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Organ program initiated at Garrett-Evangelical
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Singer of 4 parts
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Great Grand Rapids Up-Coming Concert
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(back) Subject: Organ program initiated at Garrett-Evangelical From: "Fran Walker" <fwalker@northwestern.edu> Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 10:43:30 -0600       Current Press Releases Organ program initiated at Garrett-Evangelical   EVANSTON =96 Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary will offer a=20 concentration in organ performance as a new track in its existing master of= =20 arts in music ministry program, beginning in the fall of 2005. The two-year degree provides the academic and professional preparation= =20 for music leadership and ministry in the worship life of the church. It=20 also provides the academic qualifications for certification in music=20 ministry and for ordination as a deacon in The United Methodist Church.=20 This degree is also appropriate for persons of most Protestant=20 denominations who are serving or will serve as organists or directors of=20 music in local churches. The seminary=92s board of trustees approved the program at its fall=20 meeting in response to neighboring Northwestern University=92s decision to= =20 close its graduate program in organ and church music. There is no=20 comparable program in the Chicago metropolitan area nor is there a=20 seminary-based program in this part of the Midwest, said E. Byron Anderson,= =20 director of Garrett-Evangelical=92s program in music ministry. =93The addition of the organ study will fill a real need for potential= =20 students in music ministry,=94 said Fred Swan, president of the American=20 Guild of Organists. =93The program has real potential.=94 This need for the organ specialty is not only local, but also=20 national, said Richard Enright, emeritus professor of church music at=20 Northwestern University. The concentration is a natural extension of the master=92s degree=20 program already in place that utilizes the resources of Northwestern=20 University, Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, and churches in the=20 greater Chicago area. In addition to the seminary=92s Casavant organ, there= =20 is a small pipe organ in Howes Chapel on campus, and many outstanding=20 practice organs at Northwestern University and in area churches. For more information, contact E. Byron Anderson at 847-866-3875 Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary is one of 13 United=20 Methodist-related seminaries and is located on the campus of Northwestern=20 University in Evanston, Ill. This graduate school of theology offers master= =20 of divinity, master of arts, master of theological studies, doctor of=20 philosophy and doctor of ministry degrees. In the years 2003-05, the=20 seminary celebrates its 150th anniversary. For more information on the=20 seminary, visit the seminary Web site at www.garrett.edu. >Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 00:00:03 -0600 >MethodistMusicians Digest - Wednesday, November 17, 2004 >Subject: New Organ Performance Program at Garrett-Evangelical >From: "Dean McIntyre" <dmcintyre@GBOD.org> > >This item from the online Nov 19 edition of Newscope: >UM-related Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Evanston, Ill., will >start offering a concentration in organ performance as part of its master= of >arts in music ministry program beginning in fall of 2005. This decision=20 >follows >an announcement by nearby Northwestern University that it was ending its=20 >organ >and church music graduate program. The new concentration was approved by= the >seminary's trustees on Oct. 22. According to E. Byron Anderson, the= school's >music ministry program director, there is no comparable program in the=20 >Chicago >area or in another Midwestern seminary. The program will make use of=20 >resources >at Northwestern and other neighboring schools and churches.   >You can find links to the Garrett-Evangelical (and other UM seminaries')= music >program on The General Board of Discipleship website at >http://www.gbod.org/worship/default.asp?act=3Dreader&item_id=3D8419 > >Dean McIntyre, music@gbod.org >End of MethodistMusicians Digest   ************************************************** Fran Walker (fwalker@northwestern.edu) CMS-EMS (Center for Mathematical Studies in Economics & Management Science) Northwestern University Phone: 847-491-3527; Fax: 847-491-2530 2001 Sheridan Road, Rm. 580 Evanston, IL 60208-2014 http://www.kellogg.nwu.edu/research/math **************************************************    
(back) Subject: RE: Organ program initiated at Garrett-Evangelical From: "Emmons, Paul" <PEMMONS@wcupa.edu> Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 13:26:01 -0500   This is very good news, not only as an academic opportunity to study the organ, but as a refutation of the irrationale recently given by Northwestern University, in the very same suburb, for the closure of its program. =20   =20   It is also a welcome sign of the commitment of this denomination (or at least one influential institution within it) to a tradition of church music. Given reports from several sources (NPR, this list, Mystery Worshipper, and first-hand experiences of friends) many United Methodist churches have lately become abruptly and conspicuously more goal-directed- if, as I understand, this term is a euphemism for "the end justifies the means." In this case, the end is growth in attendance and membership, and the means includes anything-goes on Sunday morning. But perhaps I was mistaken, or a counter-trend is happily taking shape.     =20   The fact that future clergy will be mingling with apprentice church musicians should also be a good portent for future mutual understanding and co-operation.    
(back) Subject: Fisk News Xpost From: "Mark Nelson" <mark.edward.nelson@gmail.com> Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 15:07:15 -0500   Dear Folks:   The Fisk website has been updated with current pictures of several projects and articles on the Lausanne organ by Steve Dieck and David Pike as well as Jean-Christophe Geiser, Cathedral Organist.   This coming weekend there will be an open house for Opus 131, an organ for a new chapel at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Winston-Salem NC. The organ is being built with John Schreiner, a former employee and frequent collaborator. The open house in at John's shop in Schenectady NY, NOT IN GLOUCESTER! If you're in that area you are welcome!!!! It's John's Opus 6 and has 18 voices on 2 manuals and Pedal, 21 ranks. For more information click onthe link on our home page to Opus 131 Open Page and for directions click on the link "Open House. . ."   www.cbfisk.com/welcome.html   Cheers!   Mark Nelson C. B. Fisk, Inc.  
(back) Subject: Singer of 4 parts From: "Judy A. Ollikkala" <71431.2534@compuserve.com> Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 19:06:16 -0500   My son Barry can do this, or until recently he could. At age 39 he now = says he can't reach high C. But in earlier years he had a 4 octave range. He considers himself a bass in 4 part music, but ends up singing countertenor because they are rare. His voice can go up a scale without one's discerning where it breaks. I'm sure this is not that unusual. He = trained originally as a Boy Soprano, as did 2 of his brothers, but the other two cannot do this. When he was young he used to sing all 4 parts of such as the Durufle Requiem in the back seat of the car while I was driving. He also could play Bach on the organ by memory, and better then I. Brings back memories. Judy Ollikkala  
(back) Subject: Re: Singer of 4 parts From: "Jan Nijhuis" <nijhuis@email.com> Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 09:32:49 +0800   I'd be happy if I could play Bach with the music. :-)   > He also could play Bach on the organ by memory, and better then I.   > Judy Ollikkala=20   -- Jan Nijhuis nijhuis@email.com   --=20 ___________________________________________________________ Sign-up for Ads Free at Mail.com http://promo.mail.com/adsfreejump.htm    
(back) Subject: Great Grand Rapids Up-Coming Concert From: "Robert Ridgeway" <robert@magneticlab.com> Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 23:14:35 -0600     > > >Dear List, > >Those of you who have received the November issue of The American Organist= =20 >magazine will have noticed the stunning cover photograph of the newly=20 >restored sanctuary of Fountain Street Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan and= =20 >its handsome new 5-manual Austin/Allen organ. The write-up and=20 >specification of the instrument is to be found on pages 48, 49 and 50 and= =20 >was contributed by Kimberlee J. Austin, President of the Austin Organ=20 >Company and internationally renown organist, Carlo Curley, member of the=20 >Organ Selection Committee, former Artist-in-Residence and longtime member= =20 >of Fountain Street Church. > >Carlo's musings are typically informative, entertaining and a=20 >breath-of-fresh-air, IMHO for such a staid journal and I would recommend=20 >the article to you. > >What I'm also equally keen to recommend is an upcoming Grand Gala Recital= =20 >by none other than Carlo Curley on this remarkable instrument (7,980 pipes= =20 >and 179 speaking stops) to be held the day after Thanksgiving, Friday,=20 >November 26th commencing at 7.30 p.m. . The 250-knob console will be=20 >center-stage in this striking auditorium and Curley will present a program= =20 >by such composers as Bach ('Come, Sweetest Death', Tocata and Fugue in D=20 >Minor), Barber ('Adagio for Strings'), Dupr=E9 (Prelude and Fugue No. 3 in= G=20 >Minor), Elgar ('Nimrod' and 'Imperial March'), Franck ('Fantaisie in A'),= =20 >Handel (Largo from 'Xerxes'), Dussek ('Andante in F' arr. Thalben-Ball),= etc. . > >Additionally, Carlo will play the North American premier of a charming=20 >arrangement by distinguished English composer, Howard Blake of a=20 >well-known song from the animated film, 'The Snowman'. Entitled 'Walking=20 >In the Air', it was given its first performance at St. John's Church,=20 >Hammersmith, London in December, 2003. The composer attended and in fact,= =20 >especially composed and arranged this work for Carlo Curley. It should be= =20 >super to hear this lovely 'Fantasy' played on such a wide-ranging and=20 >comprehensive new instrument. > >The church is located at 24 Fountain Street, Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA).= =20 >Tickets are $16 in advance and $19 at the door to benefit INNOCENT, a=20 >non-profit organization that works with families and friends of the=20 >wrongly convicted. Patron tickets are $50 that include reserve seating and= =20 >a special meet-the-artist reception following the performance. > >Tickets for this not-to-be-missed recital are available at Westfield Organ= =20 >Company, 533 32nd Street, SE, Grand Rapids (Tel: 616-247-0922), Franklin=20 >Press (616-538-5820) and Manpower offices in Grand Haven, Muskegon and=20 >Zeeland, Michigan. And, of course, they are available at the door on the= night. > >For those of you resident in Western Michigan, I understand that the Grand= =20 >Rapids Press will feature Carlo and this performance in a special article= =20 >this Sunday, November 21st so get the paper and have a good read! > >I made the long car journey last November to hear Carlo perform the third= =20 >and final inaugural concert in the opening series of this organ with which= =20 >he has been so closely connected and I can recommend the performer, the=20 >instrument and the venue to you all without reservation. On that=20 >particular occasion, even though there had already been two previous=20 >dedicatory programs on this instrument, the entire church (seating=20 >somewhere around 1,800) was sold out and there was standing-room only. I= =20 >have always maintained that if you give the public an outstanding musician= =20 >performing on a wonderful instrument they will come, even when there is a= =20 >modest admission charged. How often have we all attended a "free" recital= =20 >for which even that nominal charge was too much and the place was nearly=20 >empty. This will not be the case in Grand Rapids. You will all be in for= =20 >a musical treat. > >More details as they become available may be viewed on=20 ><http://www.carlo.com>www.carlo.com > >Hope to see you there the day after Thanksgiving. It is certainly an=20 >evening not to be missed! > >Regards, > >Robert Ridgeway, Curator >Sanfilippo Foundation Collection >Barrington Hills, IL > >