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Re: Ivan and Glenda - An Update
  by "David Scribner" <david@blackiris.com>
Re: Ivan and Glenda - An Update
  by <Keys4bach@aol.com>
Re: Leupold Franck Edition
  by "Christopher J. Howerter" <christophhowerter@sbcglobal.net>
The Hymnal 1940
  by "First Christian Church of Casey, IL" <kzrev@rr1.net>
Re: Organ Study
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(back) Subject: Re: Ivan and Glenda - An Update From: "David Scribner" <david@blackiris.com> Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 18:13:34 -0500   I called Glenda when I got home tonight. The winds have stopped blowing hard and the rain has stopped. Actually she said the sun was coming out and it was getting hot. Still no power but her phone line is still working. When Rick, her husband, went into work this morning someone had to come out and remove a tree that was blocking the road. Glenda has only been out of the house around their property and except for numerous branches that are down and the tree that is down they have escaped any damage. I passed along the good wishes of those of you that either wrote me privately or via the list and she did appreciate that.   We have another list member, who doesn't post very often, Lynn Lauderdale in Pensacola. I tried to call her but got no answer - I'm hoping that she and her family fled before the storm arrived. I know that she lives down in the older section of the city where there was much damage. From the pictures i have seen on the Weather Channel the historic downtown section of Pensacola was hit very hard with flooding and the wonderful Live Oaks in the square having been blown down. There were also photos of the old synagogue downtown that was destroyed by Ivan and this was a fairly well built brick building.   As some of you know i lived in Pensacola for several years and know many people down there. I pray that they are all OK. But after seeing the damage on the TV I'm really concerned, I hope that you all will keep the folks in that area of the country in your prayers. Seeing photos on CNN of the damage to the West Florida Hospital, which is well inland, was unbelievable - Walls ripped off the building and most of the windows blown in.   David  
(back) Subject: Re: Ivan and Glenda - An Update From: <Keys4bach@aol.com> Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 19:43:00 EDT   In a message dated 9/16/2004 7:17:20 PM Eastern Standard Time, david@blackiris.com writes:   > Seeing photos on CNN of the damage to the West Florida Hospital, > which is well inland, was unbelievable - Walls ripped off the > building and most of the windows blown in. > >   this was indeed an awful sight......cannot imagine what downtown will look =   like.   we thank those who prayed for punta gorda and port charlotte....still = people without phone and power but recovery is on the way.   we now pray for P'cola and Alabama---we know some of their pain and sorrow =   and pray for only the best.   dale in port charlotte/wrinklewood  
(back) Subject: Re: Leupold Franck Edition From: "Christopher J. Howerter" <christophhowerter@sbcglobal.net> Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 21:20:13 -0400   Dear Beau and List,   The Leupold Edition is probably the best available. It has great = commentary and illustrations as well as the fact that it is a reprint of the original =   Durand Edition. Hope this helps...   Sincerely, Christopher J. Howerter   Subject: Leupold Franck Edition From: "Beau Surratt" <Beau.Surratt@theatreorgans.com> Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 08:27:56 -0500   Hi! Well...I'm back after a bit of a hiatus from the list over the past few months. I have a question about Wayne Leupold's new edition of Franck- for any of you who have seen it, do you think it is worth the money?   I have the Dover edition and have been reading up in the Rollin Smith books among others and such. I wonder if it might be useful to have lots of Franck scholarship in the actual edition of the scores I use which is the what I percieve the Leupold edition to be.   I'm not sure about the particular edition of the scores in Leupold- it is supposedly a conglomerate of various autographs and such to make a final edition which should be the most accurate.   What do y'all think?     Blessings, Beau Surratt    
(back) Subject: The Hymnal 1940 From: "First Christian Church of Casey, IL" <kzrev@rr1.net> Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 21:32:54 -0500   Thanks to a quick response, I have secured a copy of The Hymnal 1940. Now = I can look up that hymn about the laughing dogs!   You are a helpful bunch! ;>)   Dennis Steckley Lover of Cats, Pipe Organs & 1940-65 Sewing Machines    
(back) Subject: Re: Organ Study From: "TommyLee Whitlock" <tommylee@whitlock.org> Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 01:00:03 -0400   Nathan! Go for it while you're still young and limber! Oh, it's never too late = but probalby the younger you start, the better. <G> I'm 50 and took my first organ lessons three years ago after trying to = teach myself for about a year. I took a year of lessons and then had to drop = out but I still practice regularly and have made much progress. I've still = got a long way to go but I'm sure enjoying the ride! And I had very minimal = piano instruction as a kid (7 months). My goal is to evently take the AGO = service level exam. I personally also know several couts older than I am who only recently = started taking lessons so in the grand scheme of things, you're still pretty = young. It's never too late! Best of luck!!!! Jump right in. Just make sure = that you practice _daily_ even if it's only 15 minutes or half an hour. Cheers, TommyLee   > Dear List, > I have decided, now that I've reached the ripe old age of 27, and > have been working with organs for a while, that I have developed a > level of respect and love for the organ to really dig in and learn how > to play them properly. I made an attempt 10 years ago, while in > High School, to learn to play. I simply did not have the ability, > or maturity to give the organ the time and level of > responsibility required. > > I also think it would be destructive in the long term to keep > tinkering about on the organ as I do, and reinforce bad habits! I > would consider my current organ-playing to be fumbling and improper. > I can limp through various pieces, but only after essentially > memorizing them. I can sight-read very slowly but my lack of manual/ > pedal technique holds me back more than my reading. > > I attend Christ Church in Ansonia, CT. As you know, we have a > dynamite 1899 Hutchings, tonally and almost mechanically original. > I'd love to be able to play it some day when the organist is on > vacation! The traditional Episcopal/Anglican music is my first love, > and my ultimate goal. That and the Saint-Saens Echo Fantasy in Eb. (C: =   > > So, for the organists and organ-teachers out there, I would > be interested in your comments. > > Thanks! > > - Nate > > Famous Rector quote: "You're no different than the Sexton. The > Sexton has his lawn-mower, and you have your organ...." >