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Re: Concerted music style of playing
  by "Jarle Fagerheim" <jarle_fagerheim@yahoo.co.uk>
Church Music Summit ...VERY LONG
  by "T.Desiree' Hines" <nicemusica@yahoo.com>

(back) Subject: Re: Concerted music style of playing From: "Jarle Fagerheim" <jarle_fagerheim@yahoo.co.uk> Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 09:05:11 +0100     > > Colin, I'm sure there that in the organ world, as in all other areas of = the > arts and music, there is a certain snobbery school that says, "If you = enjoy > it and it's not boring, you can't be doing it correctly." The converse = is, > of course, true, that if it is dreary and dull, it must be historically > accurate and exactly as the composer intended.   I totally agree that such schools seem to exist. However, I can have great fun playing a Bach P&F without any registration changes, provided the organ is *well voiced* and thus has a pleasant, not tiring sound! OTOH, if faced with a large overpowering EP, I would throw most of the "historical performance" research that I know overboard and find a musical way of fitting the music to the instrument, including, if neccessary, the use of the swell pedal and Rollschweller ;-)   The only restored historical instrument I've played is the wonderfully restored II/30 1742 Wagner in Nidaros Cathedral. I can tell you that it is a delight to play, even though the action is quite heavy. In many cases that's a good thing, because playing too fast in the immense Cathedral makes the whole structure a mess.   - Jarle http://jarle.moo.no  
(back) Subject: Church Music Summit ...VERY LONG From: "T.Desiree' Hines" <nicemusica@yahoo.com> Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 00:47:19 -0800 (PST)   And the church said... AAAAAAMEN! I came back to Chicago today renewed and refreshed as a Sacred Musician = and Christian woman. The Church Music Summit was the best professional = development endeavor I have EVER attended, and I will hopefully be at = every one from now on! It was a great opportunity to network with people = of various skill levels and different denominations. It was also a time to = see for myself the wonderful things Friendship Missionary Baptist Church = of Charlotte. I am indebted to my very good friend who offers continued = mentorship like a brother, of R. Monty Bennett, for pretty much MAKING me = attend. Certainly a great man of God and I am blessed to have him at the = top of my list of those who I look up to an have as friends and mentors. = And the boy can PLAY! Hearing Monty in a church setting or any, will = make people with DMA's from Eastman look in the mirror and say " and you = thought YOU could play the organ!?" But, you never, ever see him in any = form but humble, sweet and just fun to be around. Get ready for a ride...and read all of this! First, the people at the "Ship" as we affectionatly call it, epitomize = the meaning of Christian Community. The Ship has on board it, some of the = most beautiful, real, kind, genuine people you would EVER meet anywhere. I = going to see if I can even make it my home church. A synopsis of the Summit is: how do musicians serving Black churches (or = any church losing its tradition for entertainment models) to retain and = practice good, reverent, and music and be more theologically sound. A = disclaimer...while that was the focus...a lot of us who serve white = churches would have benefitted greatly on EVERYTHING that was given. The = term that resounded for Summit: Embedded Theology. The organization of the summit is unparalleled! Tony McNeil, Minister of = Music is a truly called and musical Man of God. And he runs a very = organized and tight Music department. There was not ANY...ANY...time where = we needed anything. You turn around there was smiling face with a = volunteer badge on asking you what, if, how, where, when, who, = is...needed. Every turn you took, there was a volunteer with a smile on, = that would hug you and say how wonderful it was to have other music = ministers come share their talents, talk to you about how they love their = musicians and how they participate on womens choir, mens choir, their kids = are in this choir or that. Every time you needed anything from a restroom = break, to a soda to quench, we had it. Even ladies that were volunteering = would walk with you to the ladies room, chat you up and have you rolling = with stories of when Monty first was appointed at "The Ship". Thursday-The busy day! I got to Charlotte early, and they had vas at the = airport to pick us up in bunches to take us between the hotel and the = church. By the time I had gotten to the church, they had started with the = opening session which was energized. The afternoon was busy filed with = people doing lots of things. We let out for lunch to go just down the road = to the House of Prayer kitchen for