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Power Surge
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Re: joke?
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OHS WAS: Re: joke?
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Re: Slow day?
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(back) Subject: Power Surge From: "Keith Zimmerman" <kwzimmerman@alltel.net> Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 08:21:48 -0400   List,   I just checked the Clavinova. It's a CVP-30. The only manual I have is = the little "How To" book that came with it. I found an online User's Manual. All it says in the little section on "trouble shooting" under "No sound" = is to check that the power cord it plugged in and that the volume control is = at a reasonable level. I don't see anything about any kind of factory reset procedure.   When I turn the power on, all appropriate lights come on. The unit = appears to be on. When I play, nothing happens. When I turn the volume control all the way up, no hissing or other distortion is heard.   I have not checked the "aux" out jacks in the back. There are two pairs = of aux - one set look like the large jacks into which one would plug = amplifier speakers. I assume they come from the internal amp. There is another = pair that look like the kind one uses to connected stereo components to the stereo amplifier. I "think" these come from the pre-amp and bypass the internal amplifier.   There is no resettable fuse that I can find.   I did find an online User's group for the Clavinovas much like this one. = I think I will join temporarily and pose my question there. I appreciate = your patience and help with the surge protection advice that I will be able to apply elsewhere in my home.   Thanks, Keith       -- No virus found in this outgoing message. Checked by AVG Anti-Virus. Version: 7.0.323 / Virus Database: 267.9.0/50 - Release Date: 7/16/2005    
(back) Subject: joke? From: "TheShieling" <TheShieling@xtra.co.nz> Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 08:34:11 +1200   Q. What do you call a Spanish trio for organ?   A. A three-Manuel?   Ross    
(back) Subject: Re: joke? From: "John Speller" <jlspeller@swbell.net> Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 13:37:23 -0700 (PDT)     Lydia and I stopped for gas this morning on I-70 at Greenup, Illinois, on our way back from the Organ Historical Society convention. A large sign the other side of the road from the gas station reads: "NEW & USED ANTIQUES". Eh?   John Speller  
(back) Subject: Re: Power Surge From: <AGODRDANB@aol.com> Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 19:33:49 EDT   Hello List, ( Keith especially) Keith; If you are not squimish about opening up your device, and have some understanding of it's innerd's. You may find that you = have (as has been suggested) a blown fuse in the power supply. The power supply supplies numerous voltages at appropriate = current levels, and may even have a highly regulated power supply for = the sensitive electroinics, and a simple supply for the indicator = LED's. ( this separate supply for LED's is why the unit appears to be = on and nothinbg is happening) If you or a friend have a decent volt/ohm meter you should be =   able to locate the power supplys, (they will be closley = connected to the power cord/ switch and will contain some beefy transformers. You should then be able to = find the output which if you are lucky will be labled. Using the = meter you should be able to see if you have the right voltages. = My guess is that you will find +5vdc, +12vdc & -12vdc, if any are =   missing work back until you find a fuse, any charded looking = components may be a bad sign. I don't want to bore the list with all this but I will be = happy to try to help you off-list (_AGODRDANB@aol.com_ (mailto:AGODRDANB@aol.com) ) Regards to All Dr Dan  
(back) Subject: OHS WAS: Re: joke? From: "PipeChat Administration" <admin@pipechat.org> Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 19:10:16 -0500   At 1:37 PM -0700 7/19/05, John Speller wrote: >Lydia and I stopped for gas this morning on I-70 at >Greenup, Illinois, on our way back from the Organ >Historical Society convention.   John and anyone else that is back from the OHS Convention - WELCOME BACK!   Those of us that weren't able to attend this year have heard very little about it especially since Malcolm didn't attend this year. So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send the list some reviews, reports, comments, whatever - many of us are waiting with "bated breath" to hear about the convention.   I have also set-up the PipeChat Gallery and if you or anyone who attended the convention would like to share your photographs with the rest of us please send an email to the Admin Address and I will set-up a log-in for you to upload photos.   From talking to Tim, who is still out East, i do understand that it was a good convention so we all want to hear about it   David -- **************************************** David Scribner Owner / Co-Administrator PipeChat   http://www.pipechat.org mailto:admin@pipechat.org  
(back) Subject: Re: Slow day? From: "Pat Maimone" <patmai@juno.com> Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 01:18:08 -0400   Dear Glenda and PipeChatters,   Greetings from OHS, 36+ (OK, 'tis now closer to 72) hours after a whirlwind 36- hour visit to the 2005 OHS Convention in Southeastern Massachusetts. Enjoyed very much the hymn singing at each recital.   I can understand why it hath been a slow day on PipeChat. Many list members were attending the convention. Most were staying longer than I; few were planning to stay for the entire convention.   In between visits to about 12 non-airconditioned churches (Sebastian Gluck will list them all in his TAO report, I am positive [pun intended ;-) I must give credit to the congregation of one Polish Roman Catholic church on the Saturday morning itinerary, which has invested in air conditioning!!   Before recitals, on the bus and/or at mealtimes I met Tim Bovard, David Calhoun, Harry Martenas, Karl Moyer, and John and Lydia Speller, inter alia. At previous AGO conventions I had already met Agnes Armstrong, Sebastian Gluck and Carl Schwartz and had met author Orpha Ochse on a trip to Pasadena. Begging pardon of any list member whose name tag I could not view sufficiently. One gentleman, whose name tag I could not see from around the corner, recognized me from leading the organ crawl at the Post Chapel, West Point, during the AGO Regional Convention in Poughkeepsie June 23, 2005. Seb will probably also mention the clambake presented by a local Congregational church congregation.   As an encore following Thomas Murray's concert Saturday night (at St. John's Episcopal Church in Taunton, I think) we all sang the "Hallelujah Chorus" from Handel's Messiah.   Greetings to all from the still sultry Hudson Valley,   Pat Maimone patmai ATjuno.com St. Mary's Church-in-the-Highlands Cold Spring, NY 10516 Moller Double Artiste