PipeChat Digest #5458 - Thursday, July 14, 2005
Greetings From Nashville (POE/POE+)(LONG)
  by "Jon C." <opus1100@sbcglobal.net>

(back) Subject: Greetings From Nashville (POE/POE+)(LONG) From: "Jon C." <opus1100@sbcglobal.net> Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 23:50:34 -0500   This is for my fellow Pipe Organ Lovers, When I told my family I was coming to Nashville for a Pipe Organ Encounter I was treated with the following response "What! A pipe organ thing in Country Music City USA?" Well there is a lot more to Nashville than guitars and counrty r singers. It has some fantastic pipe organs and I am sure glad I'm here. If you love good pipe organs and talented artists to play them, Nashville is the place to be this week. There is a very ambitious AGO chapter here. They are not only sponsoring a Pipe Organ Encounter, they are actually presenting two Pipe Organ = Encounters, the usual kind of POE for young people but also a POE+ for adults and as part of the week is a ""Nashville Summer Pipe Organ Festival", Organ Concert" series open the public as well as the POE/POE+ Participants. It is a major undertaking as there are 40 participants for the POE and 20 adults in the POE+. Each participant has an hour organ lesson and an hour practice time daily, = so that means they had to provide enough teachers and instruments available to a total of 60 participants. There are eight guest artists teaching students, Felix Hell, Doug Cleveland, Vincent = Dubois, Marilyn Kaiser, Cherry Rhodes Joanne Schulte, Oliver Huette and Tom = Trenney. In addition there are fourteen local organists including Wilma Jensen = teaching students. The POE and POE+ groups are on separate programs of workshops, and activities and come together in the evenings for dinner and the = evening concert event. The week started Sunday evening at the West End United Methodist = Church, for a get together, opportunity for teachers and students to meet, dinner = and "Festival Evening Prayer" (worship) and postlude concert. The Festival Evening Prayer service started with the Bach Toccata and Fugue in d minor {BWV 565] as the Prelude played by Dr. Murray Somerville, Choirmaster and Organist at St. George's Episcopal Church. (The organ at West End United Methodist is a 5m/113 rk M.P.Moller (1983) Service of Light Opening Sentences (John Weaver) Lector: Dr. Michael Velting, Choirmaster and Organist, Christ Church Cathedral Response: = Congregation Hymn to Christ the Light (Phos Hilaron) (Carl Schalk) sung by members from the Westminster Presbyterian Choir Thanksgiving for Light: Lector and responses from congregation Processional Hymn "God Whose Love is Reigning O'er Us LAUDA ANIMA Evening Psalm (psalm 141:2) Scripture Reading (prior to scripture leading lector lead the congregation with "Hear the Word of God" Congregation responded "Our ears are open " Exodus 13: 17-22 Hymn "Tell Out, My Soul WOODLANDS Scripture Reading Lector: "Hear the Word of the Lord" Congregation: "Our ears are open" 1 Thessalonians 5 1-11 Canticle (Nunc dimittis) The Great Litany (following each petition the lector will sing "Let us Pray to the Lord" Congregation sings "Lord Have Mercy"   THE LORD'S PRAYER DISMISSAL THE PEACE POSTLUDE CONCERT Finale from Symphony I (Louis Vierne) Marjorie Proctor, Associate Choirmaster and Organist, Christ Church Cathedral   Theme and Variations on "Simple Gifts" (From Balboa Park Suite)(Michael Burkhardt Afro-Cuban Dance on "In dir ist Fruede" (Johannes Matthias Michael) Julia Callaway, Director of Music and Organist, Vine Street Christain = Church   Piece heroique (Cesar Franck) Dr. Wilma Jensen, Organist/Choirmaster Emerita, St. George's Episcopal Church   Variations on a Noel (Marcel Dupre) Andrew Risinger, Associate Director of Music, West End United Methodist Church   Worship musicians were: members of the Westminster Presbyterian Choir, Dr. John W. Semingson, Dean, Nashville Chapter AGO and DIrector of Music Ministries, Westminster Presbyterian Church; Dr, Polly Brecht, Organist and Associate Director of Music Ministries, Westminster Presbyterian Church   This was the start of a very busy week of activities for us. I included the order of worship so you get an idea of the experience the participants are getting in how the pipe organ fits into the worship experience. The high point of the evening was the appearance of Wilma Jensen who is a favorite person of the Nashville AGO chapter folks. She was superb and was appreciated appropriately.   You will be hearing more of many of these people later. Monday started the schedule of lessons, workshops and concerts and the day ended with a fantastic concert by Felix Hell in the "Nashville Summer Pipe Organ Festival" I will give his concert program in my next posting. The Nashville Chapter has done a fantastic job setting up and coordinating this week. Daryl Miller is the Administrator for POE and POE+ and J. Andrew Risinger is POE director and Julia C. Callaway is the POE+ director and many more folks which should be included, but folks it has been a long day and an early start again tomorrow which will be our last full day and will conclude with a concert featuring Doug Cleveland, Marilyn Keiser, Cherry Rhodes, Joanne Schulte and Tom Trenny at this same big Moller at West End United Methodist Church. On Friday some of the extremely talented young people will perform for their closing recital.If you have doubts about the future you need = only' see these remarkable young people to know there is a future for our favorite instrument. Pipe Organ Encounters provide a terrific experience for teens and I'm glad they were able to provide an opportunity this time for us grown ups too. It is a tremendous effort for all involved in setting up and coordinating the event but well worthwhile for providing an opportunity for young people to find out what a wonderful instrument is = the Pipe Organ.   More later, regards, Jon.