PipeChat Digest #4930 - Friday, November 26, 2004
Re: Organ Recordings
  by "Octaaf" <octaaf@charter.net>

(back) Subject: Re: Organ Recordings From: "Octaaf" <octaaf@charter.net> Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 03:51:16 -0600   Phil,   I may still have some recordings of Charles Schilling's annual recitals on =   the 4 manual Estey at the University of the Pacific Conservatory. If I = can find them, I'll be happy to share. I think I have some pics of the = console and the stop list around here also. I played a 12 rank Estey which was acquired through OCH, and rebuilt by Bond for several years at the = Catholic church in Bend, Oregon. Deadly dry acoustic, but that little organ made a =   joyous noise! There is an original 9(?) rank Estey in St. Monica Catholic =   church in North Bend, Oregon as well which has been recently restored.   Streaming Audio eats bandwidth, but you might consider making files available for download in MP3 format. Just a thought.   Cheers,   Tim Grenz   ----- Original Message ----- From: "Phil Stimmel" <pca@sover.net> To: "PipeChat" <pipechat@pipechat.org> Sent: Thursday, November 25, 2004 6:04 PM Subject: Organ Recordings     > As I am continuing my research and archiving of the Estey pipe organs, I =   > am > now at the point where I am looking to obtain recordings of as many > Estey's > as possible. I have recently come into the recordings that "Fats" = Waller > did on the Camden, NJ organ for the Victor Company (if you haven't heard > these, you've never heard an Estey "jive"). Are there any members of = this > list that have recordings of Esteys that they might be willing to share > with > me? I'm fascinated by the variety of instruments the company built, and > would love to hear more from some of these instruments. > > Phil Stimmel > > PS I wish I could afford to add streaming audio to the website; = however, > I > do have one brief segment of Fats Waller imbedded in the home page. > > > The Estey Pipe Organ > - A Virtual Museum - > www.esteyorgan.com > > > > ****************************************************************** > "Pipe Up and Be Heard!" > PipeChat: A discussion List for pipe/digital organs & related topics > HOMEPAGE : http://www.pipechat.org > List: mailto:pipechat@pipechat.org > Administration: mailto:admin@pipechat.org > List-Subscribe: <mailto:pipechat-on@pipechat.org> > List-Digest: <mailto:pipechat-digest@pipechat.org> > List-Unsubscribe: <mailto:pipechat-off@pipechat.org> > >