PipeChat Digest #5139 - Saturday, February 5, 2005
Re: Swell Reed Battery
  by "T.Desiree' Hines" <nicemusica@yahoo.com>
Re: Moody Church
  by <Justinhartz@aol.com>

(back) Subject: Re: Swell Reed Battery From: "T.Desiree' Hines" <nicemusica@yahoo.com> Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2005 21:14:58 -0800 (PST)   No, not using the Vox as part of the reed chorus or battery. It does = nothing within a firey chorus...or battery...or whatever the heck you want = to call it. (some have heard battery used before, others have not) . But = for a, truly complete swell reed complement, would'nt there be 16,8,4 = Trompettes, an 8' Oboe, and an 8' Vox? I'm not talking the Reed "chorus" = per-se, but what would make a complete swell division, as far as the reed = stops. And pardon the "trumpette" spelling. Im STILL on flu medication and it = makes for drowsiness. Gud Nacht! (hope I Spelled it right)     --------------------------------- Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Search presents - Jib Jab's 'Second Term'
(back) Subject: Re: Moody Church From: <Justinhartz@aol.com> Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2005 00:52:59 EST   The Moody Church arson is documented in the May 1986 issue of the Diapason. Photos are included in the article. The fire must have been intense, because only the cast iron frame of the 9' Steinway remained next to the = rubble which must have been the console.   Does anyone know if the organ was completely restored after the fire?   Justin Hartz