PipeChat Digest #4740 - Monday, September 6, 2004
RE: Electronic Voicing
  by "John Jarvis" <jljarvis@comcast.net>

(back) Subject: RE: Electronic Voicing From: "John Jarvis" <jljarvis@comcast.net> Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 00:55:15 -0700   Here is my rather simplistic, non-technical answer to a recently posted question about Voicing digital organs. I have a fairly new Rodgers Trillium 787 with external speakers installed in my home which was "voiced" recently. Additionally, a church that I substitute at has a Phoenix that is about two years old that was voiced while I was present. In both cases, a laptop computer was used with a special program from the manufacture that allowed for "tweaking" the balance of a range from high to mid to low frequencies for each stop and if you wanted for each note within a stop. This was quite a lengthy process in each case as once a particular stop sounded decent within the room, it might need further adjustment when added to the full chorus of the organ. I wasn't really convinced that I needed to have this done to my Rodgers until I played the same model as mine that was installed in a similar environment (16 foot hard surface ceilings with a fair amount of carpet) and somewhat larger volume of space. The other Rodgers sounded SO much better than mine that I went for it! Whilst, I would love to have the room and money for a pipe organ at home, I am very happy with the "bang for the buck" that I now have with my Rodgers - especially since I love to play around with MIDI software and instruments. JJ