PipeChat Digest #5468 - Friday, July 22, 2005
Re: Power surge
  by "Russ Greene" <rggreene2@shaw.ca>

(back) Subject: Re: Power surge From: "Russ Greene" <rggreene2@shaw.ca> Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 02:42:50 -0500     On Jul 21, 2005, at 8:47 PM, Justinhartz@aol.com wrote:   > With all due respect-   With similar due respect- > > The footprint of a small vertical piano takes up about the > same amount > of space as a Clavinova. In fact, some digital "pianos" are housed > in fake > piano cases. The footprint of a pipe organ of more than two or > three ranks is > much bigger than a standard pipe organ console.   Many digital pianos can be stood on end in a closet if that is desired. Most can be easily and quickly whisked away to another room, even a room on another level of the house. Many can be easily loaded in the back of my Celica and trundled off to a remote practice or performance. Or set up outside on the deck for a pool party. Or used successfully on an outdoor stage - so much easier with amplification.   > Climate control systems can be installed to regulate humidity > levels in > all but the most unfavorable environments. These work especially > well in > vertical pianos.   Fussy, expensive devices.   > A digital organ comes much closer to approximating the sound > of a pipe > organ than a digital keyboard does for an acoustic piano. The key > action of a > digital organ is similar to or exactly the same as an electric or > electropneumatic pipe organ.   Many organists would seriously dispute these "facts".   > No one is ever going to be fooled into thinking the best > "weighted" > action of a digital keyboard is remotely similar to the action of > a piano.   Digital keyboards were never intended as instruments for the budding concert pianist nor as replacements for a Steinway concert grand. Most pianists have spent their early years learning on an old upright with an action vastly inferior to a good digital keyboard. The best and worst keyboard actions I've experienced have been acoustic pianos.   > Nor > will anyone be fooled into thinking "tracker touch" on any organ > console (pipe > or non-pipe) is just like playing a tracker pipe organ.   Trackers too vary widely - some are exquisite, others are just plain awful. The best and worst organ keyboards I've experienced have been trackers.   > Digital keyboards are virtually useless for a student in > developing > manual technique.   Sorry, that's twaddle. The only time you are perhaps correct is for an advanced student at the very upper levels of technique. Certainly students starting piano are better served by a good digital keyboard than by the typical old upright that we inherited from Grandma.   > Their sound does not work well with the human voice. In order > for them to be loud enough to support singing, they are usually > too loud, > unless thousands of dollars are spent on an audio system. In that > case, you could > have bough a real piano.   My goodness, I'm surprised to hear that. I've used digital keyboards (and acoustic pianos) and digital organs (and pipe organs both tracker and not) with human solo voices and small and large choirs. They all work fine if the performer is competent. Any good digital is certainly loud enough to support singing. It's intriguing that you find them not loud enough or usually too loud - the correct setting towards the middle of the volume slider has apparently escaped your notice.   As far as real pianos go, I have one of those as well. And I love it dearly. It's a better instrument than either of my digital keyboards. But it won't do all the things my digitals will do, won't go where they go, can't be used for silent practice, and on and on. If I could only have one piano keyboard, it would have to be a digital because the digital could serve as an ok replacement for the acoustic in my music room but the acoustic just won't cut it for all my other needs.   > I could go on and on, but I won't.   Me either. > > > Justin Hartz > > *****************   Russ Greene ---------------------------------- Organist/Choirmaster St. Andrew's Anglican Church (Woodhaven) Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada