PipeChat Digest #4795 - Wednesday, September 29, 2004
Re: very strange EBAY sale
  by <Gfc234@aol.com>
Re: RC Skinners
  by "Nathan Smith" <erzahler@sbcglobal.net>
postal addresses
  by "Liquescent" <quilisma@cox.net>
  by <BlueeyedBear@aol.com>
Updates at ORGANLive
  by "Brent Johnson" <brentmJ@charter.net>
re: 4' pedal solo line piece
  by "Pat Maimone" <patmai@juno.com>
Re: stoplist fee?
  by <OMusic@aol.com>

(back) Subject: Re: very strange EBAY sale From: <Gfc234@aol.com> Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 21:40:45 EDT     In a message dated 9/28/04 7:31:51 PM, Tspiggle@aol.com writes:     >=20 > $15 is not the price. It's the starting bid. The auction clearly states=20 > "reserve not met". >=20 > =A0 >=20 > By the way, I have a shed full of old pipes and I'll give you $15 to haul= =20 > them off. >=20 > =A0 >=20 > Tom >=20 >=20   I don't want a shed full of pipes-my two rank tracker does me just fine--m= y=20 point was that it is kinda depressing to see someones magnum opus for sale o= n=20 EBAY FOR "THE STARTING PRICE" OF 15 bucks--I am sure that that document has=20 lots of blood, sweat, tears, depression, joy, and money behind it. That was my point. gfc       Gregory Ceurvorst 1921 Sherman Ave. #GS Evanston, IL 60201 847.332.2788 home/fax 708.243.2549 mobile gfc234@aol.com gfc234@nextel.blackberry.net  
(back) Subject: Re: RC Skinners From: "Nathan Smith" <erzahler@sbcglobal.net> Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 21:58:05 -0400 (Eastern Standard Time)   Dear List,=0D =0D There is a very fine Skinner at St. Bernard's in Worcester, MA. The organ is all original excepting the First Diapason which was swapped out with a Spitz Principal of some sort years ago. Half the rank awaits its return to the spotlight someday. The acoustics in the building are spectacular, and the Swell reeds are...well... butt kickers! I would say the only strange thing about the instrument is that there is no Swell Obo= e or Vox. Other than that, mighty fine.=0D =0D Best,=0D =0D - Nate
(back) Subject: postal addresses From: "Liquescent" <quilisma@cox.net> Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 20:56:08 -0700   Mulberry, FL is criss-crossed by both an east-west and a north-south rail line; where the two lines cross is an ancient mulberry tree; early postal addresses simply said "throw it off the train at the mulberry tree," which is how the village got its name.   Sadly, it was also where local lynchings took place, the last being sometime in the 1930s.   Clark Equipment was directly across the street from the tree. For a time, after the mines started to close, they provided sheet-metal wind lines for the last remnants of the E.M. Skinner Organ Co. in northern Florida.   Cheers,   Bud      
(back) Subject: archives From: <BlueeyedBear@aol.com> Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 00:12:33 -0400   can someone tell me how to access the pipechat archives? thanks.  
(back) Subject: Updates at ORGANLive From: "Brent Johnson" <brentmJ@charter.net> Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 23:45:34 -0500   Just a quick note to let all of you know that some new features have been put in place at ORGANLive. First of all, we've been busy adding CDs to our playlist, over 1600 tracks as of this morning. So many that I just got done adding a list of recently added albums to the front page of the site so you can keep track of what's new in the = playlist. My favorite new feature, though, are the Live Requests. Anyone can now go in, click on Live Requests, browse the entire playlist, find a track, and send in a request to play it. Requests are usually played within about 4 tracks. As a result, our listeners are now mostly responsible for what the station plays. We're also working to make sure all the information in our database is up-to-date, so if you want to buy a CD you hear for yourself, you can do that from the ORGANLive website (that is a constant work in progress as we add tracks). If you can't find the music you're looking for, feel free to ask for it. Just over a week ago a listener sent an email asking if we had the Goldberg Variations as recorded by Jean Guillou. I didn't even know there was an organ recording of these works, but in less than a week, all 32 tracks of this album were online and ready to be played! I hope you'll visit www.organlive.com and find something you want to hear. If not, let us know what you'd like to hear. Brent Johnson ORGANLive - Music of the organ on demand www.organlive.com  
(back) Subject: re: 4' pedal solo line piece From: "Pat Maimone" <patmai@juno.com> Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 02:11:34 -0400   Dear Glenda,   Deepest sympathy to you in the loss of your dear friend.. I remember that once in the recent past I played the "Chant de paix" or "Song of Peace" by Jean Langlais from his Neuf Pieces (Nine Pieces) in memory of a colleague.   At the beginning, a 4' pedal solo stop [perhaps Choral Bass, perhaps flute] is requested. At the end of the very slow-moving, beautiful two-page work, the organist or page-turner needs to change that to a soft 16' and 8' pedal to establish the finality of the key of G Major.   Pat Maimone from the rainy Hudson Valley of New York with flood warnings/watches.. but definitely not as bad as yours in Florida   patmai@juno.com St. Mary's Episcopal Church in the Highlands Cold Spring, NY 10516  
(back) Subject: Re: stoplist fee? From: <OMusic@aol.com> Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 03:23:39 EDT   Check online. It might be there. I found a manual for my keyboard. Lee