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Re: Krebs on Trost, hold the piccolo
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(back) Subject: Re: Krebs on Trost, hold the piccolo From: <Gfc234@aol.com> Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2005 00:47:11 EST     In a message dated 4/2/05 7:42:14 PM, gksjd85@direcway.com writes:     > Back around Christmas more or less, I had ordered a recording > containing, inter alia, Bourgeois' "Serenade" from OHS.=A0 When the order > arrived, it was obviously not the CD requested, but one of Krebs' organ > music.=A0 OK, I thought, so I need a recording of Krebs.=A0 So I sent an > e-mail explaining the mixup and asking for the originally requested > recording. >=20 > When I didn't hear back from OHS, I ordered the CD again.=A0 In > consequence I got two copies.=A0 OK, I thought, so I'll give one to a > friend.=A0 But the Krebs' recording remained on the computer desk for > three or four months untouched. >=20 > Friday morning I awoke and sleepily crawled out of bed to get ready for > work.=A0 While in the bathroom I looked down to see the Siamese trailing a > ribbon.=A0 I started to grab it, thinking it must be hanging onto her fur. > It was coming out her butt!=A0 Yeww!=A0 Yuck! >=20 > In investigating the matter, it appears that Rick had been playing with > the two younger cats with a ribbon the evening before.=A0 When he tired of > playing and abandoned the ribbon, the Siamese decided to eat it, all > three feet of it, out of jealousy of the other cat, most probably.=A0 In > over forty years of owning cats, I've never had such a situation.=A0 >=20 > Well, that started the morning with a bang.=A0 I called the vet, who said > if she had already passed over 2/3 of it, there was no blood in her > stools, and she appeared to be in no distress, to just watch her closely > and see if the rest worked out.=A0 So we clipped off the excess, and Rick > played babysitter. >=20 > I decided to finally drop the Krebs CD into the car's playback device on > the way to work.=A0 Then I looked at the cover - it was a volume 3, not a > volume 1, of a complete works' cycle.=A0 Dang, I thought.=A0 Then the musi= c > started, and it was organ and 'barockoboe'.=A0 Dang again, I thought, not > organ solo.=A0 So my irritation grew.=A0 >=20 > But then I started listening, and the music wasn't bad.=A0 The more I > listened, the more I liked it.=A0=A0 The recording was a Querstand 1999 > recording of the Trost organ at the Schlosskirche Altenburg, by Felix > Friedrich, organ, and Norbert Kaschel, oboe.=A0 The happened to be organ > solo selections interspersed with the oboe pieces.=A0 >=20 > I started out with organ playing mostly baroque music.=A0 But after a > while I burned out on Handel and pre-Bach.=A0 I had really reached the > point where I didn't care for baroque music if it wasn't Bach, but my > interest in Krebs was rekindled by this CD.=A0 This was some pretty > clicking stuff, of moderate difficulty and interest, and performed very > smoothly and expertly.=A0 The organ sound was very pleasing. >=20 > Apparently I'll have to buy volumes 1 and 2 now; when completed, there > will be nine volumes.=A0 Guess I'll dust off my Breitkopf edition and look > at some of this music.=A0 Now to give up power lunches and working during > lunch and start organ practice. >=20 > Glenda Sutton > gksjd85@direcway.com >=20 >=20 >=20   The Friedrich recordings of Krebs are INCREDIBLE. The organs superb. the=20 interpretations masterful-and the music-at times, I think can be tastier tha= n=20 Bach. I'm quite fond of the Prelude and Fugue in F minor-which is based on= the=20 Bach b minor. He was the best crab in the stream ,afterall! Fun fact-Krebs studied with=20 both Bach and Walther-who were distant cousins!   cheers- gfc       Gregory Ceurvorst 1921 Sherman Ave. #GS Evanston, IL 60201 847.332.2788 home/fax 708.243.2549 mobile gfc234@aol.com gfc234@nextel.blackberry.net