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(back) Subject: Re: PipeChat Digest #4185 - 12/31/03 From: <hydrant@baskerbeagles.com> Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 17:37:59 -0500   >From: "Dennis Goward" <dlgoward@cox.net> >Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 05:04:18 -0700   >It's not just cats, friends. We have two dogs. The custom over the years is that at 10:00 they get a "biscuit". ... All you have to do is say the word "biscuit" at that time, and pandemonium! They dance almost like Snoopy does in Peanuts! >   Understood here, too! The Baskerbeagles also do the Snoopy dance (of course! ... it was invented by a BEAGLE!!).   Their little internal clocks (located in their tummies) are ever efficient. We slept in today and did not get out of bed until NOON, and I fed them immediately. But... their normal lunch time is 12:30 and, yup, at 12:30, barely ten minutes after they had eaten breakfast, they were ready again.   To be organ related, tomorrow I'm going to go enjoy the quiet serenity of the church for a long practice session. My tradition has been, in addition to resolutions, to select the big pieces for the new year.   Restoring the Franck Chorales to playability on the "Francomanic" (that's a germanic design with french reeds!) will be a challenge, and I'm going to resurrect the Carillon de Westminster and Carillon Sortie. I also found some old collections that had been "under" other things, such as "Colors of the Organ" which is a very fun English collection of contemporary composers.   The congregation enjoyed the "Our Pipe Organ: A Continuing Gift" program and I've been asked to prepare two more. The first program has increased interest in the organ so we're hoping to continue building on this.   Anyone else have any playing goals for 2004?   >As to cats. . . no, I'd better not say it.   Just remember "Jeffrey" (or was he "Geoffrey?")     >Subject: Re: Young church musicians (was RCs and Anglicans) >From: "bobelms" <bobelms@westnet.com.au>   <If your posts are correct in detail there has to be something seriously wrong on the church scene in the USA.>   Alas, Bob. THere IS something very, very wrong in the church scene in the USA. We are suffering from an influx of people in leadership with secular ideas and preferences. It is very seldom that I meet clergy who actually are or seem to be committed to spreading the Gospel and worshiping. I feel really lucky right now to have a minister whose excitement for the Word is evident in his sermons, his class teaching, and in his daily interactions.   <I have been a church organist for 70 years and I still get a real thrill out of accompanying the service. >   I understand that feeling and, although have only been at it for 35 years, have not lost an ounce of the love or excitement of playing for/accompanying worship. But, I play so much less now that I did even ten years ago. I must endure the guitars blasting out of speakers on one side of the console and the 'orchestra' (trumpets, trombones, a flute and a bassoon) tooting away on even the soft hymns. Playing stirring hymns has given way to alternating chords for the praise choruses (ho hum). There is little to excite the soul, the hear, or the ears these days.   PS: I'm very impressed, Bob, that you STILL have your marbles!! congratz!!     Scritchies and Haruffaroo-bahawow...   Bruce and the Baskerbeagles http://baskerbeagles.com a great way to shop http://www.smartmall.biz?717886 HELP FEED ANIMALS FOR FREE http://tinyurl.com/2j5i and = http://pets.care2.com  
(back) Subject: Re: March From: "Dr. Amy Fleming" <docamy@alltel.net> Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 18:54:50 -0600   Re - March of the three Kings Randy Runyon writes "Was it the Pierre Cochereau improvisation you heard?"   No, I don't think so. I am wondering if the information I found = describing it as a 13th Century Provencal Carol is incorrect or did Bizet just borrow the melody and incorporate it into his work?   Amy    