good Southern Food, where I was = thrilled to have lunch with Rev. Dr. Linda H Hollies, one of the speakers = for the Summit. The BIG fun throw-down Thursday was the Plenary Session that evening. = Monty and I are still rolling laughing about how touched and anointed = everyone was. We are enjoying jubilantly more than laughing I think = because of what happened. That evening was the session "Introducing Hymnody to the Black Church" led = by the uncomparably talented Dr. Tony Leach, Choral Director at Penn = State. We got hymnals and Monty was at the organ, and we went from (R-R, = which ones did we do?!) I know we did When in Our Music, God is = Glorified. BUT!!! The thing that Monty and I were filled with joy over, as = organist was the reception of Joyful Joyful we Adore thee! Yall...even ,I = T. Desiree' Hines was shouting! We start singing this in G...Monty is = pulling stuff on, la la la, we go from G to A...and then from A to B...and = between going from A and B. Monty is sitting at this organ...got us, = jumpin, shoutin Amen...this guy is pulling everything out of 52 ranks he = can, just the most glorious spontaneous chords on the Chamade...I mean = people started the typical Black reaction to Being Filled...he ends on a = V7, and we belt...I mean BELT out the last verse. Imagine 300 black church = musicians...with many of us being women, reaching high B naturals in descants, and the tenors being able to reach Counter-Tenor = like ranges, the bases ..I mean we were sining So loudly and so filled = with the Spirit, Monty had to use the Chamade as a Chorus Reed. We got = done singing...and all you could hear were cries of = Joy...Alleluia...Amen...Thank You Jesus...for about a good 10 minutes = after singing. We could not stop worshiping. One lady in the back shouted = "GLORY" , Dr Glenn Burleigh in is stately height stood up, raised his = hands and said "Oh Lord Thank You!" ...I mean it was something for an = organist to see...people loving our instrument. Tony Leach asked "Whats wrong with that...HYMN?! NOTHING!" and mentioned = that....with skillful musicians playing from their hearts, with Joy and = passion, that the most traditional of hymns can evoke spirit. Get good = musicians, and anything can happen. And all we had...was Monty at the 52 = rank Knowlton organ, playing with the tremendous talent God has given him. = When we come up off the books and purism, and just let God work in us, = maybe we can get more reactions like this. I bet you this...there were = quite a few of music ministers that dont have pipe organs in their = churches running to Al Murell the next day to talk about Rodgers or = Ruffatti organs. Boring hymn playing is the only thing that leads to = boring hymn singing. Friday was another fay willed with busy-bee hospitality, but we did get = about 2 hours of free time to sit in the sanctuary and reflect on things. = It was also when Dr. Diane White offered a poised presentation on pastor = and musician relationship. This was certainly nice to hear ways of = effectively communicating rather than angrily arguing on certain things. Friday evening was the chance to sit down for dinner with others and share = time with those we did not know and reflect on some questions. We also = were graced by the elegance of Dr Perrianne Davis, who can easily be = called...the Music degreed Church Musician...who is also a licensed, = doctoral degreed mental health professional. In so many words, she offered = us advice, in the smoothest of tone. One thing she talked about was how to = become mentally sound church musicians. If we have situations that are = creating a poor mental health...leave them or seek help. When we are sick = with a cold, we seek help, but when we are worried about things, and = mentally off balance, we've "got the Devil in us"...and deny that mental = health is something that needs to be medically advised. She talked about = mental health in all areas of life...from the ones we are romantically = involved with to our work situations. She and I has a personal = conversation Saturday evening and it was amazing. Imagine the sweetness of your most favorite aunt and you have the persona of = Perianne. Another day, Friday or Saturday, was a time when we...Saturday when we had = another roof raising spontaneous session during our panel. we were running = late so instead of doing out sessions of small groups, Tony Leach and = Jimmie Abbington took questions and offered readings from useful texts, = including Marva Dawn's book. One question that struck a chord...of = "whoa...wait a minute...OH, NO YOU DID'NT" was "Why is there such a = negotive connotation to Praise and Worship a this conference?" = THAT...was a question that got a 10 minute answer from Jimmie Abbington, = followed by a roof raising 15 -25 minute sermon by V Michael McKay from = Brentwood Baptist in Houston. Basic answer...NO