PipeChat Digest #4736 - Saturday, September 4, 2004
Re: Four Hands Four Feet For Christmas
  by <Joshwwhite@aol.com>
Upcoming Theremin / Theatre Organ Concert [x-posted]
  by "Charlie Lester" <crl@137.com>

(back) Subject: Re: Four Hands Four Feet For Christmas From: <Joshwwhite@aol.com> Date: Sat, 4 Sep 2004 00:35:17 EDT   Dear Devon: Thanks for the advice, I will look forward to finding out the = composer! That sounds as if it is just what we are looking for. I never would = have thought about having enough wind! Could this be a realistic problem? = Though, after thinking about it, I have never had that problem before. And to Wayne Leupold, thank you for the link to the Christmas duet = on your website, however many, if not all of those carols are already being played in other parts of the concert. I do not have a problem with = repeating something, but I want to present as varied a program as I can. What do = others on this list think about repeating tunes (Christmas carols) in a festival of =   keyboards? In essence, I suppose repeating a tune in two different ways = is also a way to have a varied program. Thanks, Josh    
(back) Subject: Upcoming Theremin / Theatre Organ Concert [x-posted] From: "Charlie Lester" <crl@137.com> Date: Fri, 03 Sep 2004 21:54:58 -0700   I will be playing the theremin in concert along with theatre organist Stan Kann on Sunday, September 12, 2:30 p.m., at Plummer Auditorium in Fullerton, California; presented by the Orange County Theatre Organ = Society.   The grand, historic Plummer Auditorium - built in 1930 - is graced with a magnificent 4-manual, 36-rank Wurlitzer pipe organ that is original to the building (one of few Wurlitzer organs still located in their original sites).   Stan Kann is a fabulous organist and a consummate showman. He's the house organist for the St. Louis (Missouri) Fox Theatre. He's also a dear friend of mine who shares a mutual passion -- antique vacuum cleaners! (So don't be too surprised if a 1930s-vintage Hoover or Eureka makes a special appearance at the concert!)   Stan will also play for a silent-film comedy - one of his specialties! He's one of the greatest living silent film accompanists and this part of the concert alone will be more than worth the very modest price of admission (about $8 I think, but don't quote me on that).   For more information on the concert, including a map to the auditorium: http://www.octos.org/   For historic information on the auditorium: http://www.ci.fullerton.ca.us/historicplaces/plummerauditorium.html   For information on the theremin: http://www.137.com/theremins   (P.S.: If someone could post this to the Theatre Organ & other organ lists, I'd be much obliged - I am not a subscriber.)   ~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~ Charlie Lester