organ program they chose. They have all learned things that they did = not know before. Will they remain humble and encourage those who are not = as esteemed? Or, will they continue making situations like the above? TDH   --------------------------------- Do you Yahoo!? The all-new My Yahoo! =96 Get yours free!
(back) Subject: RE: Organs in Hospitals From: "Will Light" <will.light@btinternet.com> Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 09:57:22 -0000   Here's one more from the UK! In the 1950s I used to deputise occasionally at the Royal Naval Hospital = in Stonehouse, Plymouth. The chapel was not just a room in the hospital but = a separate building, just like a smallish parish church. The organ was a 2 manual Hele dating from 1883 with the following specification:=20 =09 Pedal=09 1 Bourdon 16 =09   =09 Great=09 2 Open Diapason 8 =09 3 Flauto Traverso 8 =09 4 Salicional 8=09 5 Principal 4=09 6 Fifteenth 2=09   =09 Swell=09 7 Violin Diapason 8 =09 8 Gedact 8=09 9 Dulciana 8=09 10 Voix Celeste 8 =09 11 Flute Harmonique 4 =09 12 Oboe 8   One Sunday morning I went to play for their 8 a.m. non-conformist = service. It was the smallest service I ever played. The participants were: The Minister The Organist (me) One nurse (the congregation)   We all sang our heads off!   It has now apparently ceased to be a Royal Naval Hospital and become St. Dunstan's School. The organ has been modified. A Bass Flute 8 has been = added to the pedal and the swell now has a Gemshorn 4 instead of the Flute Harmonique and a Cornopean 8 instead of the Oboe.     Will Light Coventry UK   -----Original Message----- From: pipechat@pipechat.org [mailto:pipechat@pipechat.org] On Behalf Of Colin Mitchell Sent: 07 December 2004 22:13 To: PipeChat Subject: Re: Organs in Hospitals   Hello,   It seems we have a few organs in hospitals in the UK; the following of which I have found details:-   Royal Hospital, Chelsea Middlesex Hospital Chapel (an 11 speaking stop=20 Lewis/Norman & Beard)   Horlingham Hospital (11 speaking stops T S Jones)   Leytonstone Hospital. 2m 12 speaking stops, Robert Slater 1933.   Winchester Hospital Chapel, 1m 9 stops, Positive Organ Co.   Gloucester Hospital Chapel, 2m 7 stops   Runwell, Essex 2 manual 8 stops   Barnet Hospital,(N London) Holdich   However, although it may be cheating a little, there is the Royal Hospital School at Holbrook, which houses an awesome 4m Hill, Norman & Beard instrument which fairly rocks the building.   Other than that, I think we are able to be ill or die in peace.   Regards,   Colin Mitchell UK     =09 __________________________________=20 Do you Yahoo!?=20 Meet the all-new My Yahoo! - Try it today!=20 http://my.yahoo.com=20 =20     ****************************************************************** "Pipe Up and Be Heard!" PipeChat: A discussion List for pipe/digital organs & related topics HOMEPAGE : http://www.pipechat.org List: mailto:pipechat@pipechat.org Administration: mailto:admin@pipechat.org List-Subscribe: <mailto:pipechat-on@pipechat.org> List-Digest: <mailto:pipechat-digest@pipechat.org> List-Unsubscribe: <mailto:pipechat-off@pipechat.org>