ONE who comes to church to = worship God needs a group TELLING them that they need poor, unorganized, = theology-lacking, music to praise and worship. Praise and Worship is = already in us...and can happen anywhere and at anytime. While we are there = to assist in uplifting worship, we can do it with taste, style, and reverance. We are only there to enrich that praise and worship that is = already there. One thing I can say that the Summit did for me is show me that I can be = proud of the person I am: an aspiring classical pipe organist, who is = still a black woman who loves God and desires to be musically different, = allowing my Devotion to shine thru my playing. And its ok to shout and = give God glory in church. And it also taught me a LOT about beautiful ways = of Worship renewal. I whole-heartedly admitted that one reason I have not = been in accordance was becasue of the lack of Gospel and Conemporary music = that has style and substance. BUT...after attending the conference, I have = learned so much! It is from those like Diane White, Glenn Burleigh and the = others that are first and formost classically trained, and putting a lot = of music theory and stateliness into their music, that we get some = extremely beautiful Renewal music, in Gospel form with a lof of very = classical attributes. When we were singing Burleigh's Blessed Quietness, = my "person" was being so nourished and fullfilled, that I was crying and could not see enough to the soprano part. An interesting = conversation with him proved that he is such a sweet man and loves his = ministry. Interestingly, Glenn Burleigh is a product of the U of OK...and = he shared with me that he took Organ as a secondary with Mildred Andrews. = He said in such a funny way how "Miss Andrews tried to get me to switch to = Organ! But I stuck with piano" she told him he had "the flair" and that = "you know the black colleges are starting organ departments" (AND Stephen = Roberts....Glenn B thinks he knows you! If he remembers correctly he says = that you all used to eat dinner all the time and that the organ students = would always carry on so) Saturday evening ws a big evening with all the music of the week, pretty = much, and Dr Linda Hollies of Grand Rapids preaching. She and I had lunch = Thursday and she is truly a strong, locomotive of a personality. If you = have ever seen The Color Purple, and that scene when Sophia (Oprah = Winfrey) first appears..THATS Dr Linda Hollies persona...but it's so fun! = As a matter of fact, this woman is so strong and a "tell it like it is" = speaker, I think she would be a great chaplain for AGO after James Forbes. = Her sermon was so real and so fun, She started of by saying she had been = up since 6 AM and had not eaten dinner, so it was going to be a reasonably = sized sermon and she was not kidding! She outlined the word, = w-o-r-s-h-i-p . When she got to i, she humersouly said that God keeps her = Igo in check. She reverted to the effenciency of how Tony McNeil and his = music staff had run things.When she arrived at the airport, she looked for = someone that would have been there to pick her up, singly. She saw no one from Music staff. Humerously, she said she found someone. = "My name is Reverend...DOCTOR Linda H Hollies...and you sent some man I = don't know in a VAN to get me?!" We fell over laughing in church! but = most of all, if i remember corretly, she was saying that here igo is = always going to be put in check, and that we music ministers need to = remember to do that as well.   Now...the main theme that resounded for the summit...EMBEDDED THEOLOGY! What does this mean to you when you see it? I start off with a snip from = the lecture of Perrianne Davis that many of us still see the world = "...through the eyes of a 5 year old...." and want to hold on to what we = see and not progress forward (not a quote, but the general idea). Examples = of Embedded Theology... -God is a Man -Black Churches don't have pipe organs and don' t want them -The solution to church growth is the elimination of traditional music Figure out how Embedded Theology holds us back as musicians. All in one, it was a great time had by all and we each left with more = insight on being great musicians. I was very dissappointed to see that = there were no other pipe chatters there. Like one clinician said, no = matter how much education we have, we still need to learn. Once you get = one degree, its just a comma to the next. May expire the minute you leave = commencement. TDH     From Desiree' T. Desiree' Hines Chicago, IL 60610 ---------------------------- For Compositions by Desiree' Frog Music Press www.frogmusic.com ------------------------------- FOR CONCERTS BY DESIREE' http://concertartist.info/bios/hines.html __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Tired of spam? Yahoo! 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