(back) Subject: Re: March From: "Randolph Runyon" <runyonr@muohio.edu> Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 21:43:15 -0500   Well, I was just guessing it was the Cochereau, because you said it was on organlive. That's the only organ version I know of. It's described at http://www.lammas.co.uk/symphoni.htm#francaise If you go to http://www.chez.com/giorgiomat/Gard/ImageMois/MarcheDesRois/LesRoisMages.ht= m you can hear it. Is this the tune? According to that site, "L'auteur des paroles n'est autre que Joseph Domergue, cur=E9 doyen d'Aramon de 1691 =E0 1728, mort =E0 Avignon en 1729. Elle a =E9t=E9 publi=E9e pour la premi=E8re fois en 1763 dans un recueil de no=EBls proven=E7aux de Saboly." [The author of the words is none other than Joseph Domergue, the parish priest of Aramon from 1691 to 1728, deceased at Avigno= n in 1729. It was published for the first time in 1763 in a collection of Provencal Noels by Saboly."] So, to answer your question, Bizet did borrow the melody. I borrowed it myself for my church's Sunday School Christmas Pageant, writing words my four [sic] wise men to sing as they rode their imaginary camels across the stage.     Randy Runyon Music Director Zion Lutheran Church Hamilton, Ohio runyonr@muohio.edu     =A0=A0_______________________________________________________________   on 12/31/03 7:54 PM, Dr. Amy Fleming at docamy@alltel.net wrote:   > Re - March of the three Kings > Randy Runyon writes "Was it the Pierre Cochereau improvisation you heard?= " >=20 > No, I don't think so. I am wondering if the information I found describi= ng > it as a 13th Century Provencal Carol is incorrect or did Bizet just borro= w > the melody and incorporate it into his work? >=20 > Amy >=20 > "Pipe Up and Be Heard!" > PipeChat: A discussion List for pipe/digital organs & related topics > HOMEPAGE : http://www.pipechat.org > List: mailto:pipechat@pipechat.org > Administration: mailto:admin@pipechat.org > Subscribe/Unsubscribe: mailto:requests@pipechat.org >=20 >=20    
(back) Subject: Re: negative attitudes... From: "Alan Freed" <acfreed0904@earthlink.net> Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 23:09:15 -0500   On 12/31/03 4:21 PM, "Greg Homza" <homza@indiana.edu> wrote:   > Maybe I've just been lucky? If so, here's hoping it doesn't change...   Well, maybe there's been SOME luck, Greg. But I'm willing to bet that you've gotten to where you are by hard work, by EARNING it. And I rejoice for you in that. And with the others of whom you speak as well.   And that=B9s been the experience of very nearly all the people I know, in church music and among the clergy. The whining complaints that puzzle you puzzle me too (very much!). They just aren=B9t part of the atmosphere here. Maybe it=B9s just that it=B9s hard to MAKE it in a pressurized marketplace like Manhattan, so those who are HERE got here for the same reasons you got to where YOU are! =20   I think you name SHOULD be on a throw-away bulletin, as well as on the parish website; and the music you play or conduct (or both) should be identified as well. For Anglican parishes like St. Thomas=B9, Holy Trinity, or St. Bart=B9s, or Roman parishes like St. Pat=B9s or St. Ignatius Loyola; or Lutheran parishes like St. Peter=B9s, Emmanuel, Holy Trinity, or even our little St. Luke=B9s NOT to identify music would be insulting to the parishioners (=B3Oh, those dolts couldn=B9t care less anyway!=B2). Time was when most of our folks just got off the boat and COULDN=B9T care less anyway. But those days are several generations in the past. Nowadays (at least here) people WANT to know, and to know even more than you could squeeze into a bulletin. =20   Alan          
(back) Subject: Re: Bulletins From: "Alan Freed" <acfreed0904@earthlink.net> Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 23:12:48 -0500   On 12/31/03 4:25 PM, "Shirley" <pnst.shirley@verizon.net> wrote:   > "Hey, *I'LL* be a worship aide if you're paying!"   If they have a praise band, you could even be a Band-Aid!   Hey, Shirley--congratulations and best wishes on you . . . uh . . . "retirement"??? And Happy New Year, admired one!   Alan    
(back) Subject: From: "Alicia Zeilenga" <azeilenga@theatreorgans.com> Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 23:09:38 -0600   Hello, Does anyone have any idea as to why the Baldwin at my church would suddenly loose its 16' in the pedal? I am sorry, but I don't know much about electronic anything. Alicia Zeilenga Sub-Dean AGO@UI "Santa Caecilia, ora pro nobis"      
(back) Subject: Organists Shoes From: "jfc" <mailman_63127@yahoo.com> Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 23:29:27 -0800 (PST)   Happy New Year: Where can one get a pair of organists shoes? Are these custom made? Thanks. JC     "The love of great music is a joy that never fades"   --------------------------------- Do you Yahoo!? Find out what made the Top Yahoo! Searches of 2003