PipeChat Digest #4303 - Thursday, February 26, 2004
AFTER "THE PASSION" (off topic, x post)
  by <ScottFop@aol.com>

(back) Subject: AFTER "THE PASSION" (off topic, x post) From: <ScottFop@aol.com> Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 02:01:26 EST   Good evening, or perhaps I should say good morning. Late on Ash Wednesday =   evening, after the triumphant strains of Vierne's "Kyrie" and "Attende = Domine" filled the church, some friends from the choir and I went to see "The = Passion of the Christ."   For weeks and months I had been reading about it and following the news = clips and, most recently, the pre-release specials. I am speechless. I am absolutely speechless. Regardless of what one's denomination is, this = movie will move even the hardest heart and the most jaded, indifferent soul.   This is a very hard movie to watch, I lost track of time and even where I = was for about an hour and a half of the 127 minute film. This film is not = fun, this film is not entertaining. This film is profound and extremely = moving. At times, it is overwhelming. I will say this: should children and youth = go to see it? That depends on their individual demeanor and ability to = process and rationalize what they will see and experience. From the time they = reached Golgotha until the time the thieves spoke to Jesus, I had my hands on = either side of my head near my eyes, almost like blinders, and I literally could = not move. I don't think I even breathed much during that sequence, I was = absolutely transfixed.   We've all seen the press regarding Mel Gibson. Anti Semitism? RUBBISH. There is NONE. I would defy any one of the Jewish faith (and NOT those = members of the anti defamation league) to truly call this film anti-Semetic. It's = just not there. There are also those who say that Mel "took liberties" with = the scriptures. To an artistic degree, I would say yes he did, but the things = that I would call "added" are things that no one knows happened for sure, but I =   would almost bet that they did. When you see the film, you'll understand = exactly what I mean. I don't know what possessed him to make this film in this manner, but he has guts and has done something that should have been done = years ago. I will never look at Good Friday or my own faith the same way again, = ever. This film is so personal and human, it's just incredible.   Should everyone go see this movie? If you can handle it, yes, by all = means. When the media says that the scenes are graphic and violent, that is a = gross understatement. Yet through the violence comes an incredibly profound and =   beautiful story that is sensitively told and that will reach everyone that =   experiences this film. Not everyone will do well with it, when it was = over the entire theatre sat there in dead silence, almost unable to move. It is = just an incredible experience.   In closing this unsolicited review, if your children would be upset or disturbed by the bloody truth of this film, then I suggest parents see it = before bringing children. However, I would not hesitate to take Jr. or Sr. high = aged young people if they desire to experience this movie. After all, the = events depicted in the movie changed the world and all of our lives that Friday = 2000 years ago.   Will I be seeing it again: You bet I will. At least once.   Thanks for reading.   -Scott   Scott F. Foppiano Cantantibus organis Caecilia Domino decantabat.