PipeChat Digest #4622 - Friday, July 16, 2004
Re: Hymn Intros, Text Painting, and stuff...
  by "Harry Grove" <musicman@cottagemusic.co.uk>

(back) Subject: Re: Hymn Intros, Text Painting, and stuff... From: "Harry Grove" <musicman@cottagemusic.co.uk> Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004 08:38:18 +0100   Dear Will,   This is the way I've been brought-up. "Way-to-go" as our transatlantic cousins (those other 'wild colonial boys') might say.   In our Benefice, the other major church ALWAYS sing their last verse = unison, no matter what. I vary this 'tradition' by having the choir sing vs. 1-2 on all 'new' = hymns in unison, otherwise we're into harmony all the time. EXCEPT for when I've decreed otherwise. Doxologies are always sung Unison and have an AMEN (Plagal, two-fold or with a multiple, but never a seven-fold - those conclude services).   Sometimes, either because I've inherited a good arrangement, or have a tried-and-tested one of my own, last verses are celebrated with an augmented organ 'development' - this is where I can go to town and expect everyone else (now thoroughly familiar with the melody) to take the place = of a solo rank around which I weave other melodic threads of different = harmonic textures.   And speaking of threads, hasn't Monty started a good one ?   Harry Grove   [a.k.a. musicman in neighbouring Worcestershire]   ----- Original Message ----- From: "Will Light" <will.light@btinternet.com> To: "'PipeChat'" <pipechat@pipechat.org> Sent: Thursday, July 15, 2004 2:47 PM Subject: RE: Hymn Intros, Text Painting, and stuff...     I think the only purpose of the play-through is to indicate to the congregation a) which tune they are about to sing. (Our book sometimes has two or even three alternative tunes to the same hymn) and b) what speed it is going to be sung at. I will usually play over in 4 part harmony on manuals only bringing in the pedal for the last line or so. If the hymn is less familiar I will solo the melody. If the hymn is very long and completely familiar, I may announce it just with the first phrase or line = on a solo reed, if it is a "big" hymn. I try always to fit my registrations = to the mood of the words, and change them verse by verse. Will Light Coventry UK