PipeChat Digest #4926 - Thursday, November 25, 2004
RE: Birmingham, etc
  by "Will Light" <will.light@btinternet.com>

(back) Subject: RE: Birmingham, etc From: "Will Light" <will.light@btinternet.com> Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 09:32:32 -0000   Actually you are both wrong! Birmingham is most definitely in THE = MIDLANDS. And I wonder if all these people who are set on running Birmingham down = in every way have visited the place in the last, say, ten years? There have been BIG changes, both for good and bad, but I think the good have predominated. Symphony Hall is the finest concert venue I have ever experienced and it has a wonderful new organ by Klais. The Town Hall is = in the process of a huge renovation, and the organ has also been renovated. Centenary Square and Brindley Place have been created as remarkably = friendly open public spaces, the Gas Street Canal basin has been turned into a fantastic public area with restaurants, clubs, pubs etc which is = thriving and is a centre for "nightlife". (Did you know that Birmingham has more canals than Venice?) The National Indoor Arena hosts sporting events and = pop concerts, as does the National Exhibition Centre. The jewelry quarter = still makes the most astounding artifacts, both traditional and contemporary = and the Science Museum is well worth a visit. The National Motorbike = exhibition, which was burned down about a year ago, is about to re-open to the = public - complete with it's Wurlitzer organ in the banqueting suite - I could go = on, like the publicity department for Birmingham City Council, but suffice = it to say that, best of all, Birmingham is only 20 miles from the gem of the Midlands - Coventry! The city where I am told I am now officially a "Coventry Kid" because I have lived here more than 21 years. The city = which has THREE cathedrals to show you - dated from 1043, 1345 and 1962 - and = the home of the motor car, which has been built here in a multitude of = styles since 1893 or so, together with the finest collection of British Road Transport in the world. Birmingham is the UK's second city in population terms and is second to none in its sense of civic pride, and Coventry, written off by some as a kind of industrial backwater, has far more to = offer to the visitor than many would think.   [End of commercial]   If anyone is planning a visit to the UK - don't just do London- come and = see us in the MIDLANDS - see Warwick Castle, the most complete example of a medieval castle surviving, visit Stratford and do the "Shakespeare = thing" - but come and take Will Light's celebrated tour of Coventry too!   Will Light Coventry